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Riding the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad - Travels Across America #3 - cover

Riding the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad - Travels Across America #3

Mossy Feet Books

Publisher: Mossy Feet Books

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Majestic vistas, charming towns and sparking mountain streams caress the eyes of riders of the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad. Ride the rails in comfort, using this book, Riding the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad as your travel guide.

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    Positive Thinking - The Key to...

    Anthony Ekanem

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    You have probably had someone tell you to think positive when you were in a trying situation. That is because the power of positive thinking is something that is a widely held belief.  Most people easily accept that when you give off positive energy, you can infect others with that positive energy and that they will return that energy to you. It is basically the idea that what you put out there will come back to you. Positive influences are all around us. They exist because people love to feel good. People prefer the positive to the negative. You can likely relate to this. You would probably rather be around someone who is upbeat and full of energy than someone who is depressed and moping around. People see that thinking positive and having a positive attitude can play a large role in their life. Positive thinking can be very powerful and by putting it to work in your life; you can reap the positive benefits.
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  • 2000 Most Common Spanish Words in Context - Get Fluent & Increase Your Spanish Vocabulary with 2000 Spanish Phrases - cover

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    Have you been trying to learn Spanish and simply can’t find the way to expand your vocabulary?Do your teachers recommend you boring textbooks and complicated stories that you don’t really understand?Are you looking for a way to learn the language quicker without taking shortcuts?
    If you answered “Yes!” to at least one of those previous questions, then this book is for you! We’ve compiled the 2000 Most Common Words in Spanish, a list of terms that will expand your vocabulary to levels previously unseen.Did you know that — according to an important study — learning the top two thousand (2000) most frequently used words will enable you to understand up to 84% of all non-fiction and 86.1% of fiction literature and 92.7% of oral speech? Those are amazing stats, and this book will take you even further than those numbers!In this book:
    A detailed introduction with tips and tricks on how to improve your learning
    A list of 2000 of the most common words in Spanish and their translations
    An example sentence for each word – in both Spanish and English
    Finally, a conclusion to make sure you’ve learned and supply you with a final list of tips
    Don’t look any further, we’ve got what you need right here! In fact, we’re ready to turn you into a Spanish speaker……are you ready to get involved in becoming one?
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  • Moonlight on the Ganga - cover

    Moonlight on the Ganga

    Claire Krulikowski

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    In this reflective and enjoyable India travel memoir, “hooks of fears” claw at author Claire Krulikowski on her first morning’s awakening in India, a land she’d never planned to visit. However, in Rishikesh she hears the call of Ma Ganga, the sacred Ganges River, and accepts its enticing invitation to leave everything she knows behind. Diving into the river of life teeming around her, including meetings with lepers, wounded monkeys, swamis, stalkers, pilgrims, shopkeepers, holy cows, and more, Krulikowski steps outside her beliefs of how things “should be,” trusting life and everything in it! She comes to know happiness and peace moment-by-moment. Presented in exquisite vignettes, enjoy these tales of spirit that are seemingly channeled by the sacred river.
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    India strikes its visitor with a sensory, intellectual, spiritual and philosophical assualt that's unmatched by any other place on earth: this subcontinent's sheer diversity is staggering. Footprint’s 19th edition India Handbook will guide you from tropical beach paradises and lush backwaters, to forests where elephants roam and foothills clad in tea plantations. 
    - Loaded with information and suggestions on how to get off the beaten track, from ruined temples and shimmering cities to spotting tigers and trekking the Himalaya
    - Includes comprehensive information on everything from transport and practicalities to history, culture & landscape
    - Plus all the usual accommodation, eating and drinking listings that you can trust, for every budget
    - Full-colour planning section to inspire and help you find the best experiences
    - Personal recommendations from the authors on everything from festivals and haggling to camel safaris and rail routes.
    From navigating the outsized metropoles to exploring sprawling temples, Footprint’s fully updated 19th edition will help you get the best of this enigmatic destination.
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  • George Fetherling's Travel Memoirs 3-Book Bundle - One Russia Two Chinas Running Away to Sea Indochina Now and Then - cover

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    George Fetherling

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    The travel writing of celebrated writer George Fetherling is filled with vivid prose and bizarre characters. 
    One Russia, Two Chinas 
    A travel narrative written over the course of ten years, One Russia, Two Chinas is about change and resistance to change in the postmodern world. A valuable document that freezes some important world events for close inspection. 
    Running Away to Sea: Round the World on a Tramp Freighter 
    At a turning point in his life, George Fetherling embarked on an adventure to sail round the world on one of the last of the tramp freighters. The four-month voyage carried him 30,000 nautical miles from Europe via the Panama Canal to the South Pacific and back by way of Singapore, Indonesia, the Indian Ocean, and Suez. Written with dash, colour, and droll humour, Fetherling’s narrative is peopled by a rich cast of characters, from the Foreign Legionnaires of French Polynesia to the raskol gangs of Papua New Guinea. 
    Indochina Now and Then 
    George Fetherling recounts multiple journeys through Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, keeping an eye peeled and an ear cocked for whatever faint traces of French rule might remain. Indochina Now and Then is a travel narrative that leaves an indelible impression in the readers imagination.
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  • Dublin Street Life and Lore – An Oral History of Dublin’s Streets and their Inhabitants - The Recollections of Dublin’s Tram Drivers Lamplighters and Street Dealers - cover

    Dublin Street Life and Lore – An...

    Kevin C. Kearns

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    The first half of this century was the heyday of Dublin’s vibrant and bustling traditional street life. Now in Dublin’s Street Life and Lore, through the vivid oral histories of the participants themselves, Professor Kevin Kearns chronicles this rich street life and lore for future generations. 
    The fascinating and often poignant verbal testimonies of Dublin’s last surviving tram drivers, lamplighters, market traders, street dealers, spielers, buskers, local characters and others of their vanishing breed, comprise a wholly original and captivating personal historical record of Dublin’s long renowned street life, told in Professor Kearns’s uniquely engaging and informative style.Dublin Street Life and Lore: Table of ContentsIntroduction 
    Dublin Street Life and Oral Urbanlore 
    Historical Perspectives on Dublin Street Types 
    Street Figures of Yesteryear 
    Chimney Sweep 
    Fortune Teller 
    Dealers, Spielers, Vendors and Collectors 
    Market and Street Dealers 
    Newspaper Vendors 
    Scrap Collectors 
    Transport and Vehicles Men 
    Tram Drivers 
    Pioneer Cabbie 
    Bicycle and Car Parkers 
    Animal Dealers, Drovers and Fanciers 
    Horse Dealers 
    Pig Raiser 
    Bird Market Men 
    Pigeon Fanciers 
    Entertainers and Performers 
    Pavement Artists 
    Mimes and Clowns 
    Bardic Street Poets
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