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Friday Is Cake Day - cover

Friday Is Cake Day

Joan Reeves

Publisher: Joan Reeves

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Just in time for the holidays! Joan Reeves, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance, shares 52 Cake Recipes and more than a dozen basic and specialty Frosting Recipes collected from 3 generations of home bakers. 
In a world where you can get cake at a fast food restaurant for a relatively cheap price, why bake one? There are many reasons beginning with the incredible taste of a home-baked cake and ending with the Zen of cake baking. 
There is something immensely satisfying about coming home after a really bad day at work and making a cake. The cake preparation process of combining ingredients, creaming, blending, and mixing is very Zen-like. In about an hour you can go from no cake to cake on the table, and your mood can go from frazzled to satisfied. 
The 52 cake recipes in this book are family recipes collected through the years by Joan. The recipes are from her grandmother, her mother, friends, and other family members. Some recipes are complex and time-intensive. Other recipes use the convenience of cake mixes, and others are dump cakes that offer time-saving convenience and good taste. Try a different cake every week so you can also claim that Friday Is Cake Day!

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    Did you know that conventional medicine has failed to bring down the incidence of heart disease? 
    For over half a century Americans have been encouraged to eat low fat foods, follow low fat diets and use vegetable oils rather than animal fat, butter, lard or tropical oils, while degenerative diseases like coronary heart disease have not even slowed down. What’s wrong with this picture?  
    HEART HEALTH SOLUTION promotes Heart Health with Superfoods for Hypertension, Cholesterol Balance, Inflammation, Nerves to the Heart, Blood Circulation and to Avoid Heart Attacks. 
    READER REVIEWS”Karen's book is like an answer to many prayers.””This book gives me a natural way to manage my husband's heart health . . .“”The book is very straightforward and well-written.””This excellent little book shows how as a society we are killing ourselves with our eating habits.“”If you are interested in good health this book is a worthwhile read.” 
    Cholesterol happens to be one of the most misunderstood health topics. 
    Research is showing that many persons who have had heart attacks have low cholesterol levels, and many with higher levels have little or no problems with heart disease. Cholesterol, per se, may not be the problem at all. It is looking like inflammation is the root cause of heart disease. 
    In this Second Edition, you will find a significantly expanded treatment of the Cholesterol Controversy.  
    In this book, I teach you what you need to know about the nutrients essential for heart health and the superfoods where you can find them – natural solutions to problems associated with cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease). Specifically you’ll find:Superfoods that nourish nerves to the heartSuperfoods that help ensure good blood circulationSuperfoods that lower or prevent hypertension (high blood pressure)Superfoods that balance cholesterol levels (and the cholesterol controversy)Superfoods that help with inflammationSuperfoods that help you avoid heart attacks 
    These nutrient rich foods can make a major difference in your life. In this book you will learn which superfoods are relevant to these various heart functions and why, to help you effectively deal with your own heart issues.  
    AND INSIDE: With this book, get immediate access to Smoothie Recipes for the Top 2 Killer Diseases. And one of them is Heart Disease! 
    Start eating for a healthy heart today! Download this book NOW!
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  • The Keto Instant Pot - Inspiring And Easy Recipes For You - cover

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    If you do an instant pot and you are on the keto diet or you are thinking of beginning the keto diet, then you need this book.
    This book promises to bring out the best out of your keto instant pot through easy-to-make recipes that will inspire your day. I understand that some keto dieters are busy. It is necessary to have recipes that can be prepared without any difficulty.
    The instant pot recipes in this book are simple with detailed instructions on how to prepare them. They will help you lose weight fast while enjoying the best recipes for your instant pot.
    In this book, you will get easy and delicious recipes such as:
    Colored Cauliflower and Egg breakfast
    Pork Sausage Quiche
    Squid and Veggies
    Shrimp and Zucchini Spaghetti
    Pineapple and Cauliflower Pudding, etc.
    Your keto instant pot breakfast, lunch, dinner, apps and sides, desserts, and amazing keto smoothies to keep you healthy, strong, and help you reduce those extra pounds easily are provided in this book. Get it now.
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