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Loving The Wrong Man - cover

Loving The Wrong Man

Kimolisa Mings

Publisher: Kimolisa Mings

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Can the good wife resist temptation? 
Amanda Jones is the good wife. She takes a job in the Whitfield household to secure a job for her husband, but with the job comes temptation. 
Maxwell Whitfield is a playboy who does not respect the institution of marriage and out of all the women at his finger tips, he wants the one who strives to be faithful to her husband - that is until Maxwell puts her in a position that forces her cheat. 
But Amanda isn't the only one in her marriage who has been unfaithful. The more she tries to keep her marriage together, the more secrets come forth, some that are unforgivable. 
Can the good wife forgive and forget? 
The playboy. The unfaithful husband who is the wrong man to love?

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    Can't Resist! Daddy Hypnotized...

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    18 year old Tami thought she was going to pull a fast one on me. As a rich father, I expected my daughter to go to college. She had top grades, all the right connections and the money. Problem was, she wanted to stay home.
    I made her deal that she couldn't refuse. Either she go to college or become my personal cum slut. She laughed in my face. However, I had a surprise up my sleeve. A mind control device that would let me do whatever I wanted with her. She no longer had a say in the matter.
    "Well, what does it say?" I prodded.
    "It says...You will obey whomever gave this diamond to you." She looked at me with wide eyes "That's you, daddy! But that's silly, I'd never obey you."
    "Hmm..." I pretended to peer over her shoulder. "You're right. You'd never..." I changed the pitch of my voice. "Quack like a duck if I told you. It'd be beneath you."
    She laughed, but her laugh turned into a sort of honking sound. "This is silly, daddy! I wonder if that inscription makes it worth more."
    I nodded my head. "Oh, it does indeed!" She just didn't know to whom it was valuable.
    "Yes daddy?" She was so busy peering into the crystal that she may as well have been all alone in the room.
    "Tami? Look at me." I reached out and caressed her cheek.
    She responded to my touch and her eyes locked with mine. "Yes, daddy?" She asked, her tone much softer and more feminine than I've ever heard.
    Just touching my daughter's smooth cheek caused my loins to ache incredibly. Instantly, my cock jumped to life and my pulse quickened as I thought about what I was going to do to my daughter. My sweet, innocent daughter. Well, maybe not so innocent. But she was sweet - when she wasn't rebelling.
    I gulped hard. "Honey, I want you to take off your high heels and lay on my bed." I had to make sure that this was working 100%.
    My sweet, innocent daughter cocked her head to the side. "Why, daddy? Why would you want me to lay on your bed?" But even as she asked the question, she did exactly as I told her to. And she seemed unconcerned that I didn't answer her.
    Watching my daughter slip out of her high heels was incredibly invigorating. I became sweaty with lust and my heart pounded in my chest.
    The moment she laid back, I ran my fingers lightly over her bare feet.
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    Alexa Dupree returns to Tatum Winery after a six year absence, flooded with memories of her five year tenure in this beautiful Northern California valley. In summers she was nanny to Warren TatumÕs adolescent son. For the rest of the year she was his housekeeper and outrageously kinky love slave. WarrenÕs home became her sanctuary when at just 21, she fled England to avoid murder charges in connection with her fatherÕs untimely death. The rebellious wild child of a famous concert pianist, her bad behavior and multiple arrests had been tabloid gossip since she was a teen. Relieved to have escaped an aggressive manhunt by Scotland Yard, Alexa readily agreed to sign WarrenÕs ten year contract, effectively making her his indentured servant in exchange for providing her a safe haven. As far as the manÕs kinky sexual appetites, they were no problem for this promiscuous slut. However, when Warren dies in a freak accident after just five years, Alexa quickly splits, ready for a taste of freedom. ÊNow she returns at the request of WarrenÕs 21 year old son, Luke, and is shocked to learn that the boy she once took care of plans to enforce the contract terms he claims are part of his inheritance. With incriminating evidence in his fatherÕs safe, a signed contract, and intimate details of her Master/slave relationship, he has all he needs to win her submission. The swaggering sexy youth intends to make his former nanny his sexual plaything. While powerful urges draw these two together, Alexa resists the sudden end to her carefree life. Theirs will be a troubled love-hate relationship. But with Luke holding her ultimate freedom in his hands, what choice does she have but to surrender?
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