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Intimate Lover - Intimate Secrets #1 - cover

Intimate Lover - Intimate Secrets #1

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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One stormy night an injured fugitive with amnesia forces his way into Sara Clarke's wilderness home...  
Sara lives alone in the isolated wilderness of Canada…until one stormy night when an injured fugitive forces his way into her home. He’s dangerous, sexy-as-sin and unleashes lusty cravings she never knew she had. Although there can be no future with a man on the run, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep him in her life and in her bed. 
She smells of sweet peppermint and makes him burn with hot desires. He wants her, needs her and yearns to forget the terror-filled flashbacks that haunt him. Crooked cops hold the key to his mysterious past, and if he’s ever going to give Sara a future they both crave, he’ll have to prove his innocence, and that means facing his dangerous past head on. 
Includes a yummy Peppermint Cheesecake with Whipped Cream Recipe!

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    Tim tells me, “The company is in some difficulty financially. We have to have the Consolidated Unlimited contract. George set things up and the Consolidated Unlimited guys expect you and Alice. We checked and there's no way that Alice works out. Thus, it'll be you and Monica.”
    I ask, “Who is Monica?”
    Tim smirks and says, “George's daughter.”
    I'm shocked and I stammer, “You know, I have to work for George.”
    Tim smirks again and says, “If you get the Consolidated Unlimited contract, you'll work for Sam, although you'll pretty much run your own operation. If you don't get the Consolidated Unlimited contract ...”
    (Okay, it's win or walk. At least Alice doesn't have to work in the nude.)
    “Exactly what am I to do?”
    Tim smirks, “You and Monica go to the Saturday football game party. Monica works as a waitress while you guys watch the game. You watch the football game, along with the Consolidated Unlimited guys. You do watch football?”
    “I'm no expert, but I know enough to cheer the good moves and be one of the guys.”
    Tim says, “So far, so good. Monica serves drinks and snacks in the nude.”
    “Are you sure that Monica is okay with that?”
    Tim says, “No nude Monica, no job for George.”
    “Yeah, that's the kind of thing that George told me when it was Alice who was gonna have to work in the nude.”
    Tim says, “Nude is just the start. There will be touchy-feely, Monica will suck cock and then there will be a gangbang. If it's your turn to get your cock sucked, just relax and enjoy it. The whole event ends with a gangbang. When it's your turn, you fuck for the company. Got that?”
    I got that. (I'm gonna have trouble with Alice, but at least it's not Alice who's gonna be the star of the gangbang.)
    “Where's the party and can I get there by bus?”
    Tim hands me a slip of paper and says, “This is the address and directions. My secretary will set you up with a company car, as I understand your car isn't working.”
    “My car is totaled, in the wreck that injured Alice. My insurance company is working, unfortunately very slowly, on getting me another car. Right now, I have to take the bus everywhere.”
    Tim says, “You pick up a company car and drive by the address tonight and figure out how to get there. Saturday morning, you pick up Monica here and then drive to the address.”
    “Will do.”
    I pick up a company car and drive by the address and then by the hospital. I finally get to see Alice and she looks terrible. I ask how she feels and she says, “I'm okay, but don't look at my face.” I tell my wife, “I talked with the nurse and she says that you'll recover completely, it's just severe bruising. I have to go, because they only allowed me 60 seconds and then you get a sleepy shot.”
    Alice says, “I love you.”
    “I love you and get well soon.” I'm then shown out by the nurse.
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    When a new family moves in next door, Eve becomes consumed with curiosity about beautiful life coach Anna, and with powerful lust for Billy, a sexy alternative healer with a troubled, mysterious past. As Eve begins healing sessions with Billy, an unthinkable tragedy strikes Anna and her small son. Eve's obsession invites even more suspicion and mistrust into her marriage and as her life unravels, her sessions with Billy intensify, culminating in an alternative, experimental trip deep into the woods―a freezing winter’s journey that threatens the remaining bonds of Eve’s marriage and finally uncovers the reason for Anna’s death.
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  • The Ad - Wanted (Part 1) - The Ad (BDSM) #1 - cover

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    Wanted 25+ Butch Bi/Gay Submissive for LTR: Fit 35 y/o dominant gay male looking for masculine submissive keen to explore. Prior experience with BDSM not required, only boundless enthusiasm.Garrick’s well-meaning friends have placed a personals ad on his behalf, in the desperate hopes that it would encourage him to renounce his bachelorhood. Amongst some very strange characters that reply is Jasper Marshall, masculine and eager to submit to the Englishman’s will.When Jasper misunderstands, dons a beautiful suit, and lands up auditioning for the part, the chemistry is undeniable. Soon, plans for a second encounter are in the works.This is the first part in the series. Please note that this publication contains 10 000 words and is approximately 50 delicious pages Thicke.This m/m storyline contains several elegantly written, yet racy scenes of Bondage and Submission, and it is intended for a mature audience.
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  • College Relations - A Sexy Threesome FFM Story from Steam Books - cover

    College Relations - A Sexy...

    Steam Books, Dana Burns

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    A publicity specialist for a college's athletics department, Steve is  engaged in a frowned-upon relationship with a volleyball player, Nicole.  As they debate whether and when to make their relationship public,  Nicole notices that Steve also has eyes for Monica, who admires him in  turn. Together, the three of them open up to experimenting, and they  decide what their fates will ultimately be.  BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot story "Party Hearty" by Logan Woods.  WARNING: This 5,717-word story is a steamy read that includes explicit  scenes between two young college women and a professional, handsome  older man, and may be too much for some readers to handle! 
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    Beauty, brains and voluptuous curves… Terrah's exactly the kind of woman Nick's been looking for, but can he convince her that the smokin' hot chemistry between them is more than skin deep?
    Terrah Bryant embraces her curves despite being immersed in the modelling world. Her job as a makeup artist requires confidence, creativity and the ability to stay focused in the presence of some of the world's finest men. She has never had a problem until she works with Nick Tasso, a gorgeous Greek model who has a thing for voluptuous women.
    Terrah is swept away by the sizzling chemistry between them and emotionally unprepared when their electric connection blossoms into something more than hot sex. She struggles to deal with the media's scrutiny over her body and their burgeoning relationship. Terrah must decide to trust her heart and face her own insecurities before she can have the 'happily ever after' she truly desires.
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