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The Promise - cover

The Promise

Allyson Young

Publisher: Allyson Young

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In the heat of passion, Peter elicits a promise from Jillian to participate in a week of sexual adventure with him and his friend, Sean. 
Attracted to them both for a long time, Jillian nevertheless questions the propriety of such an arrangement as well as how two such gorgeous men could be attracted to her... 
But Sean and Peter want far more than just sex with Jillian. They want her forever and hope a week with them will sway her decision. 
A careless action, also made in the heat of passion takes the decision out of their hands and decides the future for them all as Jillian faces her true feelings for the men. 
BDSM elements, erotic, contemporary romance, menage a trois 
Rewritten second edition 2018.

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    “Ease up on the make-up, Brenda,” I said, turning my face away. “That’s way too much mascara.”
    Brenda gently turned my face back to hers. “Will you be still before you make me mess up?”
    “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” I asked. I was trying to sit really still but it was hard. I wanted to see what I looked like. I never wore much make-up. I guess I never really needed it. Guys seemed to flock to me anyway without it. I hoped it would be that way this time, too.
    “Of course I know what I’m doing,” Brenda snapped. “I did Kari’s make-up the last time. And she wasn’t complaining.”
    I chuckled. “Ok. Ok. I’m sorry. I just don’t want to look like a tramp or something. And I definitely don’t want this guy getting ideas and pawing all over me.”
    She put the finishing touches on the mascara and stepped back to admire her handiwork. "Damn I’m good," she exclaimed, clapping her hands. "You look hot, mama."
    "Great,” I said with a frown. Just what I didn’t need. “Can I look now?”
    Brenda turned the chair so that I was facing the mirror. I barely recognized myself. Wow. I! “Whatcha think...?”
    An Author's Republic audio production.
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