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Intimate Lover - Intimate Secrets #1 - cover

Intimate Lover - Intimate Secrets #1

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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One stormy night an injured fugitive with amnesia forces his way into Sara Clarke's wilderness home...  
Sara lives alone in the isolated wilderness of Canada…until one stormy night when an injured fugitive forces his way into her home. He’s dangerous, sexy-as-sin and unleashes lusty cravings she never knew she had. Although there can be no future with a man on the run, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep him in her life and in her bed. 
She smells of sweet peppermint and makes him burn with hot desires. He wants her, needs her and yearns to forget the terror-filled flashbacks that haunt him. Crooked cops hold the key to his mysterious past, and if he’s ever going to give Sara a future they both crave, he’ll have to prove his innocence, and that means facing his dangerous past head on. 
Includes a yummy Peppermint Cheesecake with Whipped Cream Recipe!

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  • Through the Bedroom Window - cover

    Through the Bedroom Window

    D. F. Les Pierre-Luke

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    Through The Bedroom Window entertains and educates.  It takes the reader into the minds and hearts of four closely-knit schoolmates Gerard, a management executive, Wendy (Gerards fiance), a model, both of them Christians, Barry, a bisexual bodybuilder, and Zo, a sexually confused entrepreneur.  They communicate regularly, reflecting on their past experiences in great detail.  
    	The story unfolds the characters pain and looks at the possibilities of an eventual ease by transforming and renewing their minds of the constant battle to overcome these challenges.  Understanding Life as a mystery can solve any problem we face.  As such, the Creator-God of mysteries makes all things possible.  
    We have experienced lust one way or the other, whether through our eyes (voyeurism), the use of our hands (masturbation), the bonding of our bodies (sex or love-making) or by the creative juices of our minds (fantasizing).  Either of these, however, shouldnt be our final experience of the many opportunities to find true joy.  Through the Bedroom Window, highlights these lusts and takes the reader through ever second of these four schoolmates sexual experiences.  It touches the humanness of our very being, mixed with passion and physical love.
    	You must agree that there have been much talks, documentation and research about sex, its dos and donts but what have been sorely lacking is proper guidelines for the masses to follow.  Im afraid the Christian fraternity has failed miserably in its attempts to effectively change the attitudes of many.  Instead, we face the impatience and intolerable attitudes of the ones in authority with respect to parables that are written for them to explain and counsel.  What is done instead is regurgitating the Holy Word; loud irregular bursts of irritating statements of rhetoric without any form or source of applicability.  Through the Bedroom Window, attempts to include, as the story unfolds, a clear indication that God-fearing folks are simple, every-day people wanting to serve God but have basic human challenges and are susceptible to make mistakes.  They are willing to discuss it, in an attempt to eradicate it from their innermost feelings, which continues to plague their very being.      
    	Gerard, like every other average man ever lived, has a very sexually active past and wants to be in a stable relationship with Wendy but he has weaknesses that he must overcome.  He and Wendy strive for the Christocentric lifestyle but are both struggling with understanding and dealing with each other.  They both discuss their past encounters with their other close friends, Barry and Zo.  
    Wendy is the typical bourgeois, up-scale young lady who feels threatened by anyone perceived as wanting to invade her space.  She is presumed to be hiding behind her chosen Christocentric lifestyle.  
    Barry is a typical overly sexed man, who is always sex-driven and sees no difference in having sex with a man or woman.  He feels liberated enough to have best of both worlds and makes no bones about it.  He is open to his friends about his sexual urges and he to expresses his past encounters in a very graphic nature.  Barrys expressions are so graphic that Wendy is moved to being very irritated during his discourse.  He is very health and body conscious, working out regularly in the gym, which at times are his past time on unadventurous days.  
    Zo, like Barry, is very health and body conscious but is also very Afrocentric.  She feels that descendants from Africa should be very conscious of their roots, saying that all African-Americans, Afro-Caribbean people and any other black people from where ever should acknowledge and honor their motherland, that is, the entire continent of Africa.  Zo, however, unlike Barry, is confused about her sexuality and prefers not to discuss too much of her inner feelings.  She is an entrepreneur and her business is doing well with the aid of her siblings who she is very clo
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  • An Outlaw Rises - Book 3 - Desert Reapers MC #7 - cover

    An Outlaw Rises - Book 3 -...

    Laila Cole

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    He was mine. I was his. It was truly that simple. There were no games or manipulations. We trusted one another and that trust was forged by pain into something rock solid and unbreakable, and it would have to be given the legal escort service he was planning to open on the reservation. With Trent by my side and out of the dangerous, illegal businesses he was in I could look wide eyed and optimistic into the future. And in that vision he was holding me tight and I was lost in his arms, against his cut, forever and always, no matter what may come to pass. 
    Life for an outlaw isn’t simple. It’s hard. It’s dangerous. It’s complicated. Most importantly of all it’s filled with sacrifices that regular, law abiding citizens can’t even begin to fathom. I know I’d promised Jenny I could go straight and that was direction I’d taken the club in. What Jenny had to understand and what she didn’t, was that just because I wanted things to be different didn’t mean they would be, or even could be, though I was going to try, for her and for my men, our futures depended on it. And if I didn’t lead the way no one else would.
    Warning this 18K word story is for mature audiences only.
    Desert Reapers Series Chronology
    01. An Outlaw Torn – Book 1
    02. An Outlaw Torn – Book 2
    03. An Outlaw Torn – Book 3
    04. An Outlaw Torn – Bundle
    05. An Outlaw Rises – Book 1
    06. An Outlaw Rises – Book 2
    07. An Outlaw Rises – Book 3
    08. An Outlaw Rises – Bundle
    09. Coming Soon
    10. Coming Soon
    11. Coming Soon
    12. Coming Soon
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  • Milked on Video - cover

    Milked on Video

    S. Randy

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    Marcella and Frank's life together was going great after he rescued her from a life of selling her milk to the highest bidder. They got married, and now she is milky only for him. 
    But her wild past kept calling to her, and soon she was not satisfied with the life of being a regular hucow wife. She needed some more spice and begged her husband to give it to her—or else she'd have to get her kicks someplace else! 
    This story is stand-alone, but does pick up after the story MILKED FOR MONEY, so best to read that one first.
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  • Sin Instructor: Volume Three - cover

    Sin Instructor: Volume Three

    Alicia Stranger

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    The Stunning Conclusion....
    Excerpt:While she was alone again, Betty realized that she had plenty of action facing her. And it didn't exactly please her. She quickly got dressed and went back into the living room and waited. She didn't have long to wait, for the door bell rang. She answered it, and sure enough Dave was there.
    "Hi, delicious," he smiled sexily.
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  • Venice Backstreets - The Year in the Venice Palazzo - cover

    Venice Backstreets - The Year in...

    Blue Lynn Blake

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    Inspired by the legendary romance of Italy, a woman looking for a new start moves to
     Venice, the world capital of love, beauty and passion. She leaves her comfortable home to
     find a new life halfway around the world hoping to make her dreams a reality.
        She lives in an opulent palazzo on a canal and begins living her fantasy, or so she thinks. 
    But her enchanted world soon becomes as complicated and twisted as the backstreets of her 
    beloved Venice. She plays the game of love enjoying erotic adventures in hopes of finding
    happiness.  During this glamorous life she learns a new way of living & loving. Will Venice be
    her happily ever after?
    A fun adventure of love, sex & living in Italy.  A little bit of 50 Shades with Eat, Pray, Love.
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  • Kandace and the Beast - cover

    Kandace and the Beast

    Shay Savage

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    Kandace has no idea how she came to be on the beach of a deserted tropical island with the book boyfriend of her dreams, Bastian Stark.  He’s fierce and passionate.  He’s rough yet protective.  He’s ready to give her everything she wants and more.
    She doesn’t know how finds herself under Bastian’s spell, but she knows being with him is going to be an experience she will never forget.
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