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Couple Fix: Happily Ever After - cover

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Couple Fix: Happily Ever After

Y- Photography, Megan Ink

Publisher: Y-Photography

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Couple Fix will teach you how to strengthen a struggling relationship. This step-by-step guide will walk you through all you need to know about how to implement the most convenient and suitable strategy. It is a short and organized read which gives you an immense range of information designed to be your best guide trough your relationship cycle.

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    Winner of the 2018 Independent Press Award and 2018 COVR Visionary Awards Gold and Silver Winner. 
    Learn how to turn your beauty regimen and skin-care routine inside out for whole-body health and wellness results that you can see and feel! 
    How your skin looks reflects what's going on inside your body--and a balance of body, mind and soul is key to a more vibrant, gorgeous you, explains New York dermatologist and author Dr. Debbie Palmer in this comprehensive beauty guide. 
    Beyond Beauty explains exactly what you need to do to look and feel years younger. But this is more than just a book about how to get healthy, radiant skin. Beyond Beauty digs into that latest research to offer doable strategies to makeover your diet, your exercise regime, your spiritual life, and even the quality of your sleep. All work synergistically, says Dr. Palmer, to keep you energized, healthy, and happy. 
    What's more, Beyond Beauty not only presents simple strategies for what you need to do to be healthy from the inside--but also breaks down the latest in-office anti-aging techniques. 
    With more than seventeen years of experience conducting studies and working daily with dermatology patients, Dr. Palmer shares all her tips and secrets for a happy life, a healthy body, and glowing, gorgeous skin!
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    My Key to Immortality: Tuning Your Mind into the Life of Universal Love provides the authors thoughts on various aspects of her life with a purpose to opening the readers mind, as a preparation to transitioning ones consciousness to the next level, while discovering new dimensions of life. These simple realizations decode the immortalityeternal life of love and happiness. Since the realization is individual for each human being, the writer refrains from providing definitions and explanations, but rather asks questions, leading you to clues to finding your own treasure and keys to opening new doors.
    Her examples and the use of language aim to free the mind of routine existence, while you discover your own path to your own immortality and eternal love.
    Main sources of factual background, teachings referenced, and inspiration for this book include: The Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Law of Attraction, Ancient Study of Indian Numerology, and a recently discovered teaching of Ayat, or The Sun-Health, which has become an essential element in the authors life.
    Dear reader, I am inviting you on a journey into simple truths of my life, which I believe will bring you closer to discovering yourself and your own key to immortality. We each have our own path in our own lives, and no one else can show you how to walk yours, because only you know what it is, and only you make it real. I am not going to hand to you the key to eternity, for I can only truly give you a small hintthat it could be the simplest and most complex thing you could ever imagine.
    Vira Burmenko
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    The book is divided in three parts. Part one is about diet concept using the best of eastern traditions and western scientific knowledge. However, the traditional dieting approaches, in general, have not worked, and the number of over-weight young and old have gone up. We suggest you read this useful information. But may quickly go through this part if not have time or not interested in dietary aspect. Part two is actual technique that needs to be understood as thoroughly as possible. Part three describes the science behind the technique and technicalities. The reader is suggested to read part three primarily to understand the theory and to master the technique. If not interested in theory or don't have time, you may again quickly go through part three. But we highly recommend you read it. 
    Finally remember "At the end of the day, your HEALTH is your RESPONSIBILITY." Your body is a temple of the soul and the holy spirit, a gift from God. Consider every day what you can do to Care for the Temple. Good Luck!
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    Your body does nothing randomly. It is always talking to you. It is always telling you what you need to do to get well and stay healthy.
    Take a good look at yourself. Your health history and your healing prescriptions are written all over your body 
    Listening to and obeying your bodys cues can help you become much more self reliant regarding your health. What are some of these cues?
    desiring specific foods
    breathing patterns
    skin blemishes
    certain behaviors
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    Patient X grew back a chipped tooth. Patient Y regained her sight. Patient Z eliminated her chronic pain. They did so in part by partaking of The Twelve Elixirs.
    Mastering the art of living healthfully is neither complicated nor difficult; it only requires awakening the knowledge you already possess, and nobody knows your body like you do.
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  • Tantric Massage For Beginners - The Best Ways To Give The Perfect Tantric Massage And Revitalize Your Life - cover

    Tantric Massage For Beginners -...


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    Tantric Massage 
    Tantric Massage For Beginners -  
    The Best Ways To Give The Perfect Tantric Massage And Revitalize Your Life 
    This book contains the information to the best ways to give the perfect tantric massage and revitalize your life. This book is actually the complete guideline for beginners who have interested on tantric massage. 
    What is actually tantric massage? 
    Tantric Massage history 
    Benefits and techniques of tantric massage
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  • AFFIRM YOUR WAY TO A LIFE YOU WANT - Live life far more fully - cover


    Barefoot Doctor

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    Why do you want to manifest things? It’s what we do. We manifest whatever’s happening. 
    That’s one way of describing how reality works. 
    Take you. You’re manifesting things anyway. Look around you at your life, (or at how you’re perceiving it, because ultimately this human experience all just boils down to perception) – you’ve manifested this, and mostly from an unresolved unconscious level of self, which is why some or much of it possibly doesn’t sit so well with your conscious self. 
    Interceding in the process with clear intent for outcomes you wish for, gets it all to sit and roll far better than allowing the unresolved aspects of your unconscious mind to do it for you. 
    You know instinctively that you can be living life far more fully, with far less self-inhibition, self-doubt, worry, self-limitation, self-criticism, stress and angst, and with far more freedom, courage, originality and overall splendor, magnificence, compatible company and companionship, and access to the resources and wherewithal to support it. 
    And you’re aware that the opportunities that bring you the resources and wherewithal, and which come to you through the agency of other people, require an increased capacity to conduct all interactions and transactions with confidence and ease. 
    Yet you’ve experienced setbacks and disappointments at various key junctures along the way, each of which traumatized you to varying degrees, and exponentially compounded the unresolved trauma of the all the preceding knocks. And that has reduced your confidence in your ability and power to make things happen. 
    And you naturally and rightly want to overcome that. 
    What makes it challenging for you, is the fact that this compound trauma condition, albeit relatively subtle, has also compounded your allegiance to the prevailing paradigm – collectively subscribed to story – one key element of which is that things will inevitably go wrong and not work out, that life will disappoint and inevitably let you down, not to mention kill you when you reach the other end. 
    How could you, or any of us, ever have been fooled into subscribing to such a fearful, unproductive story as that? 
    Based on the wonderful success of A M P E D Volume 1 – affirmation manifesting procedure (electronically delivered), whereby it does all the work and you just sit back and let your life rearrange itself to your liking – automatic wu wei in multimedia format – we’ve taken the accompanying e-book and had me rewrite reformat, repoint and carefully rearrange the material into a straight-ahead e-book for anyone who hasn’t been able or inclined to invest in A M P E D and who doesn’t actually mind putting in the time, attention and lip-and-finger-work into actively writing and reciting the entire life-changing affirmation sequence for themselves. 
    And when I say life-changing, this isn’t gratuitous sales-patter, I mean it. 
    ‘If I haven’t listened to amped for a few days and something has disturbed my equilibrium I hear a section of amped in my mind which retunes me back to peace.
    Last week I glimpsed someone negative energy come from their hand and managed to skip around it.
    The more I listen the better life gets. astonishing Doc, I can’t thank you enough. xx A’ 
    Affirm your way to the life you want. 
    All you do is follow the instructions to write and/or recite the affirmation script – also a fun, effective, meditative way to still the raging mind – and your subconscious, in cahoots with the Tao, the Great Way, does all the rest for you
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