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Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 1 : Fundamental - Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar #1 - cover

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Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 1 : Fundamental - Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar #1

Scott Su

Publisher: STC Music

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This book is the fundamental chapter of solo fingerstyle blues guitar.  This first book introduces basic elements of Blues music, specifically on chord, scale, rhythm, expressions and etc to do simple practices and trials.  And integrated melodic demo practices are designed in a later section, allowing readers to play real Blues through the previous elements.  Two-voice fingerstyle Blues practices are available in the end. 
For beginner guitar-learning friends who are curious and interested in Blues music, you may be able to experience and play it through the contents of this Book ONE.  If you have more and deeper interests, you may also read the later Book TWO for playing and practices.   
If you want to learn more about how to enrich your fingerstyle blues guitar playing as well as improvisation, Book TWO will be your next choice. 
You can also choose the Paperback version of "Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar : Fundamental, Advanced & Improvisation" which contains these chapters is definitely worthwhile for your collection. 
Paperback version (eBook1 + eBook2) 
★ Great volume of 12-measure exercises, 75 demo songs, arrangements, and MP3 downloads,…more in-depth experiences in the beauty of Blues music. 
★ Various types of theme-oriented Blues trainings on melody, harmony, rhythms and fingerstyle,…more diverse and rich Blues playing. 
★ Step-by-step hands-on impromptu playing methods make your freestyle Blues improvisation dream comes true! 
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(Welcome leave any message if you have any question about this book)  
> Demo Songs on Youtube: 
Chapter ONE - Learning of Blues Basics (eBook1) 
- Blues Music  
- Blues Chords 
- Form of Blues Music  
- Rhythm of Blues 
- Most Often Used Keys in Blues Music for Fingerstyle Guitar  
- Blues Notes 
- Blues Expressions 
- Etudes 
- Fingerstyle Playing Practice 
Chapter TWO - Enriching Your Blues Playing (eBook2) 
- Various Styles of Blues Rhythm 
- Applications of Open String Notes 
- Applications of Inversion Chords 
- Accompaniment and Riffs  
- Integrate Performance Etudes 
Chapter THREE - Advanced Blues Thinking & Improvisation (eBook2) 
- Turnaround 
- Blues in Minor keys 
- Blues in Major keys 
- Flexible Variations in Blues Melody 
- Blues Improvisations  
- Practical Applications & Improvisations of Blues Fingerstyle Performance 
- Unaccompanied Blues Improvisation Playing  
Available since: 09/01/2016.

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