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The Bess Time - cover

The Bess Time

Yvonne Pont

Publisher: Yvonne Pont

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“Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Here is your opportunity.” Bess Turner, a woman of the twenty-first century, would like to invite you to accompany her on a journey to London, England. The season is Christmas. The year is 1847. The adventure begins with a light in a window. Mesmerized, Bess hears street noises behind her. No, that cannot be; she is in her living room, looking at a miniature building on the mantel. True, but …. Meet her colourful Victorian family, stay for a cup of tea, and taste the flaming plum pudding. Hold your breath and squeeze into the dreaded corset. Swirl around the majestic Vauxhall to the Viennese Waltz. Take in the smells and sounds of the horse-drawn carriages along busy Fleet Street. Enjoy the ride; it is The Bess Time.

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    After having been removed from his parents' home for his own safety, Pierce Nevitt has lived his entire life at someone else’s whim. The tiger omega has been protected and coddled from the outside world, denied the one thing he wants more than anything: Gavin. 
    Gavin Jackson ran away from Pierce, terrified of getting too attached, only to discover it was too late. Freshly graduated, he’s been assigned as one of Pierce’s bodyguards when he is moved to Smooth Rock Falls. 
    Now, someone is trying to kidnap omegas, and the two of them need to figure out who and why before their newly re-kindled love is torn apart forever in Lynn Tyler’s newest addition to the bestselling Pack Mates series.
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    The Survivor by Kyle Mills & Vince Flynn | A 15-Minute Summary & Analysis 
    Now entering middle age, CIA agent/assassin Mitch Rapp must deal with consequences of his past actions as well as those of Joseph Rickman, a brilliant former CIA agent. Rickman, already dead at the novel’s start, put in peril the lives of numerous agents by threatening the release of classified intelligence. 
    Rapp successful assassination of Rickman creates other complications. Rickman not only hid his cache of intelligence data on CIA assets and agents, he also still seems to control it. Rapp embarks on a twisted trail to prevent the deaths of agents and assets around the world. Supported by a team of experienced agents, he finds guidance in two of his oldest friends, Irene Kennedy, head of the CIA, and Stan Hurley, his mentor and former handler. 
    Unbeknownst to them, the CIA is up against Ahmed Taj, a seemingly mild-mannered bureaucrat in charge of the country’s intelligence service. His scheme uses the Rickman debacle as a tool in his quest to take over Pakistan. Taj despises western morals and views Pakistan’s present problems as a sign it is reverting to its proper state. Nonetheless, he understands and exploits U.S. funds paid to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and is a true mastermind at manipulating things in his favor. 
    As asset information is leaked at regular intervals through emails, Rapp searches for its source and for the encryption key. An operation to kidnap and interrogate a Swiss national known for shady banking ties produces little, and Rapp finds himself racing against other operatives to chase down the source. 
    The story culminates at a state dinner in Islamabad attended by American dignitaries, as well as the Pakistan’s President Churani and Ahmed Taj. What occurs brings about a huge shift of power and reveals the true intentions of several characters. 
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a Summary and Analysis of the book and NOT the original book. 
    This companion includes the following:  
    ► Book Review 
    ► Character List 
    ► Summary of the Chapters 
    ► Discussion Questions 
    ► Analysis of Themes & Symbols 
    This Analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience. 
    About the Author: 
    Leopard Books, is your perfect quick read companion. We analyze every chapter and hunt down the key points for your convenience. With in-depth summary and analysis, leap through books quickly and with ease.
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    The tribes were his to lose…and theirs to regain. 
    History taught that rebels executed the imperial family, including young Prince Nika Marisek, and hid the bodies in an unmarked grave. History was wrong. 
    Decades later, yarn shop owner Nick Goode reclaimed his identity to see his long-dead family decently buried. He’ll do whatever he must to persuade elders who now rule the tribes…even offer to abdicate. Some, however, seek to capitalize on Nick’s survival. Who better to drag the tribes from corruption into freedoms the rebellion had promised if not the prince who became one of the peasantry in exile? 
    Arit hates politics. When Elder Benjic, his estranged sire, shows up with the celebrity prince to fulfill a pre-war mating pact, Arit refuses. He craves strength on strength, the challenge of an alpha mating another alpha. A damaged omega who knits won’t do. Arit will guide them on an adventure tour exploring their wolf instincts; that’s his job. But that’s all he’ll do. 
    Except Nick isn’t an omega. He isn’t damaged. And if he seduces Arit to win Benjic’s support, Nick won’t give up his throne, either. He’ll risk everything to realize the ideals of the rebellion…and end his fate as the tribes’ last emperor. 
    CONTENT WARNING:  palace intrigues, mpreg themes, shifter knotting, and two stubborn alphas who must learn to work together to save an empire 
    63,389 Digital Words
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    Space biologists Jonathan Bartell and Gaby Larsen arrive at Johnson Base at the Moon’s south pole for a project with Professor Isaacs that is so secret, he cannot share the details with them. However, the professor does not show up to meet them. 
    Vijay Singh borrowed money from a local council man who uses the debt to make continued threats to Vijay. In his despair to pay it back, Vijay gets involved with one of the most lucrative crime schemes in the solar system. 
    However, the capsule he retrieves from a crater near Johnson Base contains more than smuggled rare elements. But no one is going to talk about it for fear of getting on the wrong side of the crime lords. Even if keeping the secret will endanger the entire base.
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  • The Thirteenth Man - cover

    The Thirteenth Man

    J.L. Doty

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    From the author of The Treasons Cycle, The Gods Within, and The Dead Among Us series comes a stand-alone science fiction novel for fans of David Weber, B.V. Larson, Lois McMaster Bujold, and more! 
    When Commander Charlie Cass, the bastard son of the Duke de Maris, returns from five years in a squalid Syndonese POW camp, he finds that little has changed in the Realm. As always, the King and the nine Dukes are conspiring against each other, but now some of them are plotting with Charlie’s old enemy—and as interstellar war looms, they certainly don’t need Charlie Cass messing up their delicate plans. Unfortunately for them, that’s what he’s best at. 
    Which means he’ll likely face the headsman’s axe.  
    Spanning the galaxy, The Thirteenth Man blends the best traditions of space opera and military sci-fi into a non-stop adventure that’s as much Patrick O’Brien as it is John Scalzi.
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  • St John's Eve - cover

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    St. John's Eve was written in the year 1831 by Nikolai Gogol. This book is one of the most popular novels of Nikolai Gogol, and has been translated into several other languages around the world.This book is published by Booklassic which brings young readers closer to classic literature globally.
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