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Wisp - Forgotten Monsters #1 - cover

Wisp - Forgotten Monsters #1

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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Living on the outskirts of society suits Will Quinn just fine. He’s one of the last of his kind and he’s grown weary of being the boogie man to the humans who dare each other to check out his presumably haunted cabin. 
When a small group of humans from the local college show up to interrupt his solitude, Will is determined to run them off. He never expects a pretty coed to see right through his glamour to the heart of the man beneath. 
With tensions rising in the monstrous community and the danger of being revealed an ever-present threat, Will must make a choice: Guard the secret of what he is or let the spark that is smoldering between him and Kaitlin become a full-fledged burn. 
Warning: This book contains a man who’s much more than a Wisp. Not all monsters are created equal and Kaitlin’s about to get the type of education she never dreamed of.

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    This boxed set includes all FIVE volumes!  
    Follow all of the adventures with:  
    Panties for Him - Vol. 1: Charles is powerless against his Mistress. He'll do anything she ask, anything she desires. And what she desires now is to humiliate him even further. When he indulges in his fetish as commanded, he realizes how much he really loves it and the consequences leave him exposed.  
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    One day, however, a mysterious box arrives in the mail, and the message that comes with it threatens to expose him completely. Worse, Ashton realizes he is powerless to stop it; his Master knew his hidden desires all along.  
    Once he slips back into the secret life he once led, he wonders who will really control him or if he’ll lose the wonderful life he’s built...  
    Warning: These stories are intended for mature audiences. Read at your own risk...or delight!  
    Praise for Owen Wilde:  
    "Erotic in a "this could happen in real life" sort of way, without being over the top, it contains a well written and descriptive sexual encounter. More than just a quickie, there is attraction, hints of deeper emotions and character development that gives a taste of more to come. Well written and edited, this brief yet complete story doesn't leaving the reader hanging. I enjoyed this short story and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick little read to pass the time."
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    Genre: Straight to Gay First Time Erotica / Gay Black Men with White Men 
    Whether it's a corporate spy on a gay beach in Hawaii, a man entranced by his hot black neighbor or a 'straight' cowboy in a gay bar, each white man will see why they can't remain 100% straight (especially around hot black men).  
    This 23,500+ Gay interracial erotica bundle set includes three stand alone stories: Gay Black Boss (Gay Ebony and Ivory Fiction), Gay Black Neighbor (Gay Straight MM Erotica), and Gay Black Cowboy (Interracial Gay Cowboys Erotica).  
    Gay Black Boss (Gay Ebony and Ivory Fiction)  
    Steve's invited to the Hawaiian island of Kauai with his gay boss Trevon. It's the perfect way for a corporate spy to steal information.  
    Trevon's thick with muscles but he's no dummy. He knows Steve's real identity and the location of powerful enemies that'll do anything to find him.  
    Steve wants information? How's a first time gay experience sound?  
    Gay Black Neighbor (Gay Straight MM Erotica)  
    Her parting words echoed in my head. “Go find a man, because this woman can’t satisfy you.”  
    Phil's completely 'straight' and he's got a troubled marriage.  
    He's half right.  
    Jamal - his neighbor - is gay and has no trouble satisfying anyone. He's willing to help Phil out but howexactly?  
    Gay Black Cowboy (Interracial Gay Cowboys Erotica)  
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    He's half right.  
    Marcus (Goliath to his friends) is gay, muscular, and able to see though David's feeble facade.  
    What happens when David and Goliath meet? One thing is for sure, someone's going down.
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    Laura is a curvy, fertile journalist who’s ready for a bundle of joy all her own. At Doctor Spunk’s All-Natural Fertility Clinic, she meets two hot, anonymous donors who want to help the doctor give Laura exactly what she needs—hard, fast, and without protection. 
    All Laura has to do is take all that cream from three different strangers to ensure her new life is only nine months away!
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  • Werewolf Campus Initiation - cover

    Werewolf Campus Initiation

    Sadi Mckena

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    Barry is a beacon - a person who draws in supernatural creatures and is highly sought after by them. After sleeping with a werewolf on his swim team Barry’s scent becomes even stronger to the other werewolves on campus and he soon learns he’s going to need protection. The only person who can offer this to him is his literature professor who happens to be the leader of a pack of wolves. His conditions are that he “owns” Barry in return for his protection, little does Barry know that the only way for a wolf to own someone is to ‘seed’ them…
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  • Bondage Tales #1 Five Stories of Hardcore BDSM Harsh Group Erotica Gangbangs & So Much MORE… - (Office Gangbang Oral Deep Throat First Anal Sex Double Penetration Defloration Virgin Public Sex & Humiliation Spanking Breeding) - cover

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    Bound up tight and helpless; gagged and blindfolded and absolutely at your mercy; or bound, hung and left for strangers to use as they see fit – is there anything sexier than a woman who's tie up and vulnerable?
    Whether it's just you and her, a whole gang of men, some office coworkers, or maybe a man and a woman how have her, there are few stories more sensual, more scintillating than tales of women in bondage. BDSM, submission, spankings, humiliation – there are all sorts of bondage, and we explore them all in this collection.
    Inside this BIG BUNDLE – FIVE stories of women bound and handled roughly, women who wonder if maybe they shouldn't have given up their freedom so easily once the clothes come off and they realize just what they've become…play objects for their new masters.
    Inside, you'll see:
    Office Gang Bang Of The 19-Year-Old Tie-Up Intern 
    Gangbanging The Tied-Up 19-Year-Old Intern 2: Senior Partners Take Their Turn
    Taking & Humiliating the Mayor: A Small Town Politician is Bound and TAKEN Hard By A Man & A Woman
    Gangbanging the Tied-Up Mayor ROUGH, DEEP & HARD
    Samantha Is Stripped Taken on Stage: A Story of Humiliating Public Bondage and Erotica
    And those tales are just a click away…
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  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - cover

    A Midsummer Night's Dream

    William Shakespeare

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    A Midsummer Night's Dream is a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare, suggested by "The Knight's Tale" from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, written around 1594 to 1596. It portrays the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and a group of amateur actors, their interactions with the Duke and Duchess of Athens, Theseus and Hippolyta, and with the fairies who inhabit a moonlit forest. The play is one of Shakespeare's most popular works for the stage and is widely performed across the world
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