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Pleasing the Ogre - The Realms of War Side Quests #5 - cover

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Pleasing the Ogre - The Realms of War Side Quests #5

Jenna Powers

Publisher: PEAR Stories

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Ariana, a soldier of the remnants from a village named Relve, tries to keep her survivors safe from the Horde that roams the lands.  As the sun sets and darkens the skies, fires sprout from the smoldering remains and a strange scent fills the air. 
She heads out to follow the scent, her body moving on its own until she sees a small fire pit nearby.  The ground trembles near her and she hears voices in the distance.  Quickly hiding behind some bushes, she contemplates her next move. 
From the darkness comes a two headed Ogre, easily double her size.  They pause and sniff the air, smelling her scent nearby.  Ariana readies herself but she feels a strange feeling within.  Her loins begin to ache as she stares at the massive, muscular body of the Ogre and she sees a glimpse of something large between his legs.  As the sweet, sickly scent in the air intensifies, so to does her craving to feel the Ogre's touch...

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