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Dominated & Denied - The Kink Diary #1 - cover

Dominated & Denied - The Kink Diary #1

Ella Louise

Publisher: Ella Louise

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(BDSM Chastity Denial Erotica) 
Hello, reader.  I have decided to make my journal public for you to enjoy, hopefully as much as I enjoyed experiencing the things I have written about.  If you follow my journey, you'll be treated to the depths of my BDSM lifestyle, through all the ups and downs, pain and pleasure, domination and submission, and utter kinky surrender that I have chosen to share with you.  
For obvious reasons, my partner and I will remain anonymous.  
Keep your toys and handcuffs close, dear reader.  You'll be needing them. 

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    	WARNING: This 6000+ word taboo story contains mature adult content. If you don't enjoy these types of stories, do NOT read.
    	  "You're very pretty, Jenny. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." 
    	  He did his best to not sound like he was being lecherous and he thought that he sounded exactly like an older guy telling a young woman what she couldn't see about herself... and he was alright with that. He didn't think it was a comment that could get him into trouble if she happened to mention it to anyone else. 
    	  "Do you really think so?" 
    	  "Is it something in particular about me that makes you think I’m pretty?" 
    	  Steve cringed. He felt uncomfortable fielding that question... it seemed like it bordered on telling what made her pretty. Not to mention he was scared that he might slip up and tell her that he thought she was sexy. 
    	  "I don't know if this is such a good idea," he said. 
    	  He knew it wasn't, but he was doing his best to try and let her down easy. He knew he could get in serious trouble if she said anything to her parents. 
    	  "Awww, come on Mr. Gray... just tell me one thing. I promise I won't say anything to your wife or to my parents." 
    	  Steve was a little surprised that she had known exactly what was bothering him. He could think of a lot of things he found sexy or pretty when it came to Jenny... he was just hesitant to say any of them. 
    	  "Please?" she said. 
    	  Steve looked over at Jenny. She had turned her body toward him and was leaning forward so that he could easily see down her shirt.
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 Chloe is pregnant.
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Tensions are high when doubt weaves its way into paradise, and love is on the line.
    Will the most unexpected blessing destroy everything? 
    This is the final book in the Our Virgin series!
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