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Dancing with Myself - cover

Dancing with Myself

Jillian Boyd

Publisher: Sexy Little Pages

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Dancing with Myself: Stories of Self-love Erotica 
Nine sizzling, sexy stories of self-love and self-discovery, edited by (and with a story from) Jillian Boyd, featuring Dena Hankins, T.C. Mill, Jordan Monroe, Leandra Vane, LN Bey, Jones, Hollis Queens and Rachel Woe.  
In this sensually spellbinding collection, nine authors explore just a couple of the ways one can get themselves off – stories that don’t just hone in on the how, but explore the why, and the “oh... oh my”.  
Dancing with Myself delves into the heads and between the sheets of a long-distance submissive and her dominant, a cam girl reminiscing, an artist entranced with her unusual subjects and many more.

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    The search for love... a sordid past... 
    Miranda Cates finally graduates from college and is excited to begin her dream career in law enforcement. After the final betrayal and heartbreak of her college boyfriend, Chris, she moves back home with a firm plan in place for her life. However, the life she has carefully mapped out for herself takes a serious left turn. Miranda finds she not only has to be strong for herself, but for the daughter who hadn't been part of her plan. 
    Determined to still believe in true love, life throws Miranda one more wicked curveball. She meets Jace Lawless, a hot minor league baseball player, whose warm aqua eyes and big dimple have her unraveling her carefully laid plans. A man who may be just be too good to be true. 
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    This is book five of Bridget Taylor's Alpha Billionaire Series. 
     We suggest you get the entire boxed set (Books 1-15). You can get it as a bundle.  
    We strongly recommend you get the boxed set so you can enjoy reading and finishing the series.  
    You can get the boxed set at your favorite online retailer. Just type ”Broken Innocence: Alpha Billionaire Boxed Set” (by Bridget Taylor) and you will find the boxed set.  
    Broken Lust will take you to the powerful world (full of BDSM fantasies) of Henry Lennox where he takes away the innocence of the cute Stacey.  
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    Meanwhile, her conflict with Mistress Aevia still hangs over her and Michael waits, eager not to let her go so easily.  
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    Alyssa has been caught speeding. But the cops who pull her over have decided to take her for a ride, and the law is on their side.
    The three hot, alpha male cops have decided to show her the full reach of the law. They are going to dominate her, all three of them at once, rough, hard, and without protection. Alyssa will submit utterly, letting them use her as they see fit.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    He was by far the most handsome policeman I'd ever seen, with tousled brown locks and a jawline so sharp you could cut diamonds on it. He looked down at me with dark, dark eyes and flashed me a knowing smile. I felt a little relieved - at least he seemed friendly.
    "So, how are we this evening?" He asked, making light conversation. In all honesty, I just wanted to get the whole situation over and done with. As fun as making small talk with a man of this calibre might be, I was eager to get home, make dinner, and assess the damage done to my bank account by this inevitable ticket.
    "I'm fine." I replied, giving him my classic wide-eyed, innocent look. It probably wasn't going to do me much good here, but that was neither here nor there.
    "You were going way too fast, you know." He began - I nodded, flushing pink at the thought that he might've heard me singing from the car as I drove recklessly down this middle-of-nowhere street. I needed to learn to not embarrass myself like this.
    "Too fast. You know - I'm gonna need to call backup. I don't think I can let you off with just a ticket. These roads are dangerous at night. You could've really hurt somebody, you know that?" He droned on. The way he talked made it sound as though he wasn't about to ruin my life. I knew not what he meant, but I assumed I'd be put in holding or something awful of the sort.
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    Two friends spending one last night together in their childhood tree house. One of them has a confession to make, which leads to sexual awakening and discovery. This story contains graphic female-female sex and should not be downloaded or read by minors!
    "I fantasize about being with a girl all the time," she admitted. "Do you think I'm a lesbian?"
    I had actually wondered that about my best friend for a long time. But it's not something I would ever dream of asking her and I figured if she wanted me to know, she would tell me.
    "Maybe," I told her. "You've never done anything with another girl to find out?"
    "No," she shook her head. "I don't have many options."
    That was true. Our little town in Ohio wasn't exactly known for its LGBT population.
    "Well, you're going to California," I pointed out. "It's not so conservative out there, I'm sure you'll meet another girl there!"
    "Maybe," her voice had a nervous quiver to it. "The problem is I'm so nervous about it."
    "Well, we need to get you un-nervous about it!" I told her. I turned on to my side to face her. "Kiss me," I instructed her.
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  • Popping a Sleeping Virgin's Cherry: A Sleep Sex Story (Sleep Sex Taboo Creampie Breeding Bareback Virgin Sleeping Cherry Popping First Time) - cover

    Popping a Sleeping Virgin's...

    Nocturas Dreamwhisper

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    Nick is having a great day.
    While he’s usually all alone on the late night train downstate, tonight he has company. A sweet, sexy co-ed named Miko.
    Nick gets to spend several hours with the pretty Japanese teenager. Unfortunately, she has a little problem. She confides to him, that once she’s asleep, NOTHING can wake her up, and she is very tired. She asks him if he could please watch over her, because she would just hate it if someone took advantage of her nubile young body while she slept. Especially since she is still a VIRGIN.
    What would you do?
    Well, of course, Nick defiles the sweet, innocent eighteen year old. Taking her mouth and her cherry, filling her unprotected belly with his seed.
    A word from Wicked Fantasies -- This is a 3,600 word story about Sex with a sleeping teenage girl. It contains very graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse, with nothing left to the imagination. We want you to FEEL what the character’s feel, from first touch, to dizzying orgasm.
    Remember - The story shouldn’t finish before you do.
    I closed my eyes for a second, enjoying the sensation, trying my damnedest to control my raging hormones. As I pulled my finger from those kissable lips, she shifted on my lap, rolling onto her back, those slim, shapely legs falling open. Go on… explore a little at least. That damned devil egged me on as my trembling fingers brushed lightly over her shirt, feeling the softness of her tits beneath the thin fabric.
    I could feel her tiny nipples stiffen as I stroked them. I cupped one of her breasts and gave it a nice firm squeeze, waiting for her to sit up and scream. Instead her breath quickened a little as I felt her up. Her tits were small, just a little handful, but they were so wonderfully firm. My cock was hard as steel, trying to break out from the confinement of my pants. She nuzzled the bulge with her head as I gave her pencil-point nips a little tweak.
    My hand moved down over her flat tummy to her skirt. I leaned just a bit and pulled the short skirt up. She was wearing full-cut powder blue panties. I could see the bulge in front from her bush of pubic hair, a few strands peeking out from the waistband.
    My hand was shaking pretty bad as I slipped my fingers under that waistband. Her bush wasn’t all that thick, but the hairs were so soft. My hand moved deeper, finally touching her sex. It was hot and moist as I rubbed her clit gently. A soft moan came from deep in her chest as I stroked lower, brushing my fingers through her lips. They felt small and dainty, just like the rest of her.
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  • Surrender My Love - cover

    Surrender My Love

    Johanna Lindsey

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    A Lady's Scorn 
    Wrongly branded a spy, the dark and handsome Viking lord Selig Haardrad suffered greatly in the dungeons of Lady Erika of Gronwood. And as he hung in chains, his magnificent body wracked with pain and fever, one thought sustained him: revenge! 
    A Viking's Vengence 
    Now Destiny's great wheel has turned--and Selig's exquisite, hone-haired tormentor has been delivered into the Norseman's hands. Now it is Selig who is the master, bound and determined to break the proud spirit of his captive "ice queen" and to conquer her with passion's sword -- never dreaming that his own heart will be vanquished by sensuous desire. . .and victorious love.
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