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Bloodlust - Jonas Cane US Marshal #1 - cover

Bloodlust - Jonas Cane US Marshal #1

P. K. Vandcast

Publisher: Jon J. Cardwell

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Jonas Cane is a peace officer with a problem; he has a gift that allows him to anticipate what others are doing. The gift has mad him the fastest gun in the west; however, it has come with a price--painful headaches... and fragmented dreams. 
When evil comes to the Arizona Territory, Cane's power seems to be ineffective in tracking down a deranged killer. 
Welcome to the mining town of Bisbee in Cochise County. It's 1881 and Bisbee is located 25 miles south of Tombstone, the county seat. While Tombstone has its difficulties with character clashes between the Cowboys and the Earps, Bisbee is not without its problems. Bisbee has to deal with the most sinister madman the west has ever seen. 
It is up to Deputy U.S. Marshal Jonas Cane to keep the peace and bring a criminal to justice. 
Will he do it? 
Can he do it? 
Grab Your Copy of Jonas Cane, U. S. Marshal: Bloodlust Today!

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    The Reluctant Warrior 
    The Warrior Code 
    The Warrior's Debt 
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    Hunting You 
    Death Club 
    Trigger Break 
    Scorched Earth 
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