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My Very Public Menage - cover

My Very Public Menage

Jennifer Lynn

Publisher: JLE Publishing

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“All six of them – at the same time?!” 
Upon her request, Katherine’s mysterious billionaire lover, Antoine escorts her to an exclusive and debauched fetish party. Before long, Antoine commands her to remove her latex mini dress and try to find him amidst the ongoing decadence - whilst totally nude. 
Excited beyond belief at their sexy game, Katherine follows the instruction and having scoured the party naked she finds Antoine in the VIP area, where he is accompanied by a half dozen of the biggest, darkest men she has ever seen – and they are all there for her pleasure… 
EXPLICIT: This unbelievably sexy story contains 9000 words to arouse your imagination with the hottest, most graphic descriptions of an interracial gangbang, double penetration, fetish wear, lesbian, anal and an exhibitionist hot wife who overcomes her initial reticence to enjoy six huge, horny men all at once! 

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    My Sister stood up; the sand gracefully spilling off her smooth body. I was as still as could be; captivated by her every move. She seductively walked over in front of me as I looked up at her towering figure. Reaching behind her back, Emma unlatched her bra and allowed the straps to slip down over her shoulders. Stretching her arms down, she allowed it to fall to the ground; revealing her dark puffed out nipples and perky breasts. It was the first time I’d seen her sinful body so up close and personal.
    “What do you think?” she asked. “Think you’d like to give it a go?”
    The cool night air made her nipples erect; making them look much more appetizing. Goose bumps riddled her body and I could feel myself growing hard. Emma looked down at the bulge forming in my tight underwear – there was no hiding it. The outline of my cock was visible and protruding through the weathered fabric.
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    Daisy likes to take a little
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    PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    I stepped into their campsite. There were three tents, along with a log bench
    and several duffel bags filled to the brim with hunting equipment. I shivered -
    hunters usually weren't the most pleasant bunch. Trembling, I approached the
    man closest to me - a brunet with uneven stubble and impressive biceps. 
    me-" I mumbled. "My name's Daisy - I'm lost. I was wondering if you
    and your friends know how to get back to the city-" My voice was cracking
    and hoarse, totally unsexy. I hoped that these men were decent enough to pity
    me. When the brunet turned to face me, I actually jumped a little in shock.
    huh? My name's Kevin. Sure- I guess me and the guys can help you. But really,
    we're not just gonna give you directions for free." He stated vaguely,
    voice rich and deep. I felt my cheeks heat up - Kevin was an attractive man by
    any standards, by far the most attractive I'd seen in a while. The guys at work
    couldn't hold a candle to him.
    turned to look at his friends - one a blond of less impressive height but more
    impressive bulk, the other a noiret of an imposing height. 
    - c'mon over. We have a little visitor." Kevin grinned, and though I
    didn't like the condescension inherent in his tone, I stayed put, nervous grin
    plastered stupidly on my face as always. I was sure that I looked a mess,
    cheeks pink and hair frizzy. I prayed that these men were just playful, the
    sort of guys with crude senses of humor.
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    Ten kinky stories of sadism and suffering, submission and pain in a single bargain edition. Comprising five stories from Kelly Addams, and five from Anna Mann. Please Note: All stories have been previously published. Featuring: Dairy Slave, Deviant Diane, Kiama, Grotesque, Sophie Submits, Needles & Pins, Serengeti, Chat Slave, Wendy's Wish and Michaela's Mistress. Strictly 18+ Open Minded Adults
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  • Naked Erotic Girls: Volume 4 - cover

    Naked Erotic Girls: Volume 4


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    Very hot and sexy woman on lots of hi-res photos in this adult picture ebook. Enjoy the beauty woman knowing exactly, what she want showing her boobs and busty erotic body naked. if you like sexy woman you find the right series with this adult photo ebook.
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