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Taken by Two Carpenters - Taken #8 - cover

Taken by Two Carpenters - Taken #8

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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A gift certificate from her three besties has Colleen Rue ordering an extravagant pleasure machine from The Sexy Wooden Toy Shoppe, but she quickly discovers that the two well-muscled carpenters have much more in mind than just showing her how the machine works… 
Taken by Two Cowboys 
Taken by Two Doctors 
Taken by Two Bosses 
Taken by Two Billionaires 
Taken by Two Bikers 
Taken by Two Firefighters

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  • Battle of Wills - Falling #9 - cover

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    Max is locked in disagreement with his cute lawyer partner Arjen. Max is convinced that Arjen is irresistibly attracted to him and wouldn’t last a day without begging Max to take him to bed. Arjen thinks it’s the other way around. As if! Each determined to prove the other wrong, they engage in a battle of wills to find out which of them can resist the other longest. It’s a hot and sizzling challenge building to an explosive conclusion…
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    	He lay in wait for Arjen after work that evening. The house lay silent around him, the last touch of pale light slanting through frost-edged windows, and each tick of the clock cranked his anticipation up another notch. He couldn’t wait to make Arjen crack and beg for him so Max could take what he wanted.
    	As soon as the front door opened and shut, Max pounced. He let Arjen slip past him with a startled squeak, but only so Max could pursue him with single-minded intent, stalking him through the house like a predator. “I’m going to fuck you senseless, Arjen. Make you scream. Nice and loud.”
    	Arjen fled to the other side of the kitchen table, already delightfully flustered. “No, you’re not.”
    	“Oh yes, I am.” Max could not wait. “I’m going to fuck you against every wall in this house. You’re going to be pleading for mercy. And I won’t give you any.”
    	Arjen went scarlet, probably picturing it. Max buried deep inside him. Tormenting him with every plunge into his body. “You can’t—”
    	“I can.” Max circled the table, eyes locked on him.
    	Arjen took a step back, then caught himself. He was breathing quick and fast, his hands clenched into fists at his side, but he held his ground, even lifting his chin as Max loomed over him. “You can’t touch me.” He threw the words down like a gauntlet.
    	Max leaned in to whisper directly into his ear. Arjen quivered. “I can fuck you any time I want. Any way I like.” Max eyed him up and down hungrily. It would take only seconds to slam Arjen down on the table and drive into him.
    	“Go ahead,” said Arjen, meeting his eyes. “But you’ll lose.”
    	He was absolutely delightful. As defiant as he was sexy. Max let his eyes drop to his mouth, thinking so intently about kissing him that his pulse picked up and Arjen shivered under his hot gaze… but Max reluctantly stepped away. Nobody challenged him and won.
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  • Lesbian BDSM Climax 5 Story Box Set - cover

    Lesbian BDSM Climax 5 Story Box Set

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    These books contain Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Humiliation Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.
    Book 1: “Secretary’s Final Submission”
    Book 2: “Eight Climaxes"
    Book 3: “Her Private Dungeon”
    Book 4: “Trainings in Chastity”
    Book 5: “Bonds of Faith”
    From Book 1: “Secretary’s Final Submission”
    Jillian Collins, a hot powerful executive is interviewing a new secretary, Jennifer. She found her attractiveness and her innocence excited her, she would make an ideal candidate for the new sex slave she had been searching for,  she had all the necessary traits to turn her into her new slut.
    Once Jennifer left the room she sat back, her thoughts turning to Sara, her last sex slave and wondering whether the decision to allow her to leave her  had been the right one, she had been perfect in every way and had never let her down, not once her initial training period had ended.
    Her Secretary’s Final Submission was one of unbridled love and lustful passion….
    Was letting Sara go the right move? Will the thrill of breaking in a fresh, young submissive secretary be worth it?
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