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Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition: My Journey Fighting HIV with Whole Food Nutrition Herbs and Spices - cover

Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition: My Journey Fighting HIV with Whole Food Nutrition Herbs and Spices

S. Diane Barry

Publisher: S. Diane Barry

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I was diagnosed with HIV in January 2005.  
Over twelve years later, I’m healthy and doing well. I don’t have AIDS. My numbers are great.  
I did this without prescription medications. 
How? By fighting HIV with whole food nutrition, herbs, spices, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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    Youll be surprised by all the medical information you dont know  some of it quite useful  in R U Medically Curious?
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  • LOSE WEIGHT with DNA Program - cover

    LOSE WEIGHT with DNA Program

    Alessandro Cusenza

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    Would you like to LOSE WEIGHT? 
    Maybe you have already tried plenty of diets, endless hours spent running or walking on the treadmill.. or even both! 
    Probably you have eaten more vegetables than a cow, but the FAT on your belly, hips or legs is still there!!! 
    Would you like to know why? 
    Almost certainly, you are NOT eating and training according to your GENETICS! 
    How do I know it? 
    Simple... People usually think to slim down because they are introducing less calories than they burn. Or just because they are eating less fats. 
    Well, if you have tried to do so and you didn't get nothing out of it.. that was not what your genetics required. 
    Neither the ones that you introduce nor the ones you burn by doing sport. 
    Weight loss occurs when you reproduce the same condition on which your body is adapted to live. 
    In other words... If do what is written in your DNA! 
    "LOSE WEIGHT with DNA PROGRAM" will teach you the genetics-based approaches on nutrition and training. 
    You will be able to reach your goals by using the latest scientific discoveries in these fields as well as to handle individual differences. 
    You will get to know the major causes of weight gain and, one after another, learn how to reverse the negative effect of each one of these. 
    - Hormonal balance and responses 
    -  Chronic inflammation 
    -  Fat oxidation 
    -  Food intollerances 
    -  Slimming dietary protocols 
    -  Slimming training techniques 
    ...are just some of the interesting topics you will get access to by reading this book. 
    The power of your internal biochemistry is in your hands, you just have to know how to take over control of it! 
    All this will be possible by following DNA PROGRAM. 
    So.. Do you want to try what eating and training according to genetics REALLY IS,  or would you prefer keep on counting calories and running every day without any appreciable result? 
    The choice is yours.
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