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Coherence: The Ultimate Guide to Accomplishing Goals and Achieving Success Without Side Effects - Reintegration Fundamentals #3 - cover

Coherence: The Ultimate Guide to Accomplishing Goals and Achieving Success Without Side Effects - Reintegration Fundamentals #3

Nebo D. Lukovich

Publisher: Reintegration Publishing

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This book describes powerful goal-achievement methods which will enable you to finally actualize your deepest desires.  
However, this practical guide is neither for lazy people, nor for quick-fixers. There is no magic pill. You will have to put in some real work if you want to achieve your dreams. But if you are doing the procedures steadily, and if you persevere, you simply cannot fail. And, what is more important, you will improve the quality of your whole life! 
This volume is filled with illustrations and accounts from real life, which is important to better understand the system and how to apply the methods I will present.  
First, with an overview of the basic concepts of the Reintegration System, which these methods are actually a part of, you will be guided through three quick and easy mind techniques designed to bring immediate results: “Dissolving the Temporary I,” “Moving to the Heart,” and “Dissolving the Temporary I Plus.”  These methods will enable you to quickly and efficiently remove any negative thoughts, emotions or sensations, thus allowing the creation of your desired, positive state of mind. These techniques are essential for all other elements of the Reintegration System and are widely used as methods for achieving the goals presented in this book. 
Next, you will find that these techniques are actually the foundation of several more complex methods, which will teach you how to attain goals in a safe and enduring way. You will be able to find your own exciting pathway to the goal, revealing unexpected aspects of your personality, subconscious mind, and real life along the way. 
Through the goal-achievement processes that will be presented here, you will not only achieve your goals, you will reintegrate many parts of your personality and improve the quality of your whole life. 
The two main methods for achieving the goals presented in this book are: 
1. Comprehensive Goal Achievement Process 
2. Determination Technique 
The Comprehensive Goal Achievement Process is a really broad and thorough method. It allows you to avoid most of the possible pitfalls of “usual” goal achievement work, because it leads you through the process of wide-ranging integration of your personality. 
The Determination Technique is one of the “usual” approaches, and is best for those who are short on time for inner work, but desperately need to accomplish some goals. Yet, as is the case with the majority of other goal achievement methods, after you achieve the goal through this technique, you should do a systematic integration of the most limiting elements of your personality, in order to avoid any unexpected problems in other areas of your life. 
You will also be presented with several efficient ways to overcome procrastination, which is important for all your endeavors. 
You won’t find empty promises here, only practical guidance. Once again, if you apply the given procedures, it is impossible for you to fail. 
Being one of the Reintegration series books, with some additional practical content, this volume is effectively a part of an even more comprehensive book, “Inner Peace, Outer Success,” which covers the whole Reintegration System, including detailed descriptions of all Reintegration techniques, as well as meditation, mindfulness, healing, and achieving goals. 
Join us on this new journey of personal transformation and start feeling better now!

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