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Shared Boxed Set - cover

Shared Boxed Set

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Includes SEVEN EROTIC MENAGES by Jasmine Black ~ Taken by Two Bikers, Taken by Two Billionaires, Taken by Two Bosses, Taken by Two Cowboys, Taken by Two Firefighters, Taken by Two Personal Trainers, Taken by Two Carpenters. 
Taken by Two Bikers 
Jasmine Black 
When waitress Zoe Miller’s car breaks down late one night on a deserted road, she’s thankful her biker ex-boyfriend and his best friend come to her rescue…in more ways than one! 
Taken by Two Bosses 
Jasmine Black 
Trapped in the company elevator, receptionist Carina Chantilli is suddenly at the mercy of her two sexy bosses... 
Taken By Two Billionaires 
Jasmine Black 
Jill has always been warned that her gambling lifestyle would get her into trouble. And now she’s in trouble. 
She’s lost a poker game to two very sexy billionaires and they want her as their winnings. 
They’ll to do her whatever they wish…for an entire year. 
On her way to her new life in Italy, while in a white stretch limo, Franco and Gianni will show Jill exactly what it means to be won by two billionaires. 
Taken by Two Cowboys 
Jasmine Black 
Sierra Allan works hard at her late-father’s horse ranch. When her step-brother adds her handy girl services to a private auction to help raise money for the failing ranch, she figures there’s no harm...but she’s stunned when she’s “sold” to two sexy cowboys who demand she submit to their dark desires... 
Taken by Two Firefighters 
Jasmine Black 
Firefighter Kendall Farell has always been attracted to the erotic beauty of the hot flames that dance in burning buildings. Her dangerous fetish could cost her her job if anyone ever finds out. When she’s caught flirting with fire and rescued from certain death, her two male co-workers want payback in a very naughty way... 
Taken by Two Personal Trainers 
Jasmine Black 
When dancer Chelsea White discovers her lucrative job is in jeopardy, she hires an extreme team to whip her back into physical shape. But her two personal trainers aren’t going to give her just any regular gym exercises… 
Taken by Two Carpenters 
Jasmine Black 
A gift certificate from her three besties has Colleen Rue ordering an extravagant pleasure machine from The Sexy Wooden Toy Shoppe, but she quickly discovers that the two well-muscled carpenters have much more in mind than just showing her how the machine works…

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  • You Did WHAT to our Daughter!? - Slave Blackmail Domination Submission Daddy Daughter Erotica Daddy Erotica Forced Impregnation Forced Breeding Creampie Bareback - cover

    You Did WHAT to our Daughter!? -...

    Amber FoxxFire

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    Tired of hiding their illicit, incestuous affair, 18-year-old Sonja pleads with her father to do something.
    He does.
    Devising a devious plan, he sets things in motion that lead to a complete role-reversal. Sonja’s mother becomes her slave, willing to do anything to please them. Even help Sonja’s daddy impregnate their daughter.
    I slapped my wife hard across the cheek. After the shock had left, her eyes blazed and she pulled out her cell-phone.
    "How DARE you, Rick! You've never hit me before!" She started dialing a number, then her face scrunched up and she shook her phone.
    "Doesn't work," I said simply.
    "Excuse me? I'm calling the police and filing a report. I'm sure fucking your daughter is illegal, too. I bet they'd just LOVE to hear about that."
    I smiled and looked at my daughter who returned it. "Sorry, Maria, your phone privileges have been revoked."
    She looked up at me suddenly. "What?"
    "That's right. And I've cut off all your cards. You have nothing, Maria." I said simply.
    I'd never seen my wife so angry before. She reminded me of one of those TV cartoon characters with steam coming from the top of her head.
    "I'm driving straight down to the police, Rick!" She screamed. "You're going to pay for this!"
    "You're not going anywhere."
    "Just try and stop me!" She turned on her heels and slammed the bedroom door, the pictures on the wall shaking with her fury.
    My daughter and I both sighed heavily.
    "Think she bought it?"
    I nodded. "She'll be back in 3, 2..."
    "Oh my God, Rick!" My wife wailed as she burst in the door, panic on her face. "They've taken the car! What's going on?" Her eyes teared up and she began crying.
    "You've just been replaced. Now shut the door and come over here."
    "Replaced!? Rick? What's going on?" Maria absently shut the door and did as she was told.
    "Your daughter and I have been having an incestuous affair for the past six months."
    "Six months!" She put her hand to her mouth. "Rick, how could you! She's our baby girl!"
    "Not anymore I'm not, mom," Sonja piped up for the first time, her voice strong and dominant.
    "Sonja, what on earth? Did your daddy force himself on --" My daughter hauled off and slapped her, stunning her into silence.
    "I'm in charge now, mom. You will submit to me."
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  • Public Submission 7-9 - Books 7 - 9 of "Public Submission" - cover

    Public Submission 7-9 - Books 7...

    Daisy Rose

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    Young girls shouldn't play with fire...
    In this bundle, three young women bite off more than they can chew and find themselves at the mercy of hot alpha males. Passionate, powerful men coax these embarrassed young ladies to surrender everything.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Excerpt from Public Submission 7: Students
    "It's pretty hot in here," he agreed, unbuttoning his blazer and taking it off.
    His muscles were delectable. I inhaled the sight of his perfect body as he sat down in the chair that I had just vacated. The white button-up shirt left nothing to the imagination. Small perky nipples pushed against the fabric and his firm muscles and six-packs were obvious behind the thin material.
    I tried not to pass out from the sight alone. It was unfair how hot he was.
    "So I should tell them more about myself?" I asked even though I already knew what the answer was. I just wanted to hear his voice.
    He had a deep baritone voice that vibrated through my bones and awakened all the nerve endings in my body.
    "Yes. Show them who you are," he said, sounding a million miles away, his eyes glued to the sweet heat between my legs.
    I pulled my feet up and wrapped my arms around my knees, knowing that my pants were short and baggy enough for him to see exactly how naked I was underneath.
    All semblance of thought left him immediately and he stopped talking.
    "Peter?" I inquired, trying to get his attention back. "You mean to show more of myself to them, then?" I licked my lips and felt a tingle in my core as his eyes followed the movement of my tongue.
    "Yes," he half-groaned, adjusting his position on the seat as if uncomfortable.
    "Show me," I said, opening my legs wide and patting empty spot on the bed. 
    He looked visibly uncomfortable, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. His eyes lingered on the throbbing core barely hidden by my pants and his fingers were shaking slightly as he lowered my application paper between my legs, just a little above my pussy.
    I bit my lip. "I don't think it can fit, Peter," I said. I grinned inwardly while watching him struggle to maintain composure. "It's already quite full," I leaned forward as I spoke, giving him an eyeful of my breasts as I did so.
    A frown formed on his face.
    "It'll be a tight fit, but I think I can manage..." he said, licking his lips.
    There was no mistaking what he was talking about.
    "I- Peter-" he was leaning towards me at a speed that was both too quick and too slow. His breath was warm against my skin and his eyes were an intense blue that shone with desire.
    Our lips were barely an inch apart. I parted my lips willingly, anticipating the sensation of his soft lips on mine. Except it never came.
    Instead, he pulled my wrists over my head and twisted me around in bed so that my face was pushed against the pillow.
    "You've been a bad girl, Anita."
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