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The Kink Diary: Volumes 1 - 3 - The Kink Diary #35 - cover

The Kink Diary: Volumes 1 - 3 - The Kink Diary #35

Ella Louise

Publisher: Ella Louise

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This sexy bundle includes the first three stories in the ongoing series The Kink Diary.  
1.  Dominated & Denied 
Hello, reader.  I have decided to make my journal public for you to enjoy, hopefully as much as I enjoyed experiencing the things I have written about.  If you follow my journey, you'll be treated to the depths of my BDSM lifestyle, through all the ups and downs, pain and pleasure, domination and submission, and utter kinky surrender that I have chosen to share with you.  
For obvious reasons, my partner and I will remain anonymous.  
Keep your toys and handcuffs close, dear reader.  You'll be needing them.  
2. Texted, Teased, and Trapped at Work 
Sexting.  Chastity belts.  Pleasure denial.  Deep throats and facials.  Utter submission to my unrelenting Dom.  And this is just day two...   I've taken the leap of publishing my very private, very kinky journal to the world.  All you have to do is enjoy. 
3.  Earning My Pleasure 
I hope you've been following along, dear reader, because things are really heating up now.  
After being ordered to by my Dom, I invited my work friend home for the evening for a little bit of group play.  I was so excited to be a part of her very first introduction to a kinky lifestyle.  With all the ropes, toys, and broken boundaries, it turned out to be a menage none of us will soon forget. 

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  • Hardly Ever Otherwise - cover

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    The dramatic family saga Hardly Ever Otherwise by Maria Matios, having won the Ukrainian national Book of the Year Award 2007 and Grand Prix at the Ukrainian Coronation of the Word Prize 2007, narrates the story of several western Ukrainian families during the last decades of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and expands upon the idea that “it isn’t time that is important, but the human condition in time.”
    The family of a wealthy farmer Kyrylo Cheviuk is stricken by a tragedy. As time passes, nobody dares to talk about it. His young son Dmytryk´s body had been grinded by the local mill and the poor lad spent his last days hardly breathing with his bleeding chest full of pain and ... his secret love. The course of the events to follow reveals the cruel truth of his death: “They jumped about on top of poor Dmytryk, as if they were dancing a wild dance, stopping only after they heard that his bones no longer cracked...” A homecoming war veteran Ivan Varvarchuk beat Dmytryk to death for seducing his young wife Petrunia. But what did actually happen and most importantly – why?
    Several vitally interconnected storylines develop throughout the novel, all fatally converging on the Cheviuk’s family tragedy. Painting a tortured picture of life’s harsh brutality in the region, Maria Matios features traditional topics of Ukrainian literature such as soldiering, brothers’ litigation over land ownership, betrayal and revenge. Against the colourful backdrop of local traditions and highlanders’ rites she weaves her story of love, intertwined with a heart wrenching human tragedy.
    This title has been realised by a team of the following dedicated professionals: 
    Translated from the Ukrainian by Yuri Tkacz, 
    Cover art by Serhiy Ivanov,
    Maxim Hodak - Максим Ходак (Publisher), 
    Max Mendor - Макс Мендор (Director), 
    Yana Kovalskaya.
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