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Dream Trysts: A Sleeping Beauty Story - Passion-Filled Fairy Tales #4 - cover

Dream Trysts: A Sleeping Beauty Story - Passion-Filled Fairy Tales #4

Rosetta Bloom

Publisher: In Bloom Press

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A wicked fairy who curses a child to a hundred years of slumber because she wasn't invited to a party! Seems harsh, right? 
But the real story is so much more interesting and way sexier. 
In this re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, the wicked fairy Maurelle isn't mad at not receiving an invitation -- no she's got deeper reason for being upset at King Edmund and Queen Blissa. And little princess Briar Rose, before she's cursed, is given the gift of dream sight, which allows her to interact with others in her dreams. All is not changed, though. Prince Charming is still, well, charming. He's just a tad bit sexier and knows exactly how to please.  
Find yourself a comfy spot and make yourself at home as you start this imaginative, adult version of the classic fairy tale.

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    Ginny had one moment of madness, but that was all it took. She tried to steal the Earl's money, and now he owns her, body and soul. Every night, he uses her for his pleasure, and he isn't gentle.
    To complicate matters, the Earl's valet has feelings for Ginny, and she for him. Will she get her man? Or will she end up being shared by the valet and his master?
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    “Aha, so it wasn’t my imagination that I saw you eyeing my pocket book earlier on.”
    At the Earl’s voice, Ginny gasped and turned swiftly. The man was standing blocking the door, his arms across his chest. Terror gripped her and she couldn’t move. Bloody hell, there was no way she would be able to get out of this without being sent to Newgate or worse, hanged! Not when he had caught her with the evidence in her hand.
    “My lord,” she croaked.
    “My lord, indeed,” he said walking toward her.
    It was too dark to see the expression on his face but she could hear the biting fury in his voice. She backed up until the back of her knees hit into the bed.
    “Oh please have mercy my lord,” she begged, horrified at the thought of spending the rest of her life in the lice and vermin infested prison of Newgate. She threw herself down at his feet and clutched his boots. Maybe if she begged and explained her circumstances he would have mercy on her.
    “Get up!” he ordered her, and with his hands under her arms, he pulled her roughly to her feet.
    “My lord, I desperately needed the money,” she babbled. “I just wanted to get away from here. Please, my lord. I will do anything. Don’t send me to Newgate.”
    “Hmm,” he seemed to mull over in his mind. “There is something that may be able to work in your favor.”
    “Yes, my lord. Anything.”
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    	The Nelson Estates Series (Box Set)
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  • Breaking the Rules - The Club #5 - cover

    Breaking the Rules - The Club #5

    Christina Black

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    Violet McDaniels is a strong, independent woman who prides herself on the fact that she can take care of herself. But when it comes to her desires, they couldn’t be further from the truth. In the bedroom, she needs and craves a man to dominate and guide her. Which is how she found her way to the local BDSM Club. 
    The only problem? Her work colleague Brady Taylor is also a member. Handsome and strong, he’s got the Alpha male personality down pat. But Violet doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure, and she’s afraid of blurring the lines. So she snubs him and avoids him for as long as she can. But when one of her scenes at the Club goes awry, she comes to realize Brady just may be her knight in shining armor after all.
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  • Catfight Lover's Bundle 4: Bare Knuckle Boxing - Catfight Lover's Compendium #4 - cover

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    Fans of girls slugging it out in hard-hitting fashion will love this collection of female bare knuckle boxing stories. It's one fight after another with cash-strapped serving girls, farm girls looking for an escape from the drudgery of daily chores, and even a fight in a seedy club in the Great Depression.  
    Included in this bundle:  
    Pretty Pugilists: Servants Fight For Their Noblemen  
    Pretty Pugilists 2: Maid Mayhem  
    Pretty Pugilists 3: Servant Girls Slug It Out As Entertainment For Their Betters  
    Pretty Pugilists In The Old West  
    Call Girl Fight: Bare Knuckle Boxing  
    Pulling No Punches: Depression Era Girls Fight For Cash
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