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Guide to Living in Berlin - cover

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Guide to Living in Berlin

Steffen Blaese

Publisher: Steffen Blaese

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Berlin is the city where the world goes to party, but also to live and to experiment with new ideas: social movements, technologies, fashion, art, music, sexuality and multiculturalism. The Berliners are creative, hedonistic, weird and some of the most tolerant people on earth. This guide is a road map for expats and long-term visitors on how to settle in Berlin with the greatest of ease. 
It begins with an overview of Berlin's complex and fascinating history, and will continue explaining the daily life and how Berliners tick. Readers learn, how to get a visa and residence permit, rent an apartment or buy a condominium, register with the authorities, get the utilities and telecommunications up and running, open a bank account, find a job, start a business, thrive on a budget, attend the university, enroll their children in school, and keep in the pink of health. And much more. 
It is packed with insider tips on the notorious German bureaucracy and lists key contacts, sources of information and available support. A useful vocabulary and a comprehensive resource list for further research are also included. Finally, the aim of this book is to encourage you to discover this exciting city for yourself.

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    Overall, there is no better way of overcoming a challenge than developing awareness on the subject matter. With this in mind, the biggest limitation to making those exciting and amazing macramé projects is no one but yourself. Wouldn't you want to find out how this limitation can be flawlessly overcome to make those fancy and exciting designs?
    In this book, Modern Macramé Book for Beginners and Beyond, you can be guaranteed of a step by step guide with graphical illustrations to making some of the most eye-catching macramé designs. You might be seeking to learn macramé for many more reasons than the beauty of art. Whether for commercial profits or recreational purposes, this book is your best tool to achieving your goal.
    Through the in-depth illustrations discussed in this book, you'll soon learn to make your first macramé knot in no time. There are also some advanced level macramé designs for you in this book should you decide you are fit enough to go beyond the basics.
    Here is a sneak peek of what you will get from this book. You will;
    	Understand how macramé evolved to become what it is in today's world.
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    	Be exposed to a cross-section of frequently asked questions posed by most macramé crafters.
    And a whole lot more!
    This book isn't just designed for absolute beginners alone but comes with some tips and tricks a veteran crafter would love to make reference to. No matter how long you've spent being a veteran crafter, you sure need this book to spur you to greater works through a  cross-section of modern-day macramé art pieces.
    To begin making those eye-popping macramé designs in no time, get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW
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  • Macramè - A Complete Guide To Macramè Including Unique And Updated Patterns Illustrated Projects For Beginners And Advanced And Exclusive Ideas For Your Home & Garden - cover

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    Looking for a new hobby to overcome stress? Are you a DIY home decorator and a plant lover? Or do you dream of creating handcrafted gifts that your family and friends will cherish?
    Many beginners ask me: Where do I start learning macramé? The truth is... From the outside, Macramé seems very difficult: the irons are many, the measures are complicated, the patterns seem incomprehensible.
    However, Sarah Durant, thanks to her experience, will help you feed your creative side and finally tackle a macramé project with ease. In this valuable guide, you will find easy, step by step macramé projects that you can easily create for yourself! Every project is explained in-depth, with pictures, so you can always take a look and see how you should make it!
    In this book are included step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations so you can learn the basics such as Macramé stitches and patterns as well as more advanced projects!
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    Outstanding DIY Projects for Macramé that Even Kids Can Make
    8 Materials You Should Use in Macramé (Don't Start a Project Before Reading This)
    Tools that Will Save You Time and Money
    In-depth Step-by-Step Instructions to Make your First Knots
    Tons of Practical Projects, Including Plant Hanger, Macramé Bracelets, Wall Hanging Macramé, and Much More...
    Simple Techniques to Create Shamballa-Style Bracelets with Sparkly Beads
    If you're ready to take on a new hobby that will not only help you de-stress after a long day or week but will provide plenty of entertainment and add something unique to your design aesthetic, Macramé is what you are looking for.
    This book is your all-in-one reference for needle novices to crafting masters. If you like easy-to-understand photos and diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and ready-to-make patterns and projects, then you'll love Sarah Durant's expansive guide.
    Would You Like To Know More?Get this book today to get started!
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