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Gardening For Beginners Book - cover

Gardening For Beginners Book

Alastair Agutter

Publisher: Alastair Agutter Digital Publications

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A very big welcome to Gardening for Beginners, a book I was inspired to write from having a real passion since my childhood for gardening. On the book cover you see the words "go green" and having a creative mind, I have provided many great ideas on utilizing old household items that can be transformed and used in the garden. As a result doing your bit recycling and helping the environment.  
Gardening for Beginners Book is a fabulous gift for friends, family and loved ones of any age seeking to take up the free and healthy pastime of Horticulture. 
As we become more aware of our environment and wild life, with this book you can take the plunge of creating a mini eco-system around your home for a healthier lifestyle and creating a blaze of colour. Blooming Marvellous! 
The book comes with many great gardening ideas including the growing of your own organic vegetables for healthier eating and giving new life to items around your home that can be recycled and given a new lease of life as part of the garden landscape. Also a new lease of life for yourself, with healthy free exercise, ensuring a more healthier lifestyle and remaining in good health, both physically and mentally.  
Gardening for Beginners has been 2 years in the making by Alastair R Agutter Best Selling author of specialist books and found within this publication only encouragement with step by step guides and many great ideas for making your home into a little piece of Eden. 
Chapter One – Garden Tools 
Chapter Two – Garden Equipment 
Chapter Three – Garden Soils      
Chapter Four – Garden Soil Preparation 
Chapter Five – Container Recycling 
Chapter Six – Hanging Baskets 
Chapter Seven – Garden Pots and Tubs 
Chapter Eight – Plant Conditions 
Chapter Nine – Growing Strawberries 
Chapter Ten – Healthy Roses 
Chapter Eleven – Growing Organic Vegetables 
Chapter Twelve – Garden Plants in Sunny Areas 
Chapter Thirteen – Garden Plants in Shaded Areas 
Chapter Fourteen – Propagating Plant Cuttings 
Chapter Fifteen – Growing and Pruning Fruit Trees 
Chapter Sixteen - Gardening Good Life and Ideas 

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    Features You'll Discover Inside:
    • 30 Multiple choice questions on the book, plots, characters and author  
    • Insightful commentary to answer every question  
    • Complementary quiz material for yourself or your reading group  
    • Results provided with scores to determine "status"  
    Why you'll love Trivia-On-Books
    Trivia-On-Booksis an independently quiz-formatted trivia to your favorite books readers, students, and fans alike can enjoy. Whether you're looking for new materials or simply can't get enough of your favorite book, Trivia-On-Booksis an unofficial solution to provide a unique approach that is both insightful and educational.  
    Promising quality and value, don't hesitate to grab your copy of Trivia-on-Books!
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