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Ideal Love Mature Version - cover

Ideal Love Mature Version

J. R. Thomas

Publisher: J. R. Thomas

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Mature Version.  
When women go onto a site to chat about their troubles with men. They take a survey about the perfect mate. They soon discover the man of their dreams has become reality. Is anyone ready for the perfect man? 

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    Daddy Do You Want My Panties?

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    Halley was always her Daddy's little comet, his Princess. but then she leaves school and turns eighteen. Independence grabs the sexy young brunette and she heads to a volunteer position in Africa, and then Thailand. Returning home she finds herself changed, more worldly... what she doesn't know, her Daddy has noticed the change too!
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    "If you’re looking for an erotic read which errs on the dark side of BDSM, fetishism and multiple partners, then this is the book for you." - Erotica For All Reviews
    A kinky collection of erotic stories exploring sexy propositions from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand and Jade's Best Erotic Fiction Publisher 2010, 2011 and 2012.
    How We Are Together by David Hawthorne
    He’s 43, she’s 22 – she says she loves him because he’s mature and does things to her younger men don’t do. He loves her for herself. She wants to make up a threesome with her friend; he isn’t so keen. He’s happy with her. She asks him how he can resist making love with two young women. So eventually he relents and gives the girls a night that neither of them will ever forget.
    Hard Bodies by Alcamia Payne
    Pinkie gets more than she bargains for when she visits her sculptor friend, Blare’s, latest creation. That life-size naked model in his gallery looks uncannily like her, and its polymer partner is the image of him. She has secretly lusted after Blare for a very long time, but she’s happy to make do with a life size model of him – especially as the realism is perfect in every detail. But when Blare catches her getting up close and personal with the statue, it seems as though she’s about to get two Blares for the price of one.
    Hustling Myself by L A Fields
    Being Chase’s rent boy is more profitable than waiting tables, but Brian still finds it humiliating to sell himself to someone who so obviously loathes him. At least Chase’s, sidekick, Kyle, is of a gentler disposition and servicing the two of them together makes it bearable. When Brian can no longer look at himself in the mirror he calls the arrangement to an end. Later, he is approached by Kyle again and he relents, as long as Chase is no longer involved. None of them knows that murder is only a few blocks away.
    All You Can Eat by Josie Jordan
    For most of their relationship Gary has tried to persuade Dawn to try wife-swapping. She’s reluctant, but when they are spending the night at an airport hotel he brings the subject up again. The couple he has in mind are so beautiful that Dawn finds herself agreeing and while Gary takes Claudia to his room, Dawn goes up to bed with Adam. Adam proves to be an amazing and caring lover – very different from Gary - and Dawn finds herself wondering what it would be like to make the swap permanent…
    Foot Soldier by Lynn Lake
    Teresa wants her husband, Bill, back from the war before he ‘loses it’ altogether. Bill’s had a difficult war. But the only way to get him home is to persuade his General that he needs to come home. When a polite request is refused, Teresa knows she’ll have to find the General’s weakness – and this isn’t as difficult as she fears. She soon has the man wrapped around her little finger, or should that be toe?
    In The Back Seat by Esmeralda Greene
    Jake’s gorgeous sister in law, Barb, has always flirted with him outrageously, but he is happily married to Ann and immune to her charms. Then Barb ropes them in to help her move house and she privately offers Jake a very naughty ‘payment in kind’. He has no intention of accepting her offer, but on the journey between Barb’s house and the storage facility, he is forced to reconsider.
    The Den of Beatrix by Giselle Renarde
    Tom and Perdy are content in their marriage until Perdy becomes obsessed with Beatrix, the check out girl at the drug-store. Beatrix is a lesbian and Perdy thinks that she might be one too, so Tom suggests she ask Beatrix if the two of them can spend the night together – Tom will watch, but not participate. Beatrix agrees but the evening does not turn out quite as Perdy and Tom have planned.
    3D Porn by Ray Cluley
    Fiona belongs to Hadley, his flatmate, and he has no intention of seducing her – none whatsoever. But when Hadley falls asleep on the job one night – quite literally as it happens, Fiona is left unsatisfied. And…well…what else can a gentleman do, when he is approached by a damsel in distress, but try to put the situation right for her?
    Neighbours by Renatto Garcia
    The arrival of the Joyces in the neighbourhood causes waves. Tall and beautiful, they exude sexuality and they seem to want to rub everyone’s noses in it. They are for ever making love in semi-public places, and they aren’t in the least remorseful when they are caught. But it isn’t until their neighbours, the Beckworths, are drawn into their lewd games that things really start to heat up. The question is, can they stoop to the Joyces’ level of depravity?
    His German Night by D C Kohn
    When Freddie first sees busty, blonde, Angelika, by the hotel pool in a skimpy bikini he cannot take his eyes off her. She notices his gaze and challenges him to a card game, based on chance. If he wins she will tell him the number of her room. It is only the first of the games they play that night, but none of the others has anything to do with cards.
    The Twin’s Initiation by Eva Hore
    It is every man’s fantasy, a secret sex-cult, over which he presides. And every new member must go through an elaborate initiation ceremony. The twins are very willing participants – indeed they are the first women he has ever known to shift the balance of power to themselves – but then they are unaware of his identity. But for how long will he be able to stay anonymous?
    Three by D C Kohn
    Angie is the one that got away – although he fancied her for months she never wanted to be more than friends – and eventually she left the area. But when he has to go to her home town for a conference she offers to put him up for a few nights. His hopes are not all that high until she mentions her live-in partner, Chris. However, all is not as it seems and he quickly discovers that nights at Angie’s are going to be a lot more exciting than he ever dared imagine.
    The Match by Kaysee Reneee Robichaud
    Tough girl Joanne meets her match in the Bounty Bar when she encounter a fellow shooting enthusiast Hal Terr. She challenges him to a shoot off in Crosshairs Alley and as the tension rises so does their sexual attraction. Soon she pumping his other pistol and he gives her all barrels before shooting his load.
    Nirvanaville by Troy Seate
    Nirvanaville is a blissful place of naked, happy free love and the beautiful, blond new arrivals Cyndi and Jack Mulroney are at first welcome additions to this Garden of Eden. But soon there is trouble in paradise ...
    Leopardess Wife by Debra Gray De Noux and O’Neil De Noux
    Felicity and Larry are trying to think of new ways to spice up their love life, when they are invited to a cat party where guests must wear a sexy feline costume. Felicity, feeling anonymous behind her leopardess costume, does an impromptu striptease on the bar. She is watched by an admiring Larry and several video cameras, and she discovers she has an exhibitionist streak she never knew she possessed. Soon she is having wild sex with every tom-cat in the place.
    You Get What You Pay For by J. Smith
    Her husband has always fantasised about her being a slutty prostitute and getting paid for sex, so one night they role-play the fantasy. She dresses like a tart and he picks her up on a street corner. Then he decides he’d like her to play the part for real. She agrees to pick up a stranger in a bar and let him pay her for sex, but this is a tale with a twist. 
    Leave it to her, Beaver by Landon Dixon
    Charlie stays with a friend’s quaintly old-fashioned parents in California, and on his last night he cleans out their garage to show appreciation for the free bed and board. Afterwards, his friend’s mother offers to give him a massage to relieve his aching muscles. And to Charlie’s amazement her approach to massage is far from quaint and old fashioned. She relieves a lot more than his aching arm muscles!
    Appraising Tara by Poppy Drew
    Tara has spent weeks fantasising about her strictly disciplinarian boss, Martin, giving her a good spanking. Then they go away to a conference together where she is to act as his PA. Little does she know that Martin has correctly interpreted that faraway look in her eyes and the next time she hears him say, ‘Do you need a good spanking, young lady?’ it’s for real.
    Flexible by Sommer Marsden
    Ellen is annoyed when her exercise bike breaks, she doesn’t like gyms, but husband, Rick persuades her to go and she meets his friend, Graham, who takes her breath away. When Rick suggests they invite Graham and Chandra for an evening of love-making and dinner, Ellen willingly accepts. She finds the beautiful Chandra just as sexy as Graham and the two couples have one of the most exciting evenings of their lives.
    Politically Incorrect by Kate Dominic
    No man likes to discover he can’t satisfy his wife. But this husband decides to do something about it. When Marcy tells him her very special fantasy he decides to do something about it. With the help of two willing friends, he arranges for her fantasy to become reality. After a night that exceeds their wildest expectations, this couple know that reality will never be the same again.
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  • Fucking Zombie Bitches - Book 1 - cover

    Fucking Zombie Bitches - Book 1

    Kathrin Pissinger

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    This anthology contains all episodes of the first season of the Fucking Zombie Bitches (Parts 1 through 7) in one volume.
    The good thing about the Zombie Apocalypse is that all human belongings were now up for grabs for the few that survived. The bad thing about the Zombie Apocalypse were the Zombies. But the really great thing about the Zombie Apocalypse was that the pressure of civilization was gone, which allowed me and the girls I encountered to revel in and enjoy every perversion and naughty desire we had.
    And boy, we did.
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  • Dinos Are A Girl's Best Friend - Book 1 of "50 Scales of Grey" - cover

    Dinos Are A Girl's Best Friend -...

    Tani Fredricks

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    Shanna had been sent back 66 million years by
    the CenCon scientists to prospect for immense raw diamonds…but she finds more
    than she ever expected when she rescues a baby T-Rex and names it Timmy. Who
    could have guessed that dinosaurs were telepathic…and when Timmy grows up, he
    wants a whole lot more from her than just a platonic friendship!
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    skin was twitching rhythmically. Concerned, Shanna levered herself up on one
    elbow, then gasped. A long, smooth mass was rising from his cloaca. She’d
    always known that Rexes possessed sexual organs, but she’d never expected to
    see one up-close!
    she leaned closer to examine it. More and more kept appearing, until it was
    jutting up nearly five feet above his body. The musky scent that emanated from
    it was oddly pleasant.
    suddenly appeared on its length in random spots, and grew until they were
    several inches long. She jerked back, then realized what she was seeing. Male
    dogs had barbs on their organs to hold the female in place until mating was
    finished; Rexes must have the same kind of barbs on theirs. They weren’t sharp
    or spiky, but she was sure they’d do an excellent job. Compensation for their
    spindly little forearms, she decided.
    was shaking all over now, and rumbling deep in his throat. Anxiously she
    reached out telepathically, and sensed his baffled arousal through their
    intimate emotional link.
    This is what you feel, he moaned as the T-Rex
    mating ritual’s pace increased, and the distant stamping became more forceful. Shanna, I’m afraid! Help me, please! 
    could she possibly help him? It wasn’t like she could pretend to be a female
    were cascading through her too fiercely to combat…and they were enhanced, she
    realized, by the frenzied activity in the adjoining valley. Four different
    pairs of Rexes were energetically mating, and the force of their spiraling
    ecstasy was echoing in her reeling brain like Chinese gongs…
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  • Sexperimental - Ten Tales of Erotic Experimentation - cover

    Sexperimental - Ten Tales of...

    Emily Dubberley

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    Ten tales of erotic experimentation with mixed themes including BDSM, m/f, f/f and female submission.
    Ever wanted to explore your deepest fantasy, let your bi side out to play or have the kind of fast, urgent sex that just won’t wait? The characters in these stories do, and they don’t regret a moment of it.
    Radio Waves She'd never met a man who could dominate her – until now...
    Lipstick Kisses Lucy never realised she was bi – until she met Andrea
    Come Again Who says that bad girls don't get what they want? They just have to hang out with bad boys
    Skin Deep Carly proves she's anything but a dumb blonde to a hot lecturer
    A Friend in Need When a fuck buddy wants a helping hand, what's a guy to do?
    All That She Wants Cock-hungry? Hell, yes. And she's going to get sated
    Gym'll Fix It Who needs men when you can make such good friends at the gym?
    Sweet Music He's aching to get over the past
    A Moment It only takes a moment for friends to become lovers
    Under Instruction She's received her orders – and she knows she has to follow them
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  • Medical Fun: Lesbian Erotica - cover

    Medical Fun: Lesbian Erotica

    Tina Long

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    Marlene was happy to have Betty as her last patient before lunch. Betty was a shy girl while Marlene was open about her love for women. During the exam, the tension increased so quickly that the two women lost control and they gave in and experienced a wonderful session in the exam room. 
    For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
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