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Texted Teased and Trapped at Work - The Kink Diary #2 - cover

Texted Teased and Trapped at Work - The Kink Diary #2

Ella Louise

Publisher: Ella Louise

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Sexting.  Chastity belts.  Pleasure denial.  Deep throats and facials.  Utter submission to my unrelenting Dom.  And this is just day two...   I've taken the leap of publishing my very private, very kinky journal to the world.  All you have to do, dear reader, is enjoy. 

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    Feeling responsible for the accident that took the life of the man who brought her so much love and joy, Marilee must now deal with the insurmountable guilt. Believing she is unworthy and undeserving of the comfort of those around her, she steadfastly refuses the consolation of friends, including Michael. 
    Marilee, in her attempt to cope alone, throws herself into her work as a volunteer at the domestic violence safe house Jason started. Here, she finally begins her long journey of healing.
    After seeing her through her life-threatening injuries, Michael Learner wants only to hold Marilee and help the woman he loves through yet another crisis. As a Master Dominant, he wants nothing more than to bring her back into the lifestyle, but this time as his submissive.
    In his attempt to help Marilee through her grief, Michael is forced to hang on to his own. Now when he needs her most, she pushes him away. Frustrated and grieving, he journeys to Los Angeles to help a colleague set up a center for victims of domestic violence. Does Los Angeles hold everything Michael has spent a lifetime searching for? Or will a lie surface that will again force him to endure the pain of a love lost?
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    Deena can't help but fantasise about the hot handyman she meets next door. She's certain that the gorgeous blond has exactly the tool she needs.  Curvy, quirky Deena Stevens never quite fitted in. She feels especially out of place in the company of "The Botox Brigade"—the kept and polished women populating the upscale homes that border her organic farm.  Regardless of their differences, Deena's neighbours seem to enjoy her company. They sit and chat when they come to buy Deena's free-range eggs and pesticide-free veggies. They even invite her to join their book club—despite the objection of Suzanne, who hosts the club meetings and clearly considers herself the queen of the group.  The book-clubbers peacefully coexist until a house call from sexy handyman, Bill, disrupts the monthly meeting. The women jostle for attention and superficial friendships are tested. Jealousies flare when the hot, handsome blond openly flirts with Deena and ignores the trophy wives. Suzanne has already set her sights on Bill, and when Deena reveals his surprising connection to her past, Suzanne gets territorial.  After their surprise reunion, Bill promises to keep in touch with Deena. Bill shows up at Deena's door and a night of incomparable passion leaves them both craving more. When Suzanne discovers their tryst she begins crafting a plan to destroy the new love affair and steal the sexy handyman for herself.  Will Mr. Fix-It have what it takes to repair the damage?
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  • Gangbanged By The Dolphins - Gangbang Multiple Partner Threesome Ménage à trois Bestiality Erotica Beastiality Erotica Taboo Zoophilia Dolphin Sex Domination Submission Creampie Bareback Sex Stories Fiction XXX - cover

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    Monique was just minding her business, taking in the beauty of the Caribbean, when she was suddenly surrounded by fins. Fearing for her life, she started to panic, but when the lead dolphin identified himself and his pod, she breathed a sigh of relief.
    Little did she know that these males were horny and ready for action. That she was a human didn’t matter. They’d take any hole they could get.
    "These are my pod mates. I'm Stormbreak." he motioned to the circling fins.
    "Sorry, I thought you guys were sharks," she giggled at being so foolish.
    He chuckled.
    "To make up for disturbing your peace, I'd like to show you something," he said with a smile.
    "Sure. What is it?"
    "Follow me." He dove into the water.
    Taking a deep breath, she followed.
    Going deeper until they came to the ocean floor, he pointed to a coral reef. She saw what looked like a cave lighted by glowing rocks.
    She was so amazed that she followed him and his pod inside. There he showed her an air pocket.
    Nothing felt so soothing as that deep breath of air. After gulping down as much as she could, she looked around at the glowing, wondrous cave.
    It's so beautiful!" She gasped, admiring the magical cave.
    One of the horny males rubbed her long leg with his snout, sending enjoyable tingles through her body.
    "Oh, I know your game!" she teased with a sly glint in her eyes.
    She stroked his skin with her soft hands. Then looked around to the others.
    "Who has the largest dick?" She giggled as they all jumped at attention. "Show me!"
    They all laid on their backs, displaying their enormous dicks.
    "Oh...they all are sooo big!" she cooed as she ran her fingers over each of their proud pink dicks.
    They all sighed and shuddered with pleasure at her soft touch.
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    One look left Kyle with a healthy obsession for Kate which grew with each visit. When he landed an internship in Minneapolis, he moved in with Kate for the summer, and got in touch with his voyeuristic side. It wasn’t until one late evening and a few too many glasses of wine that Kyle began to suspect his attraction wasn’t one-sided. 
    When he dared to push the issue, he found Kate more than willing to succumb to his seduction. 
    This book contains graphic sexual content. Readers 18 and over only.
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  • The Black Billionaire - The Black Billionaire #1 - cover

    The Black Billionaire - The...

    Jenna Powers

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    Estelle has been planning for a year to take the inheritance of her rich black boyfriend. However, after he passes away, his will asks that she receive approval from his sister or nephew. The sister immediately disapproves but the newly made billionaire nephew has bigger plans in mind. Can Estelle handle the extreme measures of the newly made black billionaire and gain his approval? 
    Warning! This explicit story contains black MM / Caucasian F, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, spanking, and elements of BDSM including tied up sex and slave/master. This is one inheritance that is going to be hard to get for Estelle!
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  • The Eager Submissive - cover

    The Eager Submissive

    Domina Martine

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    This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.
    Before a blindfold is slipped over the eyes of an Eager Submissive. Her Mistress takes her hаnds аnd strеtсhеs her аrms out to thе toрs of thе steel bеd posts before tуing them in place. She thеn lеаns ovеr аnd kissеs her раlm in comforting reassurance.
    The Submissive’s mind wаs rасing, she wаs distrасtеd bу her thoughts аnd jumреd whеn she hеаrd thе shаrр slар of lеаthеr аgаinst skin.
    Suddenly, once she was securely in place hеr Mistress’s face gаvе аwау hеr аngеr with slight аmusеmеnt. "Whаt wеrе уou thinking?"
    The Submissive stuttеrеd slightlу "You hаd thе tiеs in уour рoсkеt аnd I don't rеmеmbеr уou gеtting thеm out."
    Shе smilеd аnd lаughеd. "Oh mу girl, rеmеmbеr? I аlwауs рlаn for еvеrу рossibilitу."
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