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Friday Is Cake Day - cover

Friday Is Cake Day

Joan Reeves

Publisher: Joan Reeves

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Just in time for the holidays! Joan Reeves, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance, shares 52 Cake Recipes and more than a dozen basic and specialty Frosting Recipes collected from 3 generations of home bakers. 
In a world where you can get cake at a fast food restaurant for a relatively cheap price, why bake one? There are many reasons beginning with the incredible taste of a home-baked cake and ending with the Zen of cake baking. 
There is something immensely satisfying about coming home after a really bad day at work and making a cake. The cake preparation process of combining ingredients, creaming, blending, and mixing is very Zen-like. In about an hour you can go from no cake to cake on the table, and your mood can go from frazzled to satisfied. 
The 52 cake recipes in this book are family recipes collected through the years by Joan. The recipes are from her grandmother, her mother, friends, and other family members. Some recipes are complex and time-intensive. Other recipes use the convenience of cake mixes, and others are dump cakes that offer time-saving convenience and good taste. Try a different cake every week so you can also claim that Friday Is Cake Day!

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    If you’ve ever admired the classic Granny Square pattern, but didn’t know how to get started then Betty Kraus’ book, Learn How to Crochet Granny Squares; Learn How to Crochet and Create Your First Granny Square Throw is the answer. In her latest book Betty shares her knowledge and expertise and teaches you how to crochet and create your very first Granny Square throw. This book is geared toward absolute beginners so even if you have never picked up a crochet hook and yarn this book will take you step by step from the very beginning to completing your first project.
    In this book you will learn:
    	How to crochet the chain stitch
    	How to crochet the single crochet stitch
    	How to crochet the double crochet stitch
    	How to crochet the slip stitch
    	How to join a new color
    	How to weave in tails securely
    	How to crochet a Granny Square
    	How to join Granny Squares
    	How to construct a Granny Square throw
    Betty explains all about crochet hooks and yarn, and then she guides you step by step on how to crochet basic crochet stitches. She also teaches you the difference between flat crochet and crocheting in the round. Granny Square construction is explained and illustrated with clear pictures.
    Once you’ve learned the basics you are then ready to move onto crocheting a darling throw. Nine Granny Squares form the center of the throw. Betty then explains how to join the squares with single crochet and add rounds of alternating colors to create an attractive and fun crochet throw. Finish off the throw with a pretty and simple to learn edging for a truly beautiful project. This project would make the perfect gift for the new baby or for anyone who appreciates Granny Squares.
    Not only does Betty teach you all about basic crochet and guide you through crocheting your first crochet project, but she also includes a bonus Granny Square purse project for you to practice your new skills. Betty’s instructions are easy to understand and she uses lots of clear pictures and illustrations so you can see what the stitches should look like. Don’t miss out on this valuable and easy to understand book. If you want to learn to crochet this book is a great place to start. Get your copy today!
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