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Big Black Cravings 4 - Big Black Cravings #4 - cover

Big Black Cravings 4 - Big Black Cravings #4

Jane Snow

Publisher: PEAR Stories

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Three sizzling stories about three white women meeting some big black men... and then some!  These hot stories have been combined into one amazingly hot bundle.  An encounter with some big black delivery men, a sexy encounter with a big black boss and an unlucky stop by a big black officer.  This bundle pulls together Big Black Delivery, Big Black Boss, and Big Black Officer. 
Big Black Delivery 
Lily is a stay at home house wife with a husband that's been extremely busy lately. She's been as supportive as she can but when she noticed a long strand of blonde hair along with a lipstick mark on her husband's dress shirt, she's devastated. Before she can even formulate a plan, her new washer and dryer arrive, along with two large, muscular black delivery men. 
They easily carry the heavily appliances up through her house and start installing when a shelf in the room falls on one of them. She apologizes profusely, knowing that it was her husband's fault. He was supposed to fix the shelving months ago. She notices that the shelving somehow cut through one of the black men's pants and as her eyes linger, she notices the tip of his manhood sneaking out through the leg opening of his boxers. Her face turns bright red as they inform her that they won't tell the company about the mishap. 
Lily thanks them and leaves, trying to hide herself away by telling them she needs to shower. As the hot water rushes past her body, she can't help but think about what she just saw. Her hands slowly move down her lower body when one of the two black men knock on the door. They need her to help check the piping as their hands are too large. Lily rushes out in her bathrobe, gets on her knees and looks. When she turns her head back to one of the men, she gets a clear view of what she thought she saw before. She decides that this is her chance for a little bit of revenge while also offering a great bit of compensation for the ripped pants... 
Big Black Boss 
Jenny is an executive assistant in a small, predominantly white town. When her boss, Lincoln, is let go, she's worried that she'll follow right after, or will be get shuffled around unti she's jobless. It's not uncommon for a new incoming executive to bring along their own assistant. 
The only thing she's heard about the new executive, Marcus, is that he's a black man, rare in this town, and that's relatively young. As she goes to get her lunch delivery, she finally manages to greet him along with the other Vice President's. Marcus gives her a warm hello before continuing on with his meetings with executives. 
While Jenny sits and eats her lunch at her desk, Marcus stops by and says hello again. She's oddly attracted to the tall, dark, friendly man but he head's into his office for a call. As Jenny notices a pop up on her calendar informing her of a last minute meeting, she pops into her new boss' office and is stunned to see him quite literally with his pants down. 
As a lonely black man in a white town, he's been unable to "release his stress" so to speak. Jenny decides this is her chance to make sure that she gets to keep her job, get a raise, and maybe, just maybe, have a bit of fun at the same time... 
Big Black Officer 
Amy has a rough day as she gets stopped by a police officer for a minor traffic violation. Making matters worse, she's misplaced her wallet, most likely leaving it at a restaurant that she had just left. When the officer asks for her license and she tries to explain her lost wallet, he lets her know that she'll have to go with him to the station. 
In a last ditch effort, she tries a little game of quid pro quo... Let her loose and she can loosen something for the big black officer. Does the tall, dark, ebony police officer agree to her little deal?

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