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Lurin's Surrender - Life in the Vrail #1 - cover

Lurin's Surrender - Life in the Vrail #1

Marie Harte

Publisher: No Box Books

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When the hunter becomes the hunted, all bets are off because love is on the line. 
For Captain Mara Seni, being a bounty hunter is what she does, not who she is. But her latest bounty makes her question her job. He’s tall, dark and handsome. But a rapist? A murderer? And why is the victim in question more intent on keeping him than putting him in jail? 
There’s something off about Lurin Vez, and it’s more than his good looks. Though she shouldn’t care, Mara’s not going to stop until she finds out the truth. But when the truth turns into a love brighter than the sun, it’s all she can do to withstand the heat.

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    Mastered 1 - 3

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    Three innocent young women + a dozen dominating males = 3 steamy short stories guaranteed to titillate your senses. In this bundle of experiments, young submissives abandon reason and surrender to multiple men in public places.
    If you want your lovers strong and in control, then these are the books for you!
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    Excerpt From "Fighter's Experiment":
    "I never thought I'd desire a woman the way I want you until I saw you in the fighting ring, Clarice," he said.
    My fingers whitened as I gripped the glass and brought it to my lips. I remembered belatedly that I finished the drink already. "You saw me fight?" I asked, my voice a breathless whimper.
    His eyes hardened as his eyes met mine through the empty glass.
    "I was present at all your fights." He leaned forward and moved the glass out of the way. "I would you to indulge me in a little... test of mine and then decide if you would like to go out with me.
    The air conditioning in the car must've been at full blast. I shivered. My tongue was thick. I struggled to swallow.
    "What makes you think I would... indulge you?"
    He grasped my hand in his and squeezed my cold fingers. Then, he drew them to his lips and brushed a light kiss across my knuckles. "You aren't one to back down from a fight."
    I gave a small smile. That was true. "What would I gain from it?" I asked idly. I rarely back down for fights since I was getting paid regardless of the outcome. But this- this was a fight I didn't think I could win.
    He looked down at me, surprise evident in his eyes. "Apart from pleasure?" he asked indulgently. He frowned, then poured himself another glass. We were doing a lot of drinking before sunset.
    "I could always get pleasure elsewhere," I said idly, trying to adopt the same nonchalance he had and failing miserably. I didn't even believe my own words.
    "The fact that you haven't said no more about you than you care to admit," he said.
    He was right. It probably said something about me that I enjoyed his control over me. I liked how painful his grip on my arm was when he pulled me into the car, or how he didn't let my protests deter him.
    "Would you like money, Clarice?" he asked.
    "No," I answered almost immediately. "I'd like... I'd like your word that you aren't doing this because it's a game to you."
    "This is a game, Clarice," he interrupted. His smile deepened. "But it isn't one that will end with either of us losing."
    I had no idea what he was going on about. I resisted the urge to walk away. The car was still moving. "Where are we going?"
    He named a French place I always drove past but never went into. It looked expensive, even on the outside.
    "But that's not open in the afternoon."
    He grinned. "My dear, everything opens for me."
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  • Beyond Bliss - The Sinclairs #1 - cover

    Beyond Bliss - The Sinclairs #1

    Delia Foster

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     Sweet Sophie Harlow hasn't had sex in almost two years...  
    Before she turns thirty, she's determined to end her dry spell.  
    Sexy Lucas Sinclair finds himself in a bar sitting right next to Sophie and her best friend as they strategize on how to get Sophie back in the proverbial saddle. Unable to stop listening to their hysterical conversation, when he sees the face and body that belongs to Sophie's voice, he makes plans to help an unknowing Sophie along on her quest.  
    He pursues her with everything at his disposal, but when she realizes exactly what she’s dealing with, Sophie is determined to be the one woman he doesn't get. Already experienced in relationships with wealthy egomaniacs, she wants nothing to do with his type.  
    When he invades her space, she's helpless to resist the chemistry between them.  
    Will Lucas destroy her heart, or will he be her bliss?  
    This story precedes "State of Grace"
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  • Grind - cover


    Jasmine Welles

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    He’s young enough to be her son. But he’s old enough to give her what she needs.   Life isn't exactly great for Grace right now. Her ex-husband is a son of a bitch. Her boss thinks she’s too old to do her job. And her teenage daughter can’t stand her. In fact, the only thing that keeps Grace from having a total meltdown is treating herself to a weekend out of town at a cute B&B.   When Chris, a young barista at a nearby cafe, starts flirting with her, Grace decides to take a chance on one last fling. Turns out coffee isn't the hottest thing on the menu.   Heat level: Hot! Recommended for readers 18 and over.   This is a standalone romance story with a happy-for-now ending, designed to be read in under an hour--perfect for your lunch break, your commute, or whenever you have a few extra minutes to spare.
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    The BetaZed sorority sisters were gorgeous, stacked...and out of work. Then Phoebe hit on the absolutely insane idea of starting their own bikini babes' carwash. Little did they know how their lives were about to change as, one by one, they met the men of their sexiest dreams while they tried to solve the mystery of a 20-year old jewelry heist!
    Book 7:  “Selena”
    Jared’s twin brother, Jory, was tall, devastatingly handsome…and entirely too sure of himself.  Everything about him struck Selena the wrong way.  And the closer he tried to get, the more she wanted to run away screaming in panic!
    She’d known Riley’s nephew, Brad, for years, but never thought of him as a possible lover.  So why were her nerves suddenly humming with eager anticipation every time he touched her hand?
    And since she knew that he felt it, too…why wouldn’t he give into temptation, and make love to her?
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  • Debbie And The Donkey - cover

    Debbie And The Donkey

    Kelly Addams

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    Debbie Clements is a junior journalist with a small newspaper, and she finds herself sent on assignment to a tiny village where nothing ever happens, it seems that the assistant editor has set her up for a fall. But Debbie soon finds herself in the middle of the story of a lifetime as she is invited to the home of a Russian billionaire and discovers his secret fetish... a kinky fetish that involves herself, and Samson the donkey!
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  • Bound & Milked : Brat's Milk 7 - cover

    Bound & Milked : Brat's Milk 7

    Tori Westwood

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    My older housemate Zach and I had gotten close ever since I moved in, and I mean real close.  I can't even remember exactly how it started but now I'd look forward to his new suggestions, keen to try out whatever kinky idea he had to offer.  Today he came home with some lengths of rope and a dirty smirk on his face.  Turns out he had every intention of tying me up and milking me and I had every intention of letting him!  Read about our naughty adventures inside.
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