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A Year of Colonial American History - Book – 1 - 366 Days in History Series #1 - cover

A Year of Colonial American History - Book – 1 - 366 Days in History Series #1

Paul R. Wonning

Publisher: Mossy Feet Books

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If you have ever read those "This Day in History" listings, you may have been curious about the events behind the scenes. The 366 short history stories in this collection of history stories include both well known and obscure, little known historical facts and forgotten events.

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    A shocking exposé looking into the failure of our government to investigate the assassination of a president.
    Gaeton Fonzi’s masterful retelling of his work investigating the Kennedy assassination for two congressional committees is required reading for students of the assassination and the subsequent failure of the government to solve the crime. His book is a compelling postmortem on the House Select Committee on Assassinations, as well as a riveting account of Fonzi’s pursuit of leads indicating involvement in the assassination by officers of the Central Intelligence Agency.
    First published in 1993, Fonzi’s The Last Investigation was a landmark book upon its release. More than merely an indictment of the Committee’s work, The Last Investigation tells the story of the important leads Fonzi developed as an investigator, which sent him into the milieu of Kennedy-haters among anti-Castro exiles and CIA officers. In this highly readable book, the author follows the trail to formerly obscure CIA officers such as David Atlee Phillips and David Morales. New records declassified under the JFK Records Act have only added to the dark questions raised here.
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    Realizing that each of us must discover for ourselves the mysteries of our own lives, Pam boldly invites the reader to share her personally transforming journey in this insight-filled memoir, a result of rethinking the law of attraction. 
    If you are ready to make a powerful and positive difference in your own life, as Pam has in hers, then this book, itself an example of the law she presents, will show you how. ~Dr. Rob Pennington 
    What other readers are saying: 
                "The final chapter is a bright, shining, white light of positive energy!" ~D.M 
                "Love the scholarly approach!" ~T.S. 
                "Appreciated your personal growth through the process of writing this piece." ~S.B. 
    Shortly after the book was published, Dr. Young shared the transforming insight she'd gained from doing the study with the members of the metaphysical church who had completed her survey. Armed with “tools”, Kleenex and cough drops, she gave the scheduled talk despite having been sick for days because the preacher assured her no one believed they would catch whatever she had. You can listen to the brief talk here:
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  • Nearly All and Almost Everything - The Gurdjieff Work the Hebrew Kaballah the Indian Shrutis and the Musical Tree of Life - cover

    Nearly All and Almost Everything...

    Mitzi DeWhitt

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    This musicological study, by persuasive explanation, shows how, adhering to certain exact ratios and proportions, music gains objective power.  The inquiry is scientific, the solutions ingenious.  Following unexplored and unconventional lines, the author brings together what, on the surface, appear to be three separate lines: Judaism, Hinduism, and the Gurdjieff Work.  Their link is musical harmonics, or the magical science of connection between sounds.   
    The failure of modern musicians to achieve the magical effects long ascribed to music by the ancients is due to the prevailing ignorance of those who know nothing about the objective laws on which music is based.  Ancient cultures knew how the laws of harmonics (or what comes in between the tones) could evoke metaphysical correspondences of a spiritual nature, as did Gurdjieff.  The Hebrews encoded harmonics in their Tree of Life diagram, the Hindus incorporated the potent musical information in a secretive Music of the Path, and Gurdjieff enshrined it in the Enneagram symbol of the Work.  
    In this groundbreaking book, the author presents a provocative and engaging picture of how these laws work.  The wealth of new information will have a profound impact on modern views of music and its laws.
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