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The Wanting - cover

The Wanting

Christina Strigas

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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The Wanting is an intimate account of Serena and Teddy’s sexual awakening. They undeniably have a magnetic pull and connection that leads them to each other. It is an erotic tale of relationships and their internal struggles as told through dialogue with themselves. 
One night, Serena and Teddy are out at a bar and they both meet and fall for another person. Serena meets Ben, an attractive eBook writer and Teddy meets Melina, a sexually charged school teacher. The story that unfurls, is a roller coaster ride of two erotic journeys. Questions arise…Are two people meant to be together? What is serendipity? Do soulmates exist? 
The Wanting is a book about the confusion between sex and love. It is a modern romance into the mysterious world of sex and the power it holds over our minds.

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    Leporidae Pack

    A.M. Griffin

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    One day, a long time ago, a bunch of authors were sitting around the bar area of a hotel and laughing ourselves silly with all the crazy story lines (while recognizing that we ourselves were culprits of some of them). A cock as big as your forearm? Totally possible. A virgin who is not only cool with double penetration her first time but enjoys it? Yeah, that could happen. And thus, the Fondled and Gobbled series was formed. 
    This story was originally a part of the Fondled and Gobbled boxed-set offered through Ellora’s Cave. This story is a spoof of what happens when a woman who is so bent on becoming a shifter doesn’t due her due diligence to find out exactly what kind of shifter pack she is joining… If you aren’t laughing hysterically and muttering, “This would never happen” at least three times while reading this, well, I have failed you and please don’t hold it against me. 
    Laugh and laugh loud.
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    Book Description: Oops A Rogue Got Me Pregnant!  - 5 Historical AND Erotic Fertility Short Stories 
    Total word count 22,596. 
    Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story. 
     Her Lady’s Gift 
    Annabel finds herself in a frustrating situation when she is married off to Gregory, a rich and powerful Lord who is old enough to be her grandfather and has no interest in coming to her bed so she can bear him an heir and secure her status as the first lady of her new province. 
    She thinks her situation is hopeless until Lord Gregory bestows a mysterious gift upon her, a gift that she can only retrieve it she ventures out on a journey with only Lord Gregory’s trusted General Tristan as her companion. 
    Taken by the Warrior King 
    The invaders came to take over the land looking proud and fierce and appearing like giants among normal men. None more so than their leader the ruggedly handsome and determined Warrior King. 
    Lydia is already aware of the invaders grand plans to seek out brides to become their wives and bear them children when she is summoned. 
    Lady Harriet’s Lover 
    Harriet cannot believe her good fortune when she inherits a large estate from her late uncle, and despite the remoteness of her new home she cannot think of living anywhere else. She thought she had wanted for nothing at that point, until the rugged, handsome Mr Duncan Smith literally comes thrusting into her life as he applies for a job as her steward. 
    It is not long before Harriet is fully prepared to give herself completely to Duncan and allow her dashing steward to show her all the sensual pleasures that she has been missing! 
    Taking Care of the Rake 
    Charlotte finds herself frustrated with her strong feelings for Jason, a notorious rake who takes very little notice of her, as she remains overshadowed by his countless female admirers. That is not to mention the other delicate matter of Jason being one of her brother's closet friends. 
    She just cannot work out what to do to gain his attention. Until, that is, Jason is involved in a riding accident which finds him confined to a bedroom within Charlotte's home. This gives Charlotte just the opportunity she needs to nurse him back to full health and show him that she has grown up from that awkward unsure girl he had once known, to a passionate woman who yearns to be satisfied in the arms of an expert lover. 
    Punished by the General 
    Richard of Doncaster, the King’s devilishly handsome General, has summoned Tara to his quarters to be personally punished by him. 
    Tara is none the wiser of what form her punishment will take, but when she arrives at the General ‘s door ready to accept her fate,  she becomes conscious of his wicked, intensely dark eyes looking upon her like a wolf to its prey, leaving Tara feeling all hot and flustered.  
    Even more surprisingly, she soon finds a big part of her is actually looking forward to being punished most thoroughly at the General’s hands!
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  • Gym Session: Lesbian Erotica - cover

    Gym Session: Lesbian Erotica

    Javin Strome

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    Sarah can tell that her husband is not interest in her any more. He actually openly tells her that she has gotten lazy and she is not the woman he knew before. So Sarah decides to go back to the gym to reclaim the woman that she was before, all in the name of saving her married. She finds an instructor who helps her save herself.
    Mature Adults Only (18+)
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    Seven erotic stories snuggled under one cover
    Cover Her Eyes by JJ Asher: Isabel is taken and tied at her husband's request, but is satisfaction guaranteed?
    Fifty Years and Counting by Jessica Black: Follow Jessica as she reignites the passion in her marriage.
    Halloween Hot Trick by Erin Fraser: Is it a trick or treat for Max?
    Sex In Store by Grace King: Based on a true life event, Rose takes customer service to a new level.
    Professor Hardy's Hidden Fantasy by Ann Russell: Professor Richard Hardy abandons his inhibitions and frees his fantasies.
    Christmas Cuckold by Secret Narrative: Young wife Natasha's challenges are Victor's pleasures and they're all hidden in a handmade Advent calendar packed with plenty of sexy surprises for everyone.
    Gabby Goodie's Mouth Music by Eve London: Gabby's specialty is oral, and she's determined to use it to capture a man.
    Warning:  Explicit sexual content and graphic language unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.
    Please note: This collection was published previously with the title ‘Valentine Variety.’ All are published as separate titles and the story ‘Christmas Cuckold’ is published at some distributors under the title ‘Advent Cuckold.’
    Provocative erotica designed to turn you on.
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  • The Scarlet Letter Scandal - cover

    The Scarlet Letter Scandal

    Mary T. McCarthy

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    “In the tradition of Candace Bushnell and Jackie Collins...hilarious, scathing and seductive.”—Kyra Davis, New York Times bestselling author of Just One NightThe Scarlet Letter Society returns!The secrets are deeper, the scandals bigger, and relationships more complicated than ever. When an anonymous blogger begins to expose the Scarlet Letter Society, a group of women who gather to discuss their various infidelities, founding members Maggie, Lisa and Eva find themselves at the center of a neighborhood controversy. And with the discovery of a popular local underground swingers’ club, this supposedly quaint subdivision is turned upside down as gossip and accusations threaten marriages, families, and even the limits of the law.As more outspoken members of the neighborhood attempt to determine the identity of the Scarlet Letter Society members and expose the proprietors of the underground club, the women must protect their families and their friendships while continuing to search for true happiness. They must rely on friends, spouses, lovers and each other as the scandals threaten everything they care about. Steamy, witty, passionate and honest, The Scarlet Letter Scandal continues one of the most provocative new series around
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  • Lust and Sin in the Gold Rush (Western Erotica) - cover

    Lust and Sin in the Gold Rush...

    Sage Reamen

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    When the handsome young rancher and wealthy landowner, Jacob Charles, tries to buy the land right out from under two aspiring prospectors, it's up to Sarah Wilson to protect her family's claim against the powerful, resourceful man. Ever the gentleman, Jacob accepts her refusal to sell, vowing to return with an even more compelling offer.
    	But when Sarah discovers large quantities of gold while panning the river, she's quickly set upon by a gang of opportunistic ruffians. Things seem bleak for the young woman... until Jacob, weilding a six-shooter and possessing deadly aim, manages to rescue her.
    	Suddenly Sarah is exposed to softer, more noble side of the young rescuer - but will mutual competition over the gold come between their budding attraction for each other?
    	Sarah smiled up at him, placing her free hand over their entwined ones to reassure him. “You did. I don’t know how to thank you. I can’t imagine what – ”
    	“Don’t,” Jacob broke in. “You’re fine, and that’s all that matters. As for thanking me,” he went on, with a slow grin. “You could accept my apology and call us even.”
    	Confused, she asked, “What apology?”
    	“This one.” He removed his hat and placed it over his heart. “I’m truly sorry for my behavior yesterday. I was raised better than to try and intimidate a lady, especially when she’s alone.” His smile turned wry as he added, “Even if said lady refused to be intimidated and was able to smell a plot before a single word had been spoken.”
    	“My brother taught me well,” Sarah said, grinning back at him. “And I accept your apology. Jacob.” She looked him up and down. “I must say, you’re a hell of a shot.”
    	Jacob nodded. “I’ve been in my fair share of gunfights. I wasn’t always this well off, had to learn how to protect what was mine.”
    	“Well then, Mr. Rancher, I suppose I’m glad you’ve decided to protect me.”
    	He smiled at her then, a brilliant, dazzling expression of happiness, and it was as removed from his usual smirk as night was separate from day. Sarah was struck with an abrupt urge to see more of the real him, the one he kept hidden behind his arrogant veneer.
    	They stood unmoving in the clearing, beaming at each other without reason. The amiable silence was only broken when Jacob frowned and said, “You’re hurt.” He ran his thumb gingerly across her cheek and Sarah’s breath caught in her throat.
    	“Am I?” she whispered. “I can barely feel it.”
    	She wasn’t lying; in that moment, all she felt was his calloused palm stroking her skin. All she saw were his eyes; bright and bluer than the sky, their attention was focused on her, and nothing else. It was exhilarating, completely unlike anything Sarah had ever experienced before – and she wanted more.
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