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Messages from Transcendent Beings We Are Not Alone - cover

Messages from Transcendent Beings We Are Not Alone

McCartney Green

Publisher: McCartney Green

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Would you like to travel beyond the waterfall and see what's really going in our world? 
Grandmaster Eric Kino is a heavenly messenger who actually, and quite miraculously, appeared to the author back in 1994. She explains this appearance in the preface. Now, through providential circumstances, McCartney has been directed to write Eric Kino's allegoric memoirs in order to share his wisdom with the world, in hopes that his words will heal and bring light to everyone. Though the book is written as an allegory, the messages are the pure messages given to McCartney Green during her communincations with her "heavenly visitor." 
Grandmaster Kino teaches us how to bring light to any situation, how to be at peace with one's self, how to live in love and yet, be a warrior, but mostly how to find joy.

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    Impossible Is Nothing!
    New Book Brings to light self-discovery and Self-reform
    For centuries, people and researchers believed that it was impossible for human beings to live their lives without sustenance, and that their vision would be destroyed by looking straight at the sun.  Based on science, human eyes are not strong enough to resist the damage of direct sunlight while the human body has a natural cycle of hunger that has to be curbed.  But for author Mason Howe Dwinell, people can overcome such obstacles and even achieve the impossible.  These he elaborates deeply in his groundbreaking book titled The Earth Was Flat: Insight into the Ancient Practice of Sungazing.  
    In its pages, The Earth Was Flat explains that anything is possible and to evolve humans must dissolve subtle energy blocks that prevent them from experiencing their true potential.  In achieving the impossible, man must work through and surrender various emotions in order to achieve the transformation required for miraculous achievements. With such alterations people can actually stretch the preconceived limits of their minds, bodies, and spirits.
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    With amazing content, The Earth Was Flat is highly recommended to a wide variety of readers that include psychologists, scientists, students, public officials, lawyers, professors, the working class, businessmen, and to anyone who is curious enough about mans existence in the world.  Dwinell, who has a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, crafted his book specifically to share his passion for the truth and to aid people who are willing to look inside themselves. 
    The Earth Was Flat * by Mason Howe Dwinell
    Insight into the Ancient Practice of Sungazing
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  • Healing Your Mind with Positive Affirmations - cover

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    A positive affirmation is an autosuggestion of empowering thoughts in a form of a statement of something you desire, or a condition of the world, which is repeated consistently in order to implant it in the mind.
    Positive affirmations cover a group of affirmations aimed at achieving inner peace, living optimally and building solid confidence to face hardships in life. Instead of just telling yourself what you wish to have in  life,  through  practice,  affirmations  lay  a  much  stronger  impact because when you affirm yourself consistently, you continuously build strong subconscious beliefs in your mind which will then reflect in your outer world. 
    There is no reason you should settle for less in your life. We all are put  on  this  earth  to  achieve  our  full  potential  and  by  settling  for mediocrity you are just now doing justice to yourself. So just go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain!
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