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A Major Connection - Good to Go #4 - cover

A Major Connection - Good to Go #4

Marie Harte

Publisher: Marie Harte

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Major April Soames is spending her last days as a Marine soaking up the sun and dog sitting for her sister. Unfortunately, the troublesome canine has dug up the garden of the last person in the world April expects to see—sexy Gunnery Sgt. Robert Thorn. The man is a hundred percent male with a body that won’t quit and a hardass attitude to match. He’s unforgiving, and now the darn dog has made a mess of his tomatoes. 
Gunny Bobby Thorn has seen the major hottie on base, but officers and enlisted don’t mix. Then he learns she’s on terminal leave, only a few more weeks until she’s officially a civilian. That makes her fair game, and she’s just what he needs to add a little pleasure to his life. Thorn finds himself falling for her. Hard. Between her sharp wit, snarky attitude, and gorgeous looks, he’s addicted and needing more. 
But April has plans to move on with her life, and Bobby’s not all that great when it comes to maintaining relationships. But with a little mastery in the bedroom and some tactical planning, he’s going to find a way to storm her defenses. When it comes to the heart, this is one Marine playing for keeps.

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    the Board of Global Investments, Ltd; while Catherine, Caitlin and Angie
     have been appointed to the Board of Directors, heading up three vitally
     essential functions in the firm. In order to make sure his family will 
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    cuisine and wines. But Catherine, now far along in her pregnancy, 
    becomes ill while dining out. It seems that someone’s trying to make her
     abort the twins! Who’s behind the attack, and what other damage have 
    they done? It’s for Sam and his team to find out.
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    The Perfumed Garden is perhaps the most comprehensive treatise on the art of love making and sexual pleasure. Written over 400 years ago in Arabia by Shayakh Umar ibn Muhammed al-Nefzawi it is unquestionably one of the greatest books ever written on the subject of eroticism. It delicately and joyously catalogues innumerable and imaginative acts of coitus.  Both tender and practical, The Perfumed Garden is a timeless work of literature that will enrich and enlighten students for love of future generations as surely as it has done so in the past.  This production is read by Frances Tomelty, a talented and versatile actress who's work covers both films, TV and of course, the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has performed a number of audio recordings and received several awards.
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