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A Couple Sharing a Shemale - The Shemale Series #1 - cover

A Couple Sharing a Shemale - The Shemale Series #1

Jennifer Lynne

Publisher: JLE Publishing

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“I pressed Todd’s and Karly’s thick cocks tightly together…” 
Kelly and Todd are an adventurous couple with a kinky penchant for beautiful shemales. They hook up with Karly, up a stunningly attractive and incredibly horny T-girl for a night of hedonistic fun and games. Kelly and Todd are seduced in turn (anmd together!) by Karly as Kelly experiences first hand all of the delights a transgender girl has to offer – including her ten inches of fully functional surprise!  
EXPLICIT: This unbelievably sexy story contains 8,700 words to arouse your imagination with the hottest, most graphic descriptions of shemale/transgender sex, anal, oral, DP, three-way sex, sword fighting and dirty talk.

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    When Aamilah gets a dream job offer and a first class ride to Dubai, she knows it's strange but is too caught up in the moment to question why she was chosen. Her question is answered as soon as she meets Sheikh Omar Aladem, who tells her the shocking truth.
    His wife is infertile.
    She looks just like his wife.
    He needs an heir.
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    The Sheikh's Secret Mistress
    Sheikh Naseem is gorgeous, powerful, and incredibly passionate... which would be great, if he wasn't already engaged. Sarah will try to lock up her feelings, but when his wedding night comes around and he confides in her his deepest desires, can she hold back her feelings or will she be swept up in her own passions?
    No matter what happens, Naseem has his eyes set on her regardless of his wife-to-be.
    When Naseem wants something, he gets it. 
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    I’d been horndogging after the hot mom next door for months. When she caught me whacking more than the weeds in her garden, she takes me in hand for a rough lesson I was too happy to give right back. Then my friend shows up, and she proves she’s more than capable of taking both of us on.
    An erotic short featuring a caught peeping tom, rough MILF sex, oral, multipartner, and unprotected creampie.
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  • Night Nurse - Best Fetish Erotica - cover

    Night Nurse - Best Fetish Erotica

    Giselle Renarde

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    Steve's not sure about this naughty nurse outfit, but he'd do anything for his wife. And his wife likes him in costume! His tight white dress shows off his form almost as well as his thick white stockings show off his thighs. In full makeup and wig, he looks good enough to eat, but Naughty Nurse Steve calls all the shots when he restrains his patient. If his naughty wife wants a taste, she must learn to behave!
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