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Leverage: Authorship for the New Millennium - Influential Authorship #1 - cover

Leverage: Authorship for the New Millennium - Influential Authorship #1

Lori Anne Rising

Publisher: Rising Productions, LLC

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Did you know that the writing and publishing industry is perpetuating old, antiquated traditions simply because no one has questioned them in over a century? Until now, that is. Based on her original research, author Lori Anne Rising dares to challenge the age-old “wisdom” of the writing and publishing industry.  In short, this book shows professional speakers, consultants, coaches and trainers how to leverage their knowledge effectively to reach more people, make more money, and make a powerful difference in the world. 
Did you know, for example, that sales do not create influence? And yet, the writing and publishing industry wants you to believe that sales are the only thing that matters. Wrong! There’s so much more to consider if you truly want your hard-earned knowledge and experience to serve you and your readers. 
The Influential Authorship series is based on years of professionally reviewed, academic research – and yet it’s written conversationally with the busy, traveling professional in mind. By asking a different question than anyone has ever asked before, Lori Anne has discovered a break-through approach to nonfiction writing and publishing that has already created bestselling and award-winning results for her clients. 
In this book, Book 1 in the Influential Authorship series, you’ll learn: 
What influence really is, why it matters, and how you can leverage it as an author… 
What the fundamental building blocks are to develop more powerful content far more easily… 
How the power of your intentions guide your book, and how to clarify them in order to create content that meets  – and even exceeds – both your personal and business goals… 
Practical tips and strategies to apply immediately to get your next (or first!) book started right to ensure the best possible results possible for you – and your business… 
The biggest mistakes a newbie author can make – and what to do instead…. 
What really connects with readers and causes them to take action in their lives to ensure you’re book is making a real difference…. 
And much more! 
It has been said that a book is the expert’s and thought leader’s most compelling business card. Now, you can take your writing – and your business – to a whole new level through the art of influence.  If you’re a professional speaker, consultant, coach, trainer or other expert in your industry – or want to position yourself as one – this is the break-through nonfiction writing guide you’ll want to read.

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    Say goodbye to low sales forever! 
    Be the star closer and start making some real money: Buy It Now!
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    Six Sigma is a statistical concept that measures a process in terms of defects. Achieving "Six Sigma" means your processes are delivering only 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO) - in other words, they are working nearly perfectly. Sigma (the Greek letter σ) is a term in statistics that measures standard deviation. In its business use, it indicates defects in the outputs of a process, and helps us to understand how far the process deviates from perfection.
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    You're more likely to have a successful career in the music business if you can understand and negotiate music business contracts and copyrights. This best-selling book explains how to do that in plain English.
    This is the all-purpose music business book that explains how to find the right manager, buy, insure and maintain equipment, get gigs and get paid, tour on a budget, use samples, do covers legally, protect your copyright, trademark your band’s name, and sell your music.
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  • Content Marketing Guide: How to Use Content Marketing for Building Your Own Brand that Brings Your Market to You - Internet Marketing Guide #1 - cover

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    A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Use Content Marketing the RIGHT Way 
    Are you sometimes ask yourself why people are not viewing your content? The world is always changing and this includes the ways of how people get the information within our society. In formely times media channels were limited and dominated by the large advertisers. Today, all of our media is on demand. We can skip the commercials. Online, we can go straight to the website or article that we want. Traditional marketing is an agressive method that pushes customers to a buying decision. Today, we use the pull method, which try to pull customers in with content that interests and engages them. 
    In this guide you learn how to break through the cloud of traditional content marketing ... and build your own timeless content brand.  
    You will discover how to get people viewing your content! Whether you are a beginner in content marketing or you have been publishing online since a long time, there are always the same questions you have to ask yourself:What does my market expect from my content?Does my customers get the content they want? 
    So, content marketing is NOT about you and your message! If you want to use content marketing the RIGHT way, you have to build up a content BRAND and establish a reputation as a publisher who provides only high value content, that your market wants to interact and engage with. Your content brand will be the promise to your audience what they can expect from you – and this helps you to stand out from all the other publishers. 
    Your aim is, that your market selects YOU over all the other thousands of publishers. And the reason for selecting YOU is because your audience know the value they will get. 
    But content marketing is NOT brainless generating content from which you think your market might like. With this kind of content marketing you are only wasting your time and your money! True content marketing is building your content brand, and every piece of content have to reflect your brand! 
    In this book you get a step-by-step course that guides you through the entire process of how to use content marketing for building your own brand that brings your market to you! 
    Here is a preview of what you will learn... 
    ✓ How To Define a Content Brand 
    ✓ How to Create Various Types of Content 
    ✓ How to Spread Your Content Brand 
    ✓ How to Expand Your Content into New Markets and Globally 
    ✓ How to Ensure that your Content is Visible in the Right Places, where your Audience can see you 
    ✓ List of Examples of Great Content Brands 
    ✓ Various Worksheets for Completing Your Activities 
    ✓ List of Content Creation Tools 
    ✓ Much, much more! 
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