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Copper Creek Pack Series Box Set - Copper Creek Pack Series - cover

Copper Creek Pack Series Box Set - Copper Creek Pack Series

Kasey Belle

Publisher: Kasey Belle

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Welcome to the Double C Ranch, Copper Creek, TX. Where second chances are possible and happily ever after is mandatory. 

Box set includes: 

Their Cajun Queen (Wolf shape-shifter, ménage, m/f/m, violence, HEA) 

Fiona is certain Fate is a mean kid with a magnifying glass who, for twenty-six years, has given her the proverbial middle finger and it doesn’t seem like Fate’s going to get bored any time soon. Something bad always follows her something good. 


Widowed at twenty-three, Fiona Lafont has spent the last three years picking up the pieces of her shattered heart and building a life for herself and her daughter, Emma Grace. When an unexpected visitor from her past threatens to destroy everything, she runs to Copper Creek, TX and to her husband’s best friend and former SEAL teammate, Kell Creed, for help. In Texas, she finds more than protection, she discovers a whole new world. 


Copper Creek Pack Alpha Declan and Beta Cade Creed have searched for their mate for years. When they discover, their cousin Kell’s friend, Fiona is their mate, they realize finding the feisty little Cajun widow was the easiest part of the journey. In order to claim her, they must earn her trust, protect her from those intent on harming her, heal her grieving heart, and convince her she is their destiny. 


On the verge of another something good, Fiona must decide if she can let go of her grief and risk it all once more, for a second chance at love. Will the dangerous men pursuing her, find her, and ruin her chance at happily ever after?

Prideless (Lion shape-shifter, mf, HEA) 

Retired Force Recon Marine Max Granger is not your typical alpha lion shifter. He does not want a mate, his own pride, or territory, because experience taught him the easiest way to conquer a Pride, is to kill the alpha mate. It’s a lesson he doesn’t want to relive. 


He may prefer his loner lifestyle, but when Max’s only friend, Copper Creek Pack enforcer and former Navy SEAL Kell Creed asks Max to help watch over a teammate’s widow, Fiona and daughter, Emma Grace. It's a favor he can’t refuse. 


When the favor leads him to his destined mate, Fiona’s best friend, Shelly, Max is forced to rethink his self-imposed exile. Can he let go of his tragic past and embrace his future, a happily ever after with Shelly? Will Max’s shy, innocent, human mate accept him once she learns he’s an alpha lion shifter who will never lead a Pride? 


Healing Cathy (Wolf shape-shifter, BDSM, violence, HEA) 

Two years ago, Catherine O’Brien took her son, Luke, and ran from her abusive husband. Now her ex is out of prison and looking for them. Her only option is to run, again. Cathy turns to her friend Fiona for help and heads to the one place her ex will never find her, the Double C Ranch. 


When Copper Creek County Sheriff Paul Creed, envisioned his mate, he foresaw a trained submissive, in need of his brand of dominance. He never imagined the Fates would choose the gorgeous, curvy red-head, with haunted, violet eyes, who suffered years of abuse, at the hands of a violent ex. A mate who fears his lifestyle. In order to win her heart, Paul must earn her trust, show her, that her submission is a cherished gift. 


Cathy wants Sheriff Paul Creed, but his need for dominance scares her. Paul swears she will only experience care, love, and pleasure, under his hands. Can she trust him or would accepting Paul mean exchanging one hell for another? Is it possible for an abuse survivor to heal and find love under a Dominant? Does she have the courage to find out? 


Warning: Books contain adult subject matter and scorching scenes of a sexual nature and are not suitable for readers under 18.

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    Have I got your interest now? Are you wondering what my most illicit, dark fantasy involves? 
    I want my husband, Tucker, to watch while another man brings me to pleasure. 
    While I do love Tucker, I’ve always suspected there’s much more out there waiting for me to explore. And my hunch was proven when I met rock superstar Ransom Reed—every woman’s wet dream. I would’ve been insane not to take him up on his offer to share one wild night with him…and Tucker. The sex was mind-blowing! And Tucker enjoyed himself as much as I did. But here’s the catch. 
    The sex was so good that one night wasn’t enough. 
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    This summer suddenly just got a lot more interesting, and complicated. 
    For Jim Miller, Todd’s arrival is a burden he could do without – even if his heart, and body, firmly disagree with his mind. As the son of his friend, a relationship between the two is impossible… but the nights are long on the ranch and the heart wants what it wants. 
    This 8,400+ short story contains detailed descriptions of gay cowboy sex including anal, oral, and masturbatory situations. It is intended for adult readers only (especially those that love gay cowboys / western erotica with a dash of romance).  
    Author's note: Author's note: This is a full-length, standalone romance with no cliffhanger.
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