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Premonition - Zombie Girl - cover

Premonition - Zombie Girl

Elle Klass

Publisher: Books by Elle, Inc.

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The first book in a trilogy. 
Maddie's parents flip when they find out she's failing science. That's her worst problem until she wakes up and finds they're zombies. Now she must escape them and her house. With nowhere else to go, and the keys to her parents' sailboat, she makes her getaway. Finding Bryce was a fortunate circumstance and the two take on zombies and set sail for parts unknown. 
This story was originally published as a short story in the Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology. A few changes have been made and chapters added.

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    2018 Red Maple Award — Shortlisted • High Plains Book Award — Shortlisted, Young Adult category 
    When Christian learns his great-grandfather helped build the A-bombs dropped on Japan, he wants to make amends … somehow. 
    While attending the funeral of his great-grandfather, ninth-grader Christian Larkin learns that the man he loved and respected was a member of the Manhattan Project, the team that designed and created the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during the Second World War. 
    On a school trip to Japan, Chris meets eighty-one-year-old Yuko, who was eleven when the first bomb exploded over Hiroshima, horribly injuring her. Christian is determined to do something to make up for what his great-grandfather did. But after all this time, what can one teenager really do? His friends tell him it’s a stupid idea, that there’s nothing he can do. And maybe they’re right. 
    But maybe, just maybe … they’re wrong.
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