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Leverage: Authorship for the New Millennium - Influential Authorship #1 - cover

Leverage: Authorship for the New Millennium - Influential Authorship #1

Lori Anne Rising

Publisher: Rising Productions, LLC

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Did you know that the writing and publishing industry is perpetuating old, antiquated traditions simply because no one has questioned them in over a century? Until now, that is. Based on her original research, author Lori Anne Rising dares to challenge the age-old “wisdom” of the writing and publishing industry.  In short, this book shows professional speakers, consultants, coaches and trainers how to leverage their knowledge effectively to reach more people, make more money, and make a powerful difference in the world. 
Did you know, for example, that sales do not create influence? And yet, the writing and publishing industry wants you to believe that sales are the only thing that matters. Wrong! There’s so much more to consider if you truly want your hard-earned knowledge and experience to serve you and your readers. 
The Influential Authorship series is based on years of professionally reviewed, academic research – and yet it’s written conversationally with the busy, traveling professional in mind. By asking a different question than anyone has ever asked before, Lori Anne has discovered a break-through approach to nonfiction writing and publishing that has already created bestselling and award-winning results for her clients. 
In this book, Book 1 in the Influential Authorship series, you’ll learn: 
What influence really is, why it matters, and how you can leverage it as an author… 
What the fundamental building blocks are to develop more powerful content far more easily… 
How the power of your intentions guide your book, and how to clarify them in order to create content that meets  – and even exceeds – both your personal and business goals… 
Practical tips and strategies to apply immediately to get your next (or first!) book started right to ensure the best possible results possible for you – and your business… 
The biggest mistakes a newbie author can make – and what to do instead…. 
What really connects with readers and causes them to take action in their lives to ensure you’re book is making a real difference…. 
And much more! 
It has been said that a book is the expert’s and thought leader’s most compelling business card. Now, you can take your writing – and your business – to a whole new level through the art of influence.  If you’re a professional speaker, consultant, coach, trainer or other expert in your industry – or want to position yourself as one – this is the break-through nonfiction writing guide you’ll want to read.

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    Do you want to turn your Social Media accounts into a revenue stream? 
    This book will guide you step by step in creating accounts for: 
    For any type of business these Social Media platforms are essential for marketing and promoting through the internet. No more mail shots for today's entrepreneur. 
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    Learn how best to engage people and reach out to millions of potential new customers. You'll learn lots of tips for optimising everything you do. Make your engagement count and see the results in your bank balance. 
    The internet is like a living organism, constantly evolving and so business needs to evolve along with it. The Social Media is your window into a very competitive marketplace, master it and the World is yours, ignore it at your own peril. 

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    Quicklets: Your Reading Sidekick! 
    Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated. 
    The Old Man and the Sea is one of the most recognized titles in the American canon, the simple story of a man named Santiago, who has acquired iconic status for his encounter with the ultimate catch in the Atlantic ocean. The novel addresses themes common to many of Hemingways novels: identity, manhood, death, and religion. His straightforward confrontation of these issues, central to the American experience, gives a contemporary relevance to the novel. Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea in 1952 while in Cuba, the last book he published during his lifetime. The book is largely responsible for Hemingways celebrity, and was extremely successful before he died. 
    The novel likely began as a story written for Esquire magazine in 1936 about a fisherman at sea, attacked by sharks while chasing a giant catch. The success of this story led him to expand it into a short novel. Hemingway published Across the River and Into the Trees in 1952, though it was met with great disappointment. Many doubted that the author had another great novel in him. Hemingway was concerned, as it was important to him that The Old Man and the Sea become a literary success. 
    Sara Sisun is a writer and painter born in Denver, Colorado. She received a BA in Art and Writing at Stanford University in 2009 and an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2011. She has studied at the Art Students League of Denver, the Slade School of Art, and Oxford University. She is the recipient of the Allied Arts Award, the New York Art Exchange Scholarship, and the Elizabeth Greenshields Fellowship. Sara currently teaches, writes, and paints in San Francisco, California. 
    He realizes that this fish is very, very large. He prays that he will be able to manage it, and that his hand will uncramp. As he drifts further out, and with nothing to occupy his time, he begins to wishes that he could fall asleep and dream about the lions because they are the only thing left. He misses getting to read the baseball scores, and he compares himself in his mind to the great DiMaggio, who plays with a bone spur in his heel, just as he is fishing with a cramped arm. 
    The old man catches glimpses of the fish and knows that he is huge. He feels as though he is starting to lose his senses, and fervently hopes that the fish dies and not him. He reminds himself again and again to keep a clear head. As the fish pulls close to the boat, the old man grabs his harpoon and spears him as hard as he can. He drives the harpoon deeply into the fishs chest, he sense that the fish, has his death in him. The fish dies, floating to the surface of the ocean. The old man thinks the fish must be at least fifteen hundred pounds. Its eyes are as detached as a saints. 
    The old man is running out of food and water, so he runs the line through the giant fishs gills and begins to tow him home. But as they are on their way when the old man becomes aware of a shark alongside the boat. The shark lunges for the fish, taking a chunk out of it for lunch; When the fish is mutilated, the old man feels as though he has been mutilated. The old man guesses he has lost about forty pounds of fish from the blow, and that other sharks will be coming... 
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    Quicklet On Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea
    + About the Novel
    + About the Author
    + Overall Plot Summary
    + Summary and Analysis
    + ...and much more
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    Smarter than your old history teacher, funnier than the founding fathers, and more American than apple pie, The Mental Floss History of the United States is an almost (but not entirely) comprehensive primer on American history (or at least, the good stuff). From the editors of and mental_floss magazine—with its tagline: “Feel smart again”—comes an American History text packed with hilarious (but true!) trivia written in the smart-aleck tradition of The Mental Floss History of the World, Mental Floss Presents In the Beginning, and the first mental_floss book, Condensed Knowledge. Perfect for trivia buffs, history lovers, college students, and anyone who likes to laugh and learn. United States history has never been so fun.
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  • Midnight Masquerade (The Louisiana Ladies Series Book 2) - cover

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    Melissa Seymour loves Folly, a magnificent thoroughbred stallion whose winnings allow Melissa and her siblings to hang on to their home.Dominic Slade enjoys wealth and has plans for a stud farm, with Folly being his first purchase.Melissa refuses to sell. The only way to replace the income earned through Folly is by unlocking her trust fund through marriage.Neither are interested in marriage.But as trusted friends and loyal family turn strangely foe, Dominic and Melissa are forced to unite. Now the pair must come to grips with their true passions, or lose it all to a common enemy willing to do anything.REVIEWS:"Busbee reaffirms her long-held place at the top of her genre." ~Publishers WeeklyTHE LOUISIANA LADIES, in series orderDeceive Not My HeartMidnight MasqueradeLove Be Minewriters of our time." ~Affaire de CoeurTHE LOUISIANA LADIES, in series orderDeceive Not My HeartMidnight MasqueradeLove Be Minee DestinyDefiant DestinyForbidden DestinyWild DestinyScarlet Destinybr>Hungry SpiritsGenteel SpiritsAncient SpiritsDark Spiritsby cat. When not writing, Jeanne is promoting organ donation and stalking wildlife with her>FalconGallantGabrielLoganRomanBlazellantGabrielLoganRomanBlazeisn't about to give up his beloved adopted motherÔÇöSunstarÔÇöhis tribe's revered medicine woman, despite his passion for Jacie.REVIEWS:"Ms. Rice is in her element as she gives us a recipe for romance... one delicious read." ~Romantic Times"Funny, fresh, fast-paced and romantic, Texas Outlaw is an entertaining read." ~Susan Wiggs, National Bestselling Author"Master storyteller Sharon Ihle spins a heartwarming tale full of humor and tears... brilliant, candid, and poignant dialogue. Tears will be running down your face at the touching conclusion. This is a book you'll read!" ~Rendezvous"Say You Love Me is intense and very emotional... Well worth the read." ~Heather Chamberlin, Amazon Reviewerswing back, if the aim of the club doesn't match up to your intended swing path, they hit the panic button, take control and stick the swing on autopilot. They program in what they have to do and you can't override it. You might try to take the club back in one piece but it you're not aiming correctlyÔÇöthey quickly take over. And if you think you can kid them you'd have done it by now.If you are aiming at a target 250 yards away and your clubface is only 3 degrees to the right, it will be pointing 13 yards right of target. If you try to replicate your nice square practice swing, but your hands pick up where the club is aiming the two angles are so conflicting your orthodox swing becomes impossible.The only time you can override your natural alarm system is when you're standing in front of a pro and he's watching you like a hawk. Then the alarm system becomes dormantÔÇöit trusts the pro to watch over you. Soon as you walk out the teaching bay, it switches back on.OTHER TITLES by John HoskisonShooting Lower ScoresMEET JOHN HOSKISONJohn is a former European Tour member and two-time PGA Cup player v USA. He led England in the European Team Championships and was elected Surrey Professional Golf Association Captain.In 1992, John completed the Club Professionals Grand Slam including the national title, and went on to earn a place on the European PGA Seniors Tour. In May 2008, he played in his first event in Poland.After a year of injury, John placed third in the 2012 British Senior PGA Professional Championships.
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