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Cohesive Story Building (formerly titled From First Draft to Finished Novel {A Writer's Guide to Cohesive Story Building}) - cover

Cohesive Story Building (formerly titled From First Draft to Finished Novel {A Writer's Guide to Cohesive Story Building})

Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

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formerly titled From First Draft to Finished Novel {A Writer's Guide to Cohesive Story Building} 
Revised, Updated, and Reissued Writing Reference 
Second Edition 
Without layering, a story is one-dimensional, unbelievable, boring. Layers mean stronger characters, settings, plots, suspense, intrigue, emotions and motivation. Layering also produces cohesion of all elements. Characters must blend naturally with the setting the writer has placed them, just as plot becomes an organic part of character and setting. If a story doesn't work, it could very well be because the elements aren't cohesive. Cohesive Story Building shows how each element hinges on the other two and how to mix them until they fuse irrevocably. 
Additionally, Cohesive Story Building carefully explores each of stage of story development from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revision. From a thorough look at the fundamentals of writing to comprehensive story building techniques, as well as submission guidelines and etiquette, this must-have guide will see writers through the entire novel writing process from start to finish. 
Set within the framework of comparing the process of building a house to the process of building a story, Cohesive Story Building gives a solid plan of action from start to finish through in-depth examples and exercises, and leave-no-stone-unturned checklists that will help writers take the plan into their own writing. Features detailed examples from published novels to illustrate story-building principles. 
Many who have read Karen Wiesner's reference First Draft in 30 Days, which focuses on in-depth outlining and goal-setting, will find Cohesive Story Building a perfect companion to that book.

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    Dr. Labbe's 9-step program offers powerful, science-based nutritional therapy and holistic lifestyle solutions to ease the mid-life transition, reclaim your mojo, and restore yourself to vibrant health.  
    This revolutionary book explains where your mojo went and empowers you with the knowledge and tools to get it back! It includes a detailed discussion of all the factors that may be causing your chronic fatigue and menopause-like symptoms, including a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's, adrenal fatigue, food allergies, and even a leaky gut! 
    Dr. Joni Labbe DC, CCN, DCCN, FCCN has successfully guided women through the many seemingly mysterious, unchecked root causes of the issues of mid-life, through her powerful Mojo Girlfriends™ program. She is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. of Chiropractor, former radio personality host of "Healthier Way with Dr. Labbe, professional speaker, and nutritional writer for numerous health and fitness magazines. She continues to live with Hashimoto's and celiac disease.
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