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Broken Heartland - The Billy Keene Stories #2 - cover

Broken Heartland - The Billy Keene Stories #2

Chad Sanborn

Publisher: Monk & Bean Fabrications

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Sheriff Billy Keene’s still learning on the job--and learning dark secrets about the colorful people in his small, odd hometown of Caulfield. 
Racist vandalism (correctly spelled, which passes for a solid clue in Caulfield) pops up after more than a few golfing buddies trade in their first wives for mail-order brides. 
So when one of the foreign brides is viciously attacked, Billy's unsure: Is he investigating a hate crime? Or a crime of passion? 
With his own love life in chaos - and his life-life in the cross-hairs - Billy discovers that intense passions of all kinds can push people to commit acts of heartbreaking kindness and unspeakable brutality. 
In Broken Heartland, the second Billy Keene book, award-winning crime fiction author Chad Sanborn gives readers a menacingly suspenseful page-turner that's both savagely funny and unflinchingly human. 
Get Broken Heartland today to take the next sexy, rollicking ride in this black comedy-crime fiction series! 
“A great 5-star book!!” 
“More than a few times I found myself chuckling to myself.” 
"This story just keeps you captivated and I could not put it down. These books and characters crack me up." 
"I loved how the action (and the mystery) started out slow, like a snowball at the top of a slope, and picked up speed and snow all the way down the hill to the massive conclusion." 
 "I recommend it highly." 
"I loved this story. The dry sense of humor for these characters is 'to die for.' I didn't want it to end." 
"I LOVED the story. Looking forward to more Billy." 
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    But where’s Harvey? 
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    The Warrior 
    The Reluctant Warrior 
    The Warrior Code 
    The Warrior's Debt 
    Behind You 
    Hunting You 
    Death Club 
    Trigger Break 
    Scorched Earth 
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    In BEFORE HE SEES (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 2), FBI agent-in-training Mackenzie White struggles to make her mark in the FBI Academy in Quantico, trying to prove herself as a woman and as a transplant from Nebraska. Hoping she has what it takes to become an FBI agent and leave her life in the Midwest behind for good, Mackenzie just wants to keep a low profile and impress her superiors.
    But all that changes when the body of a woman is found in a garbage dump. The murder bears shocking similarities to the Scarecrow Killer—the case that made Mackenzie famous in Nebraska—and in the frantic race against time to stop a new serial killer, the FBI decides to break protocol and give Mackenzie a chance on the case.
    It is Mackenzie’s big break, her chance to impress the FBI—but the stakes have never been higher. Not everyone wants her on the case, and everything she touches seems to go wrong. As the pressure mounts and the killer strikes again, Mackenzie finds herself as a lone voice in a sea of experienced agents, and she soon realizes she is in way over heard. Her entire future with the FBI is in jeopardy.
    As tough and determined as Mackenzie is, as brilliant as she is in hunting down killers, this new case proves an impossible riddle, something just beyond her reach. She may not even have time to crack it as her own life falls apart around her. 
    A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, BEFORE HE SEES is book #2 in a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 
    Book #3 in the Mackenzie White Mystery series will be available soon.
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