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How To Make Extra Income Online: Make Money On The Side Today Working From Home - cover

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How To Make Extra Income Online: Make Money On The Side Today Working From Home

Takis Athanassiou

Publisher: Takis Athanassiou

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Business, today, is not what used to be. When I start working there were no widespread internet infrastructures and its main purpose is to facilitate the communication between distance business parties. 
The advance of technology and the practices developed upon the web’s infrastructure changed all that and render Internet one of the favorite places for doing business, communicate and interact. 
The shift of the traditional economy to a digital one was not always easy nor happens without problems. But the new model of doing business remotely is now present and can be used by anyone interested in developing a side income online to boost up his/her living or enhance his/her present income. 
It is not difficult today to have some good ideas for developing products or rent your knowledge and skills to someone else, exchanging your time for money (or other resources, of course). 
This small book provides the basic ideas on how can earn some side income in the new digital economy. The books covers: 
- What Digital Economy Has To Offer You 
- Basic Requirements For Working Online 
- What It Needs to Getting A Side Income Online 
- How To Develop An Income Online 
I hope it would help you realize more things about the new economy and at the same time build a business on the side. 
Have fun.
Available since: 06/20/2017.

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