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Taken by Two Bosses - Taken - cover

We are sorry! The publisher (or author) gave us the instruction to take down this book from our catalog. But please don't worry, you still have more than 500,000 other books you can enjoy!

Taken by Two Bosses - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Trapped in the company elevator, Carnal Toys’ receptionist Carina Chantilli is suddenly at the mercy of her two sexy bosses, who make her their filling in a naughty manwich! 
More Taken stories... 
Taken by Two Firefighters 
Taken by Two Cowboys 
Taken by Two Billionaires 
Taken by Two Bikers 
Taken by Two Doctors 
...the naughty without the romance 
Available since: 01/17/2017.

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  • Crossdressing Stories - Marriage on the Rox - cover

    Crossdressing Stories - Marriage...

    Hellen Heels

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    Stanley & Claire need a little sugar & spice in their marriage. After years of boring sex, Claire initiates something that will change their relationship forever. 
    Short excerpt from the book... 
    “Hello, Stanley. How are you today?” 
    “I’m okay. And you?” 
    “I am fine. Just busy with work.” 
    He was looking at the printout when he realized that she had not said any other thing. “Claire?” 
    “You are quiet.” 
    “Am I?” 
    “Yes, you are. You haven’t said anything.” 
    “Really? I am so sorry. How is work?” 
    “I already told you that work is fine.” 
    “You did?” 
    He dropped the image. “Are you alright, Claire?” 
    “Yes, of course I am. Why did you ask?” 
    “You are not saying much, considering the fact that you were the one that called me.” 
    He frowned. “Ohh?” 
    He sighed. “Come on, Claire. Talk to me.” 
    “But I am.” 
    “You are not talking or saying anything much, Claire.” 
    He heard her sigh. “I don’t know. I just …I just …” 
    “You just what?” 
    “Okay. You know we haven’t said much about what we discussed yesterday.” 
    “About our marriage.” 
    He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Well, what is there to say?” 
    “Stanley, I don’t think we should leave things the way they are and hope that they would get better.” 
    “Would they?” 
    “Would they? Don’t you believe our marriage can get better?” 
    “I don’t know what to think, Claire. I only know what it is right now.” 
    “Stanley, we can improve things in our marriage. We can.”
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  • Chosen by the Vampire Kings - Chosen Book 1 - cover

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    Every hundred years, tradition dictates that all eligible females in Sweetwater assemble for the choosing ceremony. Two vampire kings have separate territories within the surrounding countryside. Both are eager to pick their future brides. 
    What a waste of her freaking time. 
    Tanya is among the many women at the choosing ceremony. As far as she's concerned it's an outdated, sexist event and if it wasn't mandatory she so wouldn't be here. It's not important that the two males are ridiculously rich and handsome. 
    Deep down she knows a plain Jane like her will never be picked by one of the kings anyway. Many of the women in the town square are stunningly beautiful and model thin. Most seem enthusiastic about being a queen even if it means being mated to a blood sucker, which suits her just fine. 
    Imagine her surprise though when King Brant sets his sights firmly on her. Once a vampire king has decided, there's no going back. But her home is in Sweetwater. Being forced to live amongst the vampire species . . . big gulp . . . forced to mate with a vampire . . . is not what she had in mind for herself. 
    Maybe she can convince him to let her go, to pick again. If not, she'll have to find a way to escape his—very muscled and rather delicious—clutches. 
    Contains mature themes.
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    Steve, the self-proclaimed Invisible Warrior, has not had a typical life. Trained by the VC Warriors, he still has to prove his worth, but with humor and sheer will, he refuses to give up. 
    In one afternoon, his life changes, as do the lives of three others. Steve Richardson has a serious choice to make between two women and someone who holds his heart like no other. 
    Contains mature themes.
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  • Double Blind - Special Delivery Book 2 - cover

    Double Blind - Special Delivery...

    Heidi Cullinan

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    Know when to show your hand… and when to hedge your bets. Special Delivery, Book 2. Randy Jensen can’t stand to just sit by and watch as a mysterious man throws money away on the roulette wheel, especially since Randy’s got his own bet going as to the reason this guy is making every play like it’s his last day on earth. The man’s dark desperation hits Randy right in the gut. Half of him warns that getting involved is a sucker’s bet, and the other half scrambles for a reason—any reason—to save the man’s soul. Ethan Ellison has no idea what he’s going to do with himself once his last dollar is gone—until Randy whirls into his life with a heart-stealing smile and a poker player’s gaze that sees too much. Randy draws Ethan into a series of wagers that leads to a scorching kiss by midnight, but he isn’t the only one with an interest in Ethan’s vulnerability. Soon they’re both taking risks that not only play fast and loose with the law, but with the biggest prize of all: their hearts. This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release. Warning: This story contains high-stakes poker, gangsters with a weakness for kittens, foursomes, and kinky consensual sex.
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  • Beauty and the Billionaire - Billionaire Romance - cover

    Beauty and the Billionaire -...

    Kathleen Hope

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    The words never came and they never left my mouth, instead I just pressed my lips against his and kissed him more passionately than I have ever kissed in my entire life. All of the pain, jealousy, and attraction that I had to hide from myself came bubbling to the surface and I couldn’t help myself from finally giving in. At first, he was shocked by my embrace, but he began to move his soft lips against mine. He wrapped his arms around my body and leaned back, pulling me on top of him as his hands roamed over my backside. His touch was electric and he left a trail of goosebumps everywhere his fingertips grazed. I felt as if I were in a dream again...An Author's Republic audio production.
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  • Own - Command Force Alpha Book 1 - cover

    Own - Command Force Alpha Book 1

    Katie Porter

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    Sleeping with the colonel’s daughter? Risky. Making her call you Sir? Reckless. Command Force Alpha, Book 1. When a mission against the Russian mafia goes south, Colonel Stafford, head of a deep-cover ops team, wrests a hospital-bed promise from his protégé. Although eager to return to the field, Evan Sommers swears to keep the colonel’s daughter, Katsu, safe from retaliation. The task isn’t simple for the battle-tested Marine Corps captain. Four years have passed since his secret affair with sweet, compliant Katsu. Now she’s a streetwise pool shark who refuses to obey any command. Kat resists the need for Evan’s protective shadow, until deadly threats expose her vulnerability. Her future depends on this hardened soldier, and their sizzling dynamic reveals what Kat’s bland college dating life lacked—a man with the will and desire to tame her. Danger creates potent, unexpected scenarios that test their sexual limits, yet a real relationship is impossible. Evan is the warrior who could be her Master, but how can she fully submit? The next mission—even the next knock on the door—could rob Kat of the man she loves. Warning: This book contains a reformed playboy Specials Ops stud who knows how to tease, demand, and spank what he wants out of a colonel’s unruly pool shark of a daughter. is this supposed to be a warning?
    ©2014 Katie Porter (P)2014 Insatiable Press
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