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Female Domination 10 Book Bundle: Femdom Findom BDSM Chastity Cage Human Furniture Bondage Corporal Punishment & More! - cover

Female Domination 10 Book Bundle: Femdom Findom BDSM Chastity Cage Human Furniture Bondage Corporal Punishment & More!

Audra Black

Publisher: Audra Black

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This book is a brand new bundle of ten of Audra Black’s previously published books. Each story was previously published on its own, but they have all  now been bundled together for the first time in history.  
The books included herein are: 
Human Pet 
Human Toy 
Submitting to Her Command 
Serving Dawn Delilah 
Mistress Gina’s Sissy 
Dominated by Mistress Lita 
Dominated and Trained by Two 
Training the Sub and Transforming the Sissy 
Submitting to His New Dominatrix Wife 
Human Furniture – A Christmas Story

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    Pampered, sheltered, and innocent Anna never thought she would be kneeling before her new employer, much less agreeing to do the perverted things he was suggesting.
    Darius thinks her a challenge, someone he can claim, conquer, and ruin—body and soul.
    "What would you like to do first: The room, or me?"
    "Excuse me?"
    "You heard me."
    "What makes you think I'm going to do anything you say?"
    "You will," he says, sounding so certain of himself that I knew it was only a matter of time before he won.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    "Tell me what you know about apartment four twenty three."
    "I've only been to the apartment once," she said, looking straight at me. "He was devastating in every way conceivable. Like a film-star, one of those tough outdoor types. He's handsome and strong, with bronzed skin from all his travelling and lean, clear-cut features. I thought he was black at first, you know?"
    "Cause of his name?" I asked.
    "No," she feigned surprise. "Darius could be a Caucasian name."
    I rose my eyebrows and stared at her until she broke into a grin.
    "Alright, it was his name. I found out later that he was on loan from the subsidiary office in South Africa to the main company here…and that his eyes were blue and he had dark brown hair which waved a bit at the front. He was so dreamy…" she sighed.
    'I know what he looks like,' I wanted to interrupt, but kept myself in check and waited patiently for her to continue.
    "He came in about half an hour into cleaning. There wasn't much to clean at all," she said. "Was it the same for you?"
    I nodded.
    "He has a way of looking at people, the kind of eyes that was either looking through you with arrogant indifference, or stripping you."
    "Stripping?" I gulped, wondering if our experiences were the same.
    "It was as if he could see bit of my body…even before he got me to strip naked."
    I found it impossible not to gape at her. I didn't trust myself to speak so I stayed quiet.
    "I was sweeping the floor when he entered, like a dark god of some sort…and when he offered me five hundred bucks to take off my shirt, I did it. Once I had my shirt off it was just a matter of taking one piece of additional clothing, one off after another. Then things just…escalated and the next thing I knew, I was working naked."
    A deep sigh escaped her as she recalled her time in the apartment. I wondered if she was aware of the noises coming from her lips. They were lewd, perverted sounds. I couldn't help but deduce that she did a lot more than work in the nude for him.
    "Did you…" I started saying when she didn't continue. "Did you do anything with him?" I wanted to know.
    "No," she shook her head. "He just wanted to see me work naked," she shrugged.
    "That must've been uncomfortable," I said.
    "Not really. It was…oddly erotic."
    "Would you have—you know?"
    She turned to me, eyes wide, "Had sex with him? I don't know," she shrugged. "There was something magnetic about him. I think I was ready to do anything with him. My clothes were off already anyways," she murmured.
    Then her eyes lit up and she squealed, "Did you do anything?!"
    "No!" I responded automatically. Then, in a less, panicked voice, "No."
    "Okay," she sighed.
    "So you worked naked…and then what happened?"
    "Nothing," she said sadly. "I never got assigned back to the apartment," she admitted, sounding thoroughly disappointed. "That was the easiest two thousand bucks I earned," she giggled.
    Coloring, I started folding my clothes, hoping she would stop talking and return to her work.
    "So, what happened with you today?" she asked…
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