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Taken by Two Carpenters - Taken #8 - cover

Taken by Two Carpenters - Taken #8

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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A gift certificate from her three besties has Colleen Rue ordering an extravagant pleasure machine from The Sexy Wooden Toy Shoppe, but she quickly discovers that the two well-muscled carpenters have much more in mind than just showing her how the machine works… 
Taken by Two Cowboys 
Taken by Two Doctors 
Taken by Two Bosses 
Taken by Two Billionaires 
Taken by Two Bikers 
Taken by Two Firefighters

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    Angie first met him in the park, resting on a bench she had been unaware that he was following her, until he was stood before her showing her his erection. For most girls that would have been the moment to scream or run, but not Angela, she had different ideas... and a fetish that would grow and develop in the weeks that followed until she made plans for a little exhibitionism of her own!
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  • Stepbrother: Forever Mine - cover

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    When Julia's stepbrother Conner returns from his tour of duty, he's a changed man. Once carefree, it seems that now he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. But when taboo feeling grows between them, Conner finds what he needs to heal him…sensual, forbidden love in the arms of his beautiful stepsister.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    If truth be told, I had started to regard him as something more than my brother. In fact, I had developed a crush on him. For some reason, teenage girls always seem to develop crushes on the most inappropriate people. A lot of my girlfriends had a thing for Mr Hardy, one of the teachers at our school. He was kind of handsome, but not for me. Not when I was in love with Conner.
    That's what I told myself anyway. I even wrote in in my diary. 'I'm in love with Conner and one day I'm going to marry him.' Even then, I realized that I was living in a fantasy world. He was my brother, after all. There could be no happy ending, no fairytale. He wasn't going to swoop down and elope with me. This wasn't Hollywood. And even in the movies, brothers and sisters did not become romantically involved.
    And so, one he was away, I forced myself to forget my feelings for him. I dated, even had my first kiss. By the time we found out he was coming home, I'd erased my former feelings from my memory. I was looking forwards to seeing him, but in a wholesome, sisterly way. I couldn't wait to have the silly boy back!
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  • Business Boy's Bulge (Gay Hookup Erotica) - cover

    Business Boy's Bulge (Gay Hookup...

    TK Cooper

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    Dallas, a multimillionare executive at an accounting firm, is longing for a relationship. A swing with destiny has him cross the path of two twins—Hank and Finn, who invite him to a party at their college.
    	In this sensual short story of 4,600 words, Dallas lets his tie loose, and lets destiny run its course—which involves explicit graphic depictions of sex between two men.
    	When he rolled down his window, the two ran up and stuck their heads in the car.
    	"Whoa, sick car!" the one in red said, lusting over the finely-detailed Lotus that Dallas was driving.
    	"Uh, hi," said the blue one in a disjointed unison of sorts with his red companion, and promptly adopted a wide smile.
    	Now getting a closer look, it was obvious to Dallas that the two sign-holders were twins—identical twins. And well, rather young. At least, younger than Dallas. College-age—around twenty years old.
    	"We're doing a survey for our sociology class. We want to figure out with general anonymity the gender ratio of who thinks that Hank, my brother, and I, Finn, are attractive," Finn, the red one offered, filling in the silence from Dallas’s quiet wonder.
    	Hank revealed the clicker he had in his pocket, proving the story.
    	"Well," Dallas said, pulling himself together, deciding this was the sign he needed, and coming up with a quick plan, "it's a pleasure to meet you, Finn and Hank. And since you're putting yourselves out there so openly, I might have a question for one of you. Are either of you available, perhaps for a date?"
    	Both Finn and Hank laughed. Finn, obviously the talkative one, said, "Unfortunately, pal, we don't swing that way."
    	"But we're both flattered you asked. We really are," Hank added.
    	"However, there is a university event that you might be interested in attending."  Finn explained their campus LGBT mixer event.
    	"Well, uh thank you." Dallas said, ending the conversation. "Best that I be headed to work. Good luck with your project."
    	"Bye!" the twins said.
    	As Dallas sped off in his car, he couldn't help but notice Hank turn around and watch him drive away.
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  • Incest Sex - 2-Pack Vol 3: taboo incest family sex daddy daughter daddy daughter erotica father daughter father daughter erotica bareback creampie breeding first time impregnation domination - cover

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    2 incest erotica short stories - LOW PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!
    This 2-Pack includes the following stories:
    *Daddy Grounded Me
    “I want you to… I want you to make me your slave, daddy”, I said, closing my eyes and gasping as he pinched my erected nipples. “I’m gonna punish you so hard that you will never forget it…,” he whispered. “now get on your knees,” he said.
    *Daddy Grounded Me (2)
    “Bend over on the table!” Now!” said my father through his gritted teeth. “On… on the table?” I mumbled. “Yes, on the table. Quickly,” he said as he unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.
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  • Forbidden Desires - cover

    Forbidden Desires

    Lacey Bliss, Delaney Starr,...

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    9 hot and kinky erotica short stories filled with juicy lust and naughty sex. Lots of short threesome menage romance to keep you hot, bothered and wanting more. 
    Hours of reading entertainment!
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  • Last Chance - Rock Romance #2 - cover

    Last Chance - Rock Romance #2

    A.L. Wood

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     Ryan "Steele" Hurst has made mistakes, big ones, during the course of his life and he's overcome it all. But did he make his biggest mistake when it came to Natalie Wright? 
    Natalie has made choices that could ruin her life, Ryan's best friend and band-mate Liam will stop at nothing to protect her. 
    Layla, Natalie's best friend, only wants what's best for her and will do whatever she can to make it happen. 
    Loyalty will be questioned. 
    Relationships will be tested. 
    Betrayal will sting. 
    Will Natalie survive? 
    Will Ryan get his happily ever after? 
    Find out when you read Last Chance, the second book in the Rock Romance Series. 
    It is a suggestion that you read the Series in order, but is not mandatory. 
    Rock Romance Series: 
    First Chance: Ryan & Natalie's story Part One 
    Last Chance: Ryan & Natalie's story Part Two 
    Find Me: Liam & Layla's story 
    Save Me: Gage & Abigail's story 
    Forever, Hold On: Jason & Raven's story 
    Letting Go: Zepp & Radisyn's story 
    Warning 18+ Material.    
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