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Mile High Service - At His Service #3 - cover

Mile High Service - At His Service #3

Nikka Michaels

Publisher: Bridge City Books

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In this prequel to Room Service and Lip Service, Dr. Seth Coleman is bored and restless while he waits for his flight to leave. While waiting, he muses on how he met his husband Carson Randall. 
Seth Coleman is a talented surgeon who has the career he’s worked toward his whole life but is still missing something. As he’s standing in an airport store contemplating buying a tie, he meets a handsome stranger, Carson Randall. After sparks fly, they both realize they want the same thing. They want more than just a passing meeting in an airport; they want a relationship.

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    Tied naked to her bed, she's been left for her mother to find. But to her dismay it's Dad that does. She begs him not to tell mom, and he says he won’t, for a price. That price is Keri's body.
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    "Be nice to her, George," Megan said. 
    Megan and her husband George have just bought a house on the river. Their older neighbors Sandy and Ian seem to be the nicest people in the small town they now call home. But sometimes Megan can hear them arguing and yelling from across the short distance of their properties. 
    Megan feels sorry for Sandy and one night dreams of her husband consoling their neighbor with a hug - and a kiss. George begins to talk with Sandy on the phone at Megan's urging. She pushes her husband, wanting more, needing more. 
    What develops is driven by a lust Megan cannot comprehend and she searches for answers in her past with the help of those close to her.
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    Sometimes to get ahead in your career you have to start off at the bottom, or on the bottom. In Employees Only, a beautiful and ambitious employee is pitted against her sexy and lust-driven employer in a kinky girl-on-girl tale that proves that sometimes paying the cost to be the boss is incredibly hot.
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    Under the careful supervision of his unorthodox management consultant, a stressed company CEO learns a hands-on technique guaranteed to up productivity.
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    Everyone wants a job that they’re passionate about and, after discovering his love and lust for all things hair, Doug has truly found his calling in the hairdressing trade. The only problem is keeping a handle on his arousal during work hours, but then in walks Rosemary and it’s love from the very first snip. But will Rosemary feel the same way? 
    The Gothic Supplement by Emma Lydia Bates
    Being tied to her desk – literally – isn’t as exciting for Addy as it used to be. But working for the Gothic Supplement of HOTgirls magazine, surrounded by whips, chains and velvet drapes, it’s pretty much par for the course. That is until, escaping her desk one day, she’s seduced by a handsome stranger setting up a photo-shoot – and it’s further from the world of the Gothic Supplement than Addy ever dreamed.
    Doctor Perrone and the Spank Master by J J Monroe
    Devoting all her energies to the creation of a machine so wicked it is guaranteed to put a smile on even the dirtiest girl’s lips, Doctor Perrone creates the Spank Master 2.0 – the ultimate in sexual self-gratification. But now it needs testing and who better to test it then its creator, the delectable Miss Perrone? Buckle up and prepare for the wildest of rides, especially when a co-worker has his own personal modifications to road test. Eva Perrone’s evening is about to turn a whole lot kinkier!
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    The Salon Sensual by J Troy Seate 
    Instead of the usual shampoo and trim, come in to Judy’s and Barbie’s Salon Sensual for something truly unique. They are a couple of hardworking gals who are waiting to give a deluxe cut and to provide exotic services to a select few. But be warned, once inside their salon, you may never want to leave for their kinky snips and clips both satisfy the customer and applauds the fun and allure of female sexuality.
    Typing Pool by Honey Leigh
    Cornelia was being kept behind in the typing pool for insubordination. And Gareth was waiting. Cornelia wasn’t going to allow that bitch, Miss Prendergast, to get the better of her. Confronting her superior was one thing, but finding her mouth wrapped round her boss’s cock was quite another – one Cornelia could use to her advantage. Miss Prendergast soon makes it clear that unless Cornelia satisfies Mr Wetherby’s considerable needs, her job will be on the line, and Cornelia couldn’t be more up for the challenge.
    The Deepest Dig by Sylvia Lowry
    Hard-working but introverted archaeologist Anne discovers an erotic mosaic on a desert expedition. Yet her professional dedication is rivalled only by her increasing lust for equally shy colleague Clive. As her obsession with the sexually-explicit artefact grows, so does her determination to ravage her elusive colleague. Can she overcome her inhibitions and triumph in both work and in play?
    Under the Desk by Charlotte Stein
    Louisa starts behaving very badly indeed, when looking over hot guys at work makes the working day less humdrum. But how far can she take it? Surely there’s only so much you can do in a busy office, with only your desk for privacy...?
    Marriage of Convenience by Jeremy Edwards 
    Trish Burton and Greg Levine are having a blockbuster time on the set of Marriage of Convenience, in which they portray the owners of two convenience-store chains whose rivalry ends in love, merger and marriage. At times they indulge in their commitment-free frolics to the point where the director is rolling his eyes instead of rolling the cameras! The two stars make the most of their proximity then go their separate ways when filming has concluded. But what will happen when they’re reunited at a screening of their romantic comedy?
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    Michelle is in trouble for sexual shenanigans on the job with a hot, young PE teacher. She plans to control her proclivity for younger men who like to play at work by accepting a job in a remote fire lookout tower. But the wilderness setting amplifies rather than tames Michelle’s uninhibited sexuality. One fateful day, college boy Stan the Packing Man – who is packing much more than groceries – stays over during a wicked thunderstorm that ignites a wildfire of electric passion. Michelle is very satisfied at summer’s end to be in more trouble than ever!
    Needled by Heidi Champa
    Sam spends his days wielding needles, inflicting pain in the pursuit of beauty and body modification. Denise had never been pierced before, until she met Sam. Today, she is back in Sam’s piercing room, this time for the most intimate piercing there is. He’s the only one she trusts to give her exactly what she needs. In every way.
    Caged Heat by Lynn Lake 
    Shanna Martin is a prison guard, with a red-hot passion for her job and the men under her thumb. She plays on the razor wire’s edge, however, when she makes the caged men watch her indulge her searing lust. Who will get burnt and who will get free? That’s always the burning question inside the seething, sordid, superheated confines of the cage.
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    Play Day

    Lynne Edwards

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    Can a budding romance between an openly Gay man, and a man exploring his sexual bounds, find a resolution? Will John's desire for Mark lead to a living arrangement change? Does Mark's fear of social labeling cause him to forego the whole thing? Warning: This sexy story contains over 5,000 explicit words
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  • Hit & Run Bundle #3 - Hit & Run #3 - cover

    Hit & Run Bundle #3 - Hit & Run #3

    Victoria Child

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    A new collection of three SIZZLING stories... 
    1) Junior's First Lesson 
    Junior, the awkward chemical engineering sophomore next door, has been watching Mrs. Chantal Gladwell tanning naked in her back yard for months now. She knows it. And she's entertained by it. And it makes her SO horny... 
    Contains explicit scenes of 1st time sex, oral sex, voyeur sex, masturbation, cuckolding, anal sex and dogging. 
    2) Just The Three Of Us 
    When documentary filmmaker, Fynn Hook, comes to town to visit Lucy Camaro's boyfriend, Richard, the sexual electricity between them can power a small city. 
    When the dam wall breaks with a gush of unbridled lust, Richard walks in. Both Hook and Lucy expect the worst, but Richard is cool about everything. He's even turned on. What follows, puts them on a path none of them expected. 
    Contains graphic scenes of threesome sex. 
    3) Share And Share Alike 
    Greta Cunningham and her boyfriend, Jonathan Barker, are on a well deserved vacation. They booked a cruise on the world famous Caribbean Queen, a luxury liner that sails around the West Indies. A week of fun, sun, crystal clear water, and great sex is just what they need to recharge. 
    On the first night aboard they meet Pete and Juliette McClear. The seduction begins during an island hop the next day. A nude beach, more champagne, and great company leads Jonathan and Greta back to Pete and Julie's cabin. The motion of the ocean and the magnetism between all involved, sorts out the rest ... 
    Contains graphic lesbian sex, group sex, swapping sex, and swinging sex.
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