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The Promise - cover

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The Promise

Allyson Young

Publisher: Allyson Young

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In the heat of passion, Peter elicits a promise from Jillian to participate in a week of sexual adventure with him and his friend, Sean. 
Attracted to them both for a long time, Jillian nevertheless questions the propriety of such an arrangement as well as how two such gorgeous men could be attracted to her... 
But Sean and Peter want far more than just sex with Jillian. They want her forever and hope a week with them will sway her decision. 
A careless action, also made in the heat of passion takes the decision out of their hands and decides the future for them all as Jillian faces her true feelings for the men. 
BDSM elements, erotic, contemporary romance, menage a trois 
Rewritten second edition 2018.

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  • Revenge - cover


    G. King

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    Sometimes women get pregnant for love. Sometimes they get pregnant in an attempt to hold a marriage together. Sometimes, women get pregnant as an act of revenge. Duncan Craig, a nineteen year old man becomes involved with the city Mayor’s wife who, as revenge for infidelity, decides to have a child by the man her husband hates the most. Together they uncover a horrible secret about her husband. The result is blackmail and ultimate revenge.
    “An affair? No. Well, yes in a sense I guess. It is complicated, but yeah, I want you to fuck me regularly when he is at work once he sees the video.” she replied. She then lay down next to me and continued to fondle my cock.
    “So, why did you let me fuck you? I mean, our families don’t exactly get along.” I asked in confusion as we lay next to one another semi-cuddling. The cameras were off and we could speak quietly and privately to each other.
    “Sex is the ultimate weapon.” Danae replied coldly. “I want to hurt him as badly as he’s hurt me.”
    “You know he won’t see it that way, right?” I replied. “He’ll just call it cheating and move on. If you want to hurt him with sex you’ll have to get pregnant in the process. I know he wants another kid and I know you don’t want to give it to him. Allie has told me about some of your fights about that. It would smash his ego if you let some other guy get you pregnant but you wouldn’t let him.”
    She eyed me for a moment and I could tell she was seriously thinking about it.
    “That would smash his ego, alright.” Danae finally admitted. “But I don’t want to get pregnant again. I hated being pregnant with Allie. I got fat, I got mean. It wasn’t pretty.”
    “Just a suggestion.” I said.
    Danae eyed me again and then grinned slightly in a knowing fashion. “You want to breed me, don’t you? I mean, you really want to do it.” It really wasn’t a question so much as a statement of known fact. There was also a certain tone of surprise in her voice. She rolled up onto her elbow to look into my face as she waited for my reply.
    “Yes.” I said admitting the truth readily after looking into her eyes for a moment.
    Danae continued to look at me without speaking but it was clear she was thinking about what I’d said. There was an excited twinkle in her eyes and her facial expression was that of a woman who had been given an unexpected and completely wanted compliment. I thought she was going to agree to getting pregnant, however, she finally sighed and said:
    “Well, I am only thirty four and could easily get pregnant if I wanted, but I’ll tell you what, how about you breed Allie instead of me? She really likes you and I know she’s pissed at her father too. She’s angry enough to let you. Dante will hate that you got her pregnant almost as much as he would hate you getting me pregnant. I’ll even put the idea into her head myself if you want me to. Hell, I’ll even let the two of you use her room for sex if you want.”
    “You are that angry with your husband?” I asked in surprise.
    “You have no idea how angry I am.”
    “I’m getting the picture.” I chuckled.
    Danae sighed. “I thought about what you said this afternoon and I thought about how you acted toward me and well...” she paused and looked at me nervously.
    “And?” I prompted.
    “And next month I’m going to let you breed me.” she said in a rush as though needing to say it quickly or not say it at all. “That bastard that calls me his wife deserves to be humiliated.”
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  • Fucking Mom Sister and Aunt - The Family Kamasutra No3 - cover

    Fucking Mom Sister and Aunt -...

    Sheila Raghunathan

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    Ashton's family unites for the family ritual. Where he gets to have Aunt, his Mom, and his sister together for an entire night. By an Indian author about a culture where mother and sons, fathers and daughters, and brothers and sisters view incest sex as the norm. What sexual boundaries will this incestuous family explore?
    Her moans were joined by the howls of Mom and Aunt. Aunt was choking on Dad's dick while being fingered by him at the same time.
    It was an orchestra of moans. Our ears were ringing with lamentations, our bodies submerged into each other's genitals, and I began to bring the tiger out of me. I groaned and pushed Stephanie aside. She crawled out and bent to expose me to her ass. I pushed my aunt down and fucked her like crazy. Her moans were submerged in her mouth as she was choking on Dad's dick.
    Mom pushed my uncle and positioned herself beside Stephenie like a cat, exposing her pussy to me. I fucked Aunt grabbing her hair and biting her neck as Stephanie bit my arms. When Aunt was done, I found both the ladies there lying like cats. I grabbed both their hairs, and I entered Stephenie. I fucked her, and then I fucked Mom. Changing the women I fucked gave me a kind of power.
    Aunt positioned herself on her back to do her missionary. As I stroked Mom for the last time, holding her hair and shoving my cock deep in my, my other hand was busy in Stephenie's clit.
    I jumped to Aunt Pussy and submerged my cock in her pussy deep as she held me, sucking Dad off. Dad emptied his balls on her face, Uncle emptied his balls on Mom's face.
    I was riding the three like an animal. Pulling their hair, biting their skin, smashing and spanking all of them, they shouted, moaned the entire night. They came and rode me, and I rode them, while Dad and Uncle were asleep.
    The three ladies were empty and lay there, as I fucked one last deep stroke in mom's pussy as she held me missionary. I lay on my back. I hadn't cum the entire night.
    All these three lay on their backs, tired, and hugged me. Stephenie held my arm and slept, resting her head on my shoulder. Aunt did the same from my other shoulder.
    Mom laid on my body, my cock stroking her crotch as she kissed me, on my lips, and my cheeks were kissed by two other ladies.
    "You haven't cum?" She asked.
    "There was performance pressure tonight," I said and winced.
    Her head went down on me. Her dry mouth sucked me off, as Aunt's lips tasted kine mine and Stephanie's pussy was fingered by me. Mom sucked my balls, Aunt gripped my cock, and Stephanie sucked the tip of my penis. My hips shook. There was a kind, a sense of thunder that exploded within me.
    I splurged semen out, and it flew and touched the ceiling, another one as Mom gripped my cock, the semen landed on my chest. As Aunt chokes herself on my dick, I emptied my balls in her mouth.
    "Three men, three different semen in our bodies," Mom said.
    I pulled Mom's face up and kissed me as we cuddled.
    Aunt cuddled my back, and Stephenie was already too tired to ram herself one more time by me.
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  • Twin's Taboo - Generations of Family Incest No10 - cover

    Twin's Taboo - Generations of...

    A.J. Mayes

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    Twin’s Taboo - In order for a dynasty to thrive, children must be born. New blood needs to be brought in to keep the line strong. The most important factor of a dynasty is that the secret must stay within the family. There may be hints to the outside world. Speculation might run wild. But if that secret is incest? The family always stands together against intruders.
    Lizzy looked at the two large tents and turned to Katy. “Do I really have to attend the party, mom? You know I’m not into hospital fundraisers.”
    “You’re a Prescott. I expect you to show up. Besides, the wealthiest families in Laramie will be here. Maybe you’ll like one of the sons. We need an heir.”
    “Shit. You never stop. I’m not even twenty yet. And I only want dad and pop-pop.”
    “You have to find a man close to your age to give you a child.”
    “Two Prescott men got their daughters pregnant. Maybe I should get off the pill.” Lizzy wilted under Katy’s icy stare. “Sorry, mom. Bad idea. I’ll come tonight and flirt with the young men. Promise.”
    “That’s my girl. The party is hoe-down themed. Wear one of your sexiest cowgirl outfits.” Katy’s eyes softened. “You have some time. Your dad is in the study.”
    “Thanks, mom.” Lizzy kissed Katy’s cheek. “I love you.”
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  • Lizzy's Taboo - Generations of Family Incest No9 - cover

    Lizzy's Taboo - Generations of...

    A.J. Mayes

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    Lizzy’s Taboo - A family’s history is created by generations concentrating on one thing: the well-being of that specific family. Traditions are started and continued through the years. Secrets are hidden from the world but celebrated within the family. Is there a secret that is also a tradition? Incest.
    Lizzy stepped off the wide porch and looked at the mountains in the distance. She sighed at the breathtaking views and smiled as her mom walked up. “I’m eighteen. Today’s the day, mom.”
    “Yep.” Katy hugged her daughter. “You can do this. You have the blood of your five-times great-grandma in your veins. Elizabeth started the Prescott family tradition of incest with her brother.”
    “Piece of cake. I’m a ‘tough as nails’ ranch girl. Daddy won’t know what hit him.”
    Lizzy walked to the stables, and seeing her dad, hurried over. Her eyes glued to his ass, she watched him slide a boot into a stirrup, and throwing a leg over the saddle, settle on his horse. He leaned over, an elbow resting on the saddle-horn as his sky-blue eyes roamed over her tight jeans, and mature breasts pushing against her flannel shirt. “Damn, strawberry. When did you become a full-grown woman?”
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  • The Perverted Cultivation System - Chapters 1 Thru 10 - cover

    The Perverted Cultivation System...

    Souryourer Fate

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    “Welcome to the perverted cultivation system” If you want to become beautiful and quench your lustful heart then earn the quest points from the Perverted game system. Look is this quest “go to school without underwear”. This novel contains sex, exhibitionism, bestiality, seduction, gender switching, and many other perverted things read it at your own risk and any words names are not represent real life people or place. Everything is just a story of imagination.
    “Yak! How smelly”
    “She is ugly too”
    “Sigh, this comments never change even though it is my birth day today” it has been like this all my life, I am 40 year old working as a freelance erotic game designer for a living because they don’t want me to come to their office for work. My mother died when I was a kid and my father abandoned me. All my life is useless no one to share, no lover, no friend no nothing.
    I hope if there is a next life I will definitely live a little better life. What is that thing it looked like a short sword but it is round and no edge.
    What is this why am I in this dorm again where are my stuff?
    “Welcome to the perverted cultivation system”
    If you want to become beautiful and quench your lustful heart then earn the quest points from the system. look is this quest “go to school without underwear”.
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  • Wanting Brother - cover

    Wanting Brother

    Angel Scott

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    Paige saw twins come out of the dressing room and she heard them having sex! It made her feel horny, so she went into the bathroom and got herself off! While doing that, her brother walked in and caught her! Now she would get to be with her brother. Just like she wanted! Join in on this fun tale of brother and sister being together!
    After not seeing his sister even after looking around the full store, Peter headed up to the sales counter and said, “Hi, Tory. Can I see my sister? I don’t see her anywhere.” Peter said as he looked around some more.
    “She’s actually in the bathroom, Peter. She should be out soon. It’s been a few minutes. I might need to go check on her.” Tory answered as she pointed towards the exist.
    “I can go stand by the restrooms. Thanks.” Peter patted the desk and then left the store. He hurried over to the restrooms and stood by the woman’s door. He thought he heard some screams, so he rushed into the bathroom.
    Paige screamed with no words forming as she felt herself orgasm. After that, she continued to finger her clit at a steady pace. She moved her fingers out of her pussy and enjoyed her clit. Round and round.
    “Ooh, brother! I want your cock inside me, now.” Paige cooed softly. Hearing those words made Paige feel another small orgasm rush through her and she felt more juices flow out of her pussy.
    Peter felt shocked to hear those words come out of his sister’s mouth! He felt happy though. That meant he would get his chance to be with his sister. He hurried to the stall but realized that it would not open. So, Peter made his thin body go down to the floor and then he crawled underneath the doorway. Once he got halfway under the door, he looked up to see his sister fingering her clit and enjoying an orgasm with her eyes closed. This could be his chance to do something dirtier with his sister. Peter hurried to crawl the rest of the way in, and then reached for his sister’s pussy. He sadly needed to put his hands towards and partly into the toilet bowl because his sister sat on top of the toilet seat. He managed to find the pussy and inserted his fingers into the wet spot. His fingers glided right in, and he moved them deep inside of the pussy.
    When Paige felt fingers start to go slowly out of her, she opened her eyes wide. She wasn’t sure who could be inside the stall with her since she sat inside the lady’s room. She did not feel prepared to see her own brother standing before her brown eyes! Her mouth opened wider and she shook her head.
    “Bro! -- What the fuck?!” Paige managed to spit out. She stopped fingering her clit because she felt in shock. Her mind didn’t help her to remember to move her finger to her clit.
    “Shhh! Just enjoy my fingers inside your tight, wet, pussy, sis.” Peter spoke softly as he put his other slightly thin finger up to his thin lips.
    Paige felt the fingers go out and back in again. It felt amazing so far. So, Paige didn’t speak another word as she moved her slender body forward and let the pussy be more accessible for her brother. The fingers moved in and out at a steady pace. She put her finger to her clit and rubbed it at a steady pace. She wanted to feel satisfied, so that she could concentrate on her work after this event ended. Paige felt herself cum once again as more strokes continued inside her tight pussy.
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