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Professor Hallux and the Lalalas - cover

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Professor Hallux and the Lalalas

Nick Tate

Publisher: Lone Magpie Books

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Grumpy little aliens called Lalalas have waged war on humans! 
They're sucking the fun and energy out of everything and the Earth is slowing down... Can anyone stop them before everything grinds to a halt? This is a job for the professionals! 
Unfortunately, the professionals were busy so it's down to maverick scientific experimentalists Professor Hallux and Nanobot to save the day. 
What follows is a roller coaster ride smashing through science - and some of it is even real science! 
From the rain forests of Madagascar to the South Pole, including comet-hopping, and atom-smashing in the heart of a nuclear reactor, all with a smattering of space glue and ukuleles, you won't want to miss Hallux and Nanobot in their first full-length adventure.
Available since: 05/22/2017.

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    From the acclaimed actor and Stonewall Honor–winning author of The Best at It, Maulik Pancholy, comes a new middle grade novel about a gay Indian American boy who learns the power of using his voice. For fans of Merci Suárez Changes Gears and Better Nate Than Ever. 
    Thirteen-year-old Nikhil Shah is the beloved voice actor for Raj Reddy on the hit animated series Raj Reddy in Outer Space. But being a star on TV doesn’t mean you have everything figured out behind the scenes. . . . 
    When his mom temporarily moves them to the small town in Ohio where she grew up to take care of Nikhil’s sick grandfather, Nikhil feels as out of orbit as his character. 
    Nikhil’s fame lands him the lead in the school musical, but he’s terrified that everyone will realize he’s a fraud once they find out he can’t sing. And when a group of conservative parents start to protest, making it clear they’re not happy with an openly gay TV star being in the starring role, Nikhil feels like his life would be easier if only he could be Raj Reddy full-time. 
    Then Nikhil wakes up one morning and hears a crack in his voice, which means his job playing Raj will have to come to an end. Life on earth is way more complicated than life on television. And some mysteries—like new friendships or a sick grandparent or finding the courage to speak out about what’s right—don’t wrap up neatly between commercial breaks.
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