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Finding Bliss: A Dream Trysts Story - Passion-Filled Fairy Tales #5 - cover

Finding Bliss: A Dream Trysts Story - Passion-Filled Fairy Tales #5

Rosetta Bloom

Publisher: In Bloom Press

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Fairy Princess Blissa is uncertain what to think about her father's suggestion that he abolish the law that prohibits humans mating with fairies. 
While Blissa's cousin Maurelle is adamantly opposed to it, Blissa is trying to have an open mind. That's when Blissa stumbles upon a human named Edmund. 
As the two get to know each other, the heat grows between them and Blissa starts to see why a little love between fairies and humans might in fact be a good thing. 
This is a Dream Trysts companion story that shows the middle events between Dream Tryst's prologue and chapter one. I hope you enjoy it.

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    This book is written in a writers point of view instead of characters point of view. Being fiction, it should not matter how the story is told if the reader can follow and enjoy reading it. I believe it is a good thing to read something from a different perspective. Even if book publishers and editors do not agree with my point of view. If you as a reader can believe that two people can find each other at the most opportune time in their lives and later have a difficult journey to finally be together, then Heart & Soul is a book you should definitely read and will enjoy while doing it.
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  • Daddy's Christmas Orgy - cover

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    Will and Carly are more than just father and daughter; they're longtime lovers. This Christmas Eve, they're inviting Carly's best friend, Samantha, and her father to join in their lusty carnal celebration. Little do they realize that Daddy's Christmas Orgy' is being watched by their horny teenage neighbors, too!
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Golden candlelight flickered in rhythm with the low fire as sultry music wafted out of the spacious living room. "That's the CD I gave your dad," Sam murmured in a pleased undertone.
    "You think he's figured out what we're doing yet?" Carly whispered back.
    Sam's tongue darted out to moisten her lips. "Oh, yeah. I think he's figured it out."
    Even so, the carefully set scene startled them. They hesitated in the doorway, and looked around in surprise. Someone had dimmed the lights, and an open wine bottle was sitting on the coffee table. Will was standing in front of the fireplace, half-turned so that the huge bulge in his pants was clearly silhouetted. And Byron was sprawled across one of the long couches. The moment he saw the girls emerge from the shadows, his hand moved to his crotch and began to glide up and down.
    "Well, will you look at this? Come and model for us," he invited, and waved his other hand in lazy invitation. "Will, take a seat while these lovely ladies enchant us with their beauty!"
    Carly wanted to snicker, but she was so breathless that she couldn't quite manage it.
    Will was already settling onto the other couch, and the avid approval in his eyes made her shyness vanish like smoke.
    Slowly she moved into the light, and walked toward the glowing fireplace. The heat from the red embers warmed her bare thighs. She turned, and let its dim glow backlight her slender body. The sheer bodice swept low between her small breasts, then draped loosely to showcase her narrow waist and curving hips. The lacy hem just barely covered her tiny blonde curls.
    Across the room, one of the men softly moaned. She wasn't quite sure who it was, but she thought maybe it was Byron.
    As if on cue, Sam sauntered across the room, and turned in a slow circle when she reached Carly's side. Her antique gold teddy shimmered seductively with every breath. The dark vee between her legs was clearly visible in the candlelight, and her dusky peaks were taut with excitement.
    The contrast between thembright and dark, slender and curved, innocent and sultrywas so incredibly erotic that Will groaned, too.
    "Baby" That was definitely Byron's strangled voice. Carly felt new wetness dampen the empty tingling space between her legs. Her heart was pounding so loudly that she could barely even hear the sensual music.
    "Merry Christmas, Daddy," Sam said in a sweet, clear voice--and gently pushed Carly in his direction.
    "And what a Christmas gift!" He rose on shaking legs, and met Carly halfway across the room. She was tremblingwith fear or excitement? "Sweetie, are you okay with this?"
    Carly gulped again, and vigorously nodded. "It was actually my idea," she whispered a little unsteadily. "Not Sam's. Are you mad at us?"
    "Mad?" He released a laugh that sounded ragged around the edges. "Do I look mad to you? More important," he added, dropping his voice to a seductive murmur as he caught her hand, "do I feel mad?"
    She caught her breath in wondering surprise. All night long, she'd been sneaking quick peeks...and she'd thought that he looked awfully big. But as her hand closed around his rigid shaft, and his fingers curled around hers to move them up and down in an erotic caress, she began to shake with excitement. He wasn't just big, he was huge! Just like her dad! And
    "Wow!" She gaped up at him in surprise. "It curves?"
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  • The Travelers III - A Sexy Supernatural Gay Shapeshifter M M Novelette from Steam Books - cover

    The Travelers III - A Sexy...

    Steam Books, Bernadette Russo

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     Two psychic Travelers. A recently transformed shapeshifter on the run. An innocent odd couple caught in the crossfire. All will come to a deadly rendezvous as two supernatural races rekindle their ancient rivalry and threaten to start a war in the Paris underground.WARNING: This 10,461-word novelette is a steamy read that features explicit scenes of hot gay sex, shapeshifter and psychic action in a multicultural setting, and may be too much for timid readers!BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot title "The New Convert" by Bernadette Russo.~ DUSK NATION ~Humanity has no idea of the secret societies that surround them but remain in the shadow of the dusk: entire races of the supernatural coexist, and their dealings with each other as well as a select few humans range between blood lust... and sometimes just plain lust.
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  • Hot Rodeo Night - cover

    Hot Rodeo Night

    Sage Burnett

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    Her assignment: to interview a cowboy and find out what makes him tick. A city girl at heart, Jamie Benson knows she's been sent to the ends of the earth when she's exiled from Seattle to a small Montana town for refusing to reveal her source for a scandalous story she broke for the newspaper. Her new editor assigns Jamie to the local rodeo to interview a cowboy, but she thinks all cowboys are nothing but tight Levis and white Stetsons. An uptight workaholic, Jamie would much rather interview a corporate executive in a suit. That sultry summer evening at the rodeo, surrounded by rough and tumble cowboys, with testosterone levels threatening to top the charts, Jamie realises she's been booted out of her comfort zone. Cade Wilson, a big, broad shouldered, sexy bare back rider, comes to Jamie's rescue when he offers to let her interview him. Now Cade couldn't care less if he gets his name in the local newspaper. What Cade wants is the pleasure of loosening up the uptight Ms. Jamie Benson. The lady is strung as tight as a barbed wire fence stretched across the Montana countryside. Jamie struggles to resist Cade's cowboy charm. At the rodeo he gives her a delicious taste of what it feels like to let go of her inhibitions and Jamie discovers she craves more of the cowboy's hot, erotic seductions.
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