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A Couple Sharing a Shemale - The Shemale Series #1 - cover

A Couple Sharing a Shemale - The Shemale Series #1

Jennifer Lynn

Publisher: JLE Publishing

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“I pressed Todd’s and Karly’s thick cocks tightly together…” 
Kelly and Todd are an adventurous couple with a kinky penchant for beautiful shemales. They hook up with Karly, up a stunningly attractive and incredibly horny T-girl for a night of hedonistic fun and games. Kelly and Todd are seduced in turn (anmd together!) by Karly as Kelly experiences first hand all of the delights a transgender girl has to offer – including her ten inches of fully functional surprise!  
EXPLICIT: This unbelievably sexy story contains 8,700 words to arouse your imagination with the hottest, most graphic descriptions of shemale/transgender sex, anal, oral, DP, three-way sex, sword fighting and dirty talk.

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    In fact, Fiona is in for a big surprise. Stuart feels the same way. But he isn't interested in romance. He'll make her his, all right - hard, fast and with no protection!
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    Unless that love came from her stepfather.
    Fiona would never turn down Stuart, no matter how sappy his actions were. It was pretty obvious that Fiona heavily favored her stepfather, no matter how hard her mother worked to earn her attention. She simply adored him. Being homed schooled, he was her best friend, as well as a father figure. Recently though, her feeling towards him had become more complicated. She had a major crush on him, she had to admit. She had no experience with boys, but she knew about romance from her books. If only her stepfather was a handsome prince, and she his princess! She certainly wouldn't mind it if he kissed her, just like the princes in the stories!
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    	*(the day I joined) Outlaws M.C. 
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    	“He entered my pussy without any hesitation. He thrust deep inside of me, searching out and finding that g spot of mine with the tip of his cock. He could see how warmed up I was, how I wanted to be taken, not teased. His long, firm strokes from his cock started immediately. I felt his balls slap against me as he got faster and faster. As he stroked my clit hardened so that it rubbed against his shaft. He enveloped my in his strong arms. I felt the muscles on his back as I grabbed him tightly, as if I would never see him again. His firm butt drove it into me, filling me with cock until I felt that I would explode. 
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    	A sexy, fuck filled story of private dancing and what happens when they go all the way. Well, the money is too good not to fuck these guys…
    	* Take me, I LOVE IT 
    	I have fantasies about being taken by force. My boyfriend tries hard to act them out, but he is too gentle, too loving. I want to be taken by force by a stranger, and tonight I am going to make it happen..
    	Warning! This bundle contains over 33,000 words of steamy sex, hot partners and cum filled adventures between a girl desperate for money and the guys that she meets on the way. With very explicit language and scenes of a highly sexual nature, these bestsellers are for mature audiences only!
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  • Man Meat Mixer 4 - cover

    Man Meat Mixer 4

    Davie Dix

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    This collection offers six stories from Davie Dix's Man Meat series. Included are three 'Sausage Fest' tales, as well as a trio of 'His Big Fat Sausage' stories.
    	Included are:
    	On The Job: 
    	The first day at Tyler's new job becomes more eventful than planned when his handsome manager, with his hunk of an assistant, team up to give him some proper training!
    	Man Meat At The Movies: 
    	Jim recounts his lustful encounter with Ben at the local movie theater, where all the sweaty thrills and excitement took place off screen!
    	The Lustful Landscapers: 
    	Rick was annoyed with his unappreciative husband, and what better revenge than to hook up with the hunky new landscaper? But when the landscaper's hot boyfriend suddenly joins in, Rick discovers a brand new way to feel appreciated!
    	The Pizza Guy Is Packing: 
    	Ryan, who just found out his boyfriend has been cheating on him for months, decides to give Mike, the lucky pizza delivery guy, the biggest tip of his life!
    	Going Postal: 
    	Angus was finished with his deadbeat boyfriend, and what better way to celebrate this new found sexual freedom than with the first two people he encounters: his handsome accountant and the hunky postman!
    	The Limber Librarian: 
    	Tony never thought reading at the library could be so productive until he meets Neal, the new librarian, who is interested in aiding his studies with some well endowed abilities!
    	For the delight of adults only.
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  • Freefall - The Indigo Lounge Series #5 - cover

    Freefall - The Indigo Lounge...

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    *This Is A Standalone Novel. No Cliffhanger!* 
    Keely Benson: 
    Nineteen. The age I threw my life away. 
    Twenty-Five. The age I decided to try it a second time. 
    Twenty-Five plus one day. The age Benedict Mason Sinclair III walked into my life. 
    Mason Sinclair III: 
    She was a curse.  
    A sex bomb.  
    A perfect reminder that not having a heart was the best choice I ever made.
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