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What Every Manager Should Know About Big Data and Data Science - cover

What Every Manager Should Know About Big Data and Data Science

Lars Nielsen, Noreen Burlingame, Robert Masters

Publisher: New Street Communications, LLC

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Includes vital coverage of how to avoid common pitfalls when first introducing Data Science to the enterprise. 
The need for precise, actionable, reliable, real-time Business Intelligence (BI) lies at the heart of the role of Big Data in modern commerce. In turn, the art of “Data Science” lies at the nexus of Big Data and BI, providing the essential methods by which BI can be extracted from Big Data's great black mass of constantly flowing, unstructured information. 
This combination has a created a new profession: an elite and specialized class of highly-compensated professionals specially skilled at data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. We call them Data Scientists, and their evolving role in the organization is one about which managers must have a clear understanding. 
As shown in What Every Manager Should Know About Big Data and Data Science, integrating data scientists (and the general practice of Data Science) into the organization is often a delicate process involving the redefinition of traditional roles within the enterprise as well as dealing with issues of territoriality amongst peers. 
To accomplish this task, managers need a firm knowledge of the what and whys of Data Science, the specific BI needs it is uniquely positioned to service, and the procsses by which it functions. 
Such is the knowledge this important book provides.

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    Would you like to be a pro with Twitter? Do you wish you could make some real money with Twitter like everyone else?  
    Whether you want to (1) know how to optimize your twitter account, (2) know how to build up your fan base the right way, or (3) market with twitter to boost sales and make money, then this is the book for you!  
    Easily cut through the confusion to increase profits.  
    While it may appear innocuous, with its innocent blue bird for an icon, Twitter is a social media powerhouse with the potential to place your ideas and products in front of millions upon millions of people. Learn just how easy it is to master Twitter, gain followers, make money, and automate the whole process.  
    Take your marketing to the next level.  
    Increasing your following on Twitter can boost your potential success greatly, then all you have to do is market to your audience the right way.That is what you will learn in this book. Step by step strategies for getting more followers daily along with marketing strategies that the biggest corporations in the world regularly use.  
    Discover the amazing effectiveness of hashtags.  
    Hashtags are the most powerful way to easily and simply acquire loyal followers. There is almost nothing in the world that can match hashtags for effectiveness. With a few well-placed hashtags, you can raise a tweet from great to fantastic, gaining key followers and driving traffic to your moneymaking site. Hashtags are searchable keywords that indicate trending topics that may be used to narrow down a search to reach and speak effectively to your core audience. I provide real-life examples and valuable tips so you can optimize your hashtag usage. You will be able to use these tips to individually focus on key segments of the population and target specific groups with tweets tailored to speak directly to their needs and interests.  
    Expand your core audience with Twitter.  
    The most wonderful thing about Twitter is how easily you can attract people to your business platform and you can do it all in a variety of extremely effective ways. This effect, compounded over time, is what makes Twitter so powerful. Each year that goes by, the bigger and more effective your account will become.  
    What will you learn about Twitter? 
    The unbelievable power of Twitter and how to use it to your advantage.  
    How to optimize your account, making it appealing and highly informative.  
    How to write the perfectly structured tweet.  
    Strategies for engaging your audience through compelling and interesting tweets.  
    How to use multiple Twitter accounts to drive traffic and boost sales.  
    You Will Also Discover:  
    The best third party programs to really make the most out of Twitter.  
    How to market and make money with Twitter.  
    The three basic tweets and how to use them to your advantage.  
    Six steps to develop a winning Twitter marketing action plan.  
    Bring your product, business, and ideas to the world!  
    Get in the game: Buy It Now!
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    Six Sigma is a statistical concept that measures a process in terms of defects. Achieving "Six Sigma" means your processes are delivering only 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO) - in other words, they are working nearly perfectly. Sigma (the Greek letter σ) is a term in statistics that measures standard deviation. In its business use, it indicates defects in the outputs of a process, and helps us to understand how far the process deviates from perfection.
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    Leveraging New Technology and Online Platforms to Reach Your True Fans, Make Money Online, and Earn Extra Income as a Musician 
    How should I sell my music? Where can I distribute my recordings? How else can I make money as a musician? How can I find my true fans? Should I teach online? Should I write books? What platforms and websites in web 3.0 should a musician know about?  
    Do you want to know…How you can access your music, your musical experiences, and your knowledge of musical styles, gear, musicianship, and more to create additional revenue streams?What approach is useful when accessing new technologies, media, and outlets for your music?How to create content that develops passive income strategies for musicians and other creatives?What secret weapons musicians already possess that makes the web the perfect place to earn money?What ways you can expand and develop your online presence that can both simplify and also maximize your offline activities as a musician and creative person? What music fans can teach us about being better musicians? 
    On some level, perhaps we all want to just create for a living. Even if you’re not a composer or songwriter/lyricist who writes original music, you might just want to create superb performances and amazing recordings. Or you might simply want a fair and comfortable wage for your work and your playing — and for all the years of preparation and practice, and for your experience.  
    Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Musicians — of all backgrounds — too often struggle to survive… 
    Maybe it’s your region? Where you live there may not seem to be enough performance opportunities and music teaching gigs for your instrument, your particular style, your musical genre, for the given amount of musicians in that area.  
    So what can you do?  
    Should you just move to New York? Move to Los Angeles? Maybe Nashville, Chicago, Seattle, London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, or Buenos Aires? Perhaps. And it sounds like fun… But maybe you already live in one of those great places, and you still struggle to create a full, sustainable musical life. 
    Musicians in the Global Marketplace 
    Years ago, I attended a workshop given by the German avant-garde vibraphonist and composer Karl Berger where he said he followed this simple model of musician survival: with nearly 7 billion people in the world, he would be happy to find ways to get 5,000 people to give him $10 each year! 
    That's it -- simple math.  
    Sell them a recording, a concert ticket, a workshop, a book, anything… 
    Of course, once you can do this consistently and make that living wage of $50K, you're totally free to create your music and live your musical life any way that you choose. But how do you find those 5,000 people? How do you connect with them? How can you bring in diversified revenue streams that don’t require your fans, followers, listeners, and ‘clients’ to become over-saturated with relentless sales of your latest project? 
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  • Mastering The Art of Selling - cover

    Mastering The Art of Selling

    Warren Kannuck

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    Mastering the Art of Selling
    Take your selling to a new level with this straight forward 'tell it as it is' guide that will have you firing on all cylinders.
    To achieve success in sales or to make the big bucks as a salesperson, you need to first have the right mindset and the right attitude.
    The truth about selling and sales is it is often thought of as the highest paid hard work or the lowest paid easy work.
    Developing your sales techniques, your cold calling scripts, your closing and objection handling processes all play a massive part in the development of a Sales Superstar and if you wish to be the best then you need to acquire the skills needed to give yourself the edge and confidence to not take ‘No’ as an answer from your prospects.
    Success as a Salesperson also depends on the individual and what drives and motivates them. The fantastic thing about sales and selling is that the essential elements of what it takes to be successful at selling lie within us all, even if we have never sold anything before.
    Successful salespeople aren't created by studying for Bachelor Degrees, nor PhD's. They aren't created by theory, or personality types. What makes a successful salesperson is usually a very strong drive towards a number of goals, self motivation, determination and a strong will to win.
    Can these personal traits and drivers be learned? 
    Of course they can. But, you know the old story, you can always lead a horse to water but you can't ... (you know this one). Provided someone possesses that inbuilt burning desire for something better in life, then yes, these traits can be taught and learned.
    For most people entering sales for the first time, or making the decision that they want to take their sales career to new heights, these goal oriented, financially driven traits need to be present before any level of success will be attained.
    Mastering the Art of Selling is a book created to inspire both the novice sales person, or to re-motivate and reinvigorate the more experienced sales person looking to find that new spark in their career.
    Filled with lots of guidance, sales success tips and selling advice, motivational tips, tricks and help to take your sales career to a new level. This book will leapfrog your sales successes helping you to achieve the sales goals and capabilities you've always known were within you but you just didn't how to unlock them and release them.
    Tags: selling guide, how to sell, how to become a successful salesperson, the best guide to selling book, being successful at sales, become a successful salesperson, sales success tips, sales 101, success in sales, professional selling, consultative selling, sales success, consultative sales, sales & marketing
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  • Getting In: How to stand out from the crowd and ACE your residency interview - cover

    Getting In: How to stand out...

    Dr. Myers R. Hurt III

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    The 2015 NRMP data shows that while the USMLE Step 1 is the single most important factor in granting an applicant an interview, interpersonal communication skills matter the most when choosing who to rank and ultimately hire.
    Why spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars preparing for the USMLE exams, only to “wing” the interview? 
    In Getting In, Dr. Myers Hurt outlines the necessary steps to prepare for this crucial conversation.  Find out:
    What types of interviews exist
    Who will be interviewing you
    How to answer common questions, and
    How you will be evaluated
    Investing time and effort preparing for the interview day will reduce anxiety, increase your confidence, and ensure you are representing your “best self” when it matters the most.
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