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Planning to Remember - cover

Planning to Remember

Fiona McPherson

Publisher: Wayz Press

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Do you have problems remembering birthdays and anniversaries, appointments and errands? 
Do you sometimes find yourself in a room, and wonder why you're there? 
Do you end up doing things twice because you've forgotten you've already done them? 
Of all the memory failures that plague us, forgetting our intentions -- birthdays, appointments, errands we mean to do -- is the greatest, closely followed by those moments of absentmindedness when we lose track of what we're doing. 
The special problem of these common memory failures is that they are failures that are often very obvious to others. More than any other memory failure, forgetting the future makes others feel hurt and annoyed, causing us regret and embarrassment. And absentmindedness can not simply be irritating, but dangerous. 
Many people think that these sorts of problems are inevitable -- a natural consequence of getting older, or going through menopause, or because of some 'natural' personality flaw. But remembering future events, and remembering what you're doing or have just done, are memory tasks that, like any other memory task, are subject to your skills. Skills can be learned. 
To learn or improve a skill, you need to know effective strategies and how to practice them. This book helps you understand these memory and attention failures, and shows you how to overcome them. 
As always with the Mempowered books, this fully referenced book, based on the work of cognitive researchers, helps you permanently improve your memory skills by explaining what you need to know to use these strategies effectively and appropriately.

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    A lot of trading education books teach a top down or a bottom up approach how about the right way approach and doing it the right way from day one. Mostly all of the trading books teach this business not only wrong but they teach it unrealistically, why would you want to learn this way and perhaps do something that could cause you to lose your money? 
    I have written this book series in a way I feel the progression of information should be learned to be able to go into the live markets with confidence and no fear. The principles in How to use Artificial Intelligence to grow your Wealth can be used in any market on any time frame it does not matter. This is what makes the information so valuable and I give it to you right here in this book and in one place at one time, you’re welcome! 
    How to use Artificial Intelligence to grow your Wealth is meant to expedite your learning curve which can sometimes be long and costly. Sure, you can Google this or that information however it would take you many years to learn what I am going to tell you in this book before you could invest any of your hard earned real money in the live markets and have a chance making real money. How to use Artificial Intelligence to grow your Wealth is meant to give you the basic information you need to make a decision as to whether to get into this business or not. 
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