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The Kink Diary: Volumes 1 - 3 - The Kink Diary #35 - cover

The Kink Diary: Volumes 1 - 3 - The Kink Diary #35

Ella Louise

Publisher: Ella Louise

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This sexy bundle includes the first three stories in the ongoing series The Kink Diary.  
1.  Dominated & Denied 
Hello, reader.  I have decided to make my journal public for you to enjoy, hopefully as much as I enjoyed experiencing the things I have written about.  If you follow my journey, you'll be treated to the depths of my BDSM lifestyle, through all the ups and downs, pain and pleasure, domination and submission, and utter kinky surrender that I have chosen to share with you.  
For obvious reasons, my partner and I will remain anonymous.  
Keep your toys and handcuffs close, dear reader.  You'll be needing them.  
2. Texted, Teased, and Trapped at Work 
Sexting.  Chastity belts.  Pleasure denial.  Deep throats and facials.  Utter submission to my unrelenting Dom.  And this is just day two...   I've taken the leap of publishing my very private, very kinky journal to the world.  All you have to do is enjoy. 
3.  Earning My Pleasure 
I hope you've been following along, dear reader, because things are really heating up now.  
After being ordered to by my Dom, I invited my work friend home for the evening for a little bit of group play.  I was so excited to be a part of her very first introduction to a kinky lifestyle.  With all the ropes, toys, and broken boundaries, it turned out to be a menage none of us will soon forget. 

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