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A Holiday Menage - cover

A Holiday Menage

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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When the local swingers’ club throws a Ménage Night Before Xmas party for charity, Roxie learns that scrumptious blue-collar worker Evan Johnston will be playing doctor… 
Evan is playing doctor and he wants a certain special fantasy lady to be his Christmas Eve patient...he’s also offering her an erotic sensual exam—along with a sizzling ménage e trois. 
Roxie is desperate to be Evan's Christmas Eve patient. Dressed in a Santa hat, red latex body suit and a cute pair of mistletoe earrings, she knows there’s no better way to intimately get to know the guy who’s stolen her heart than by stealing some sexy kisses under the mistletoe and hopping on the gyno table for the hottest physical of her life. 
Please note: A Holiday Menage was previously published as Let's Get Physical by another publisher.

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    According to custom in a remote California community, sexually frustrated housewife Susan gladly becomes the mistress of barely legal Adam. Also following precedent, Susan must deflower and train her virgin nephew if he is to become a skilled lover to a rich local widow. But has Susan's naughty daughter already deflowered the boy? With her husband away on business, a violent thunderstorm forces terrified Susan to seek refuge in her son's arms.
    She brought her legs up, forming a perfect, inviting “V” that exposed her cunt, essentially begging him to plunge into it.
    But instead of porking the woman—which she desperately wanted—he was above her, kissing her on the lips, murmuring, “Holy shit, Aunt Susan, you are beyond belief!”
    “I mean... I never even imagined You'd be like this.”
    An aroused, exasperated Susan asked, “Like what?”
    “Like beautiful and soft and smooth and everything a guy could ever want. I mean...” He kissed her, even touching her tongue with his, for a second.
    Then gritting her teeth. “Peter...”
    “Are you going to fuck me or not? I'd like to know!”
    “Oh, yeah, sorry...”
    With that, he reached down and in one swift stroke, filled her with cock.
    Thank God! she mused.
    Susan tightly wrapped her arms and legs around the boy while giving his tongue a thorough workout before coming up for air.
    “Oh, Peter, my sweet virgin, yesss... Give it to me... Fuck me...”
    The lad didn't really need encouragement. His tool went to work immediately. Likewise his groin, deftly massaging his aunt's pussy.
    Susan allowed the arousal to slowly evolve toward what she expected to be a very satisfying orgasm. But seconds away from an explosion, Peter rolled them over so that she was on top.
    “Let me play with them, Aunt Susan,” Peter said, quickly filling his hands with boob.
    “As much as you want to, Hon,” she responded, adjusting her position so that she had complete control over her movements while impaled on his cock.
    It didn't take long. As with Adam, she was soon filling the room with deeply felt cries of delight and then release. Spent, she collapsed onto Peter's chest.
    She thought: How can it be so satisfying with Peter? I'm not really supposed to be fucking my nephew. Could it be against the law in California? Could I be days away from going to prison?
    Don't be silly, Susan. No one is going to know you've diddled your sister's teenaged son.
    “Have you come, Honey?” she whispered.
    “Not yet.”
    “I want you to. I want your cum inside me.”
    “Yes!” she blurted when he rolled them over and once again was above her.
    “Squeeze me with your legs,” Peter asked of her.
    “Like this?”
    Then his deep grunt accompanied by his prick flexing.
    Susan: why is it so exciting to have a new man's spunk in me?
    Susan expected that Peter would roll off her and go to sleep. She's like to spend a night with him close to her, possibly fucking her again in the morning.
    Again!? She was surprised, when after just a few minutes of rest, he once again began to stroke it to her. Her pussy was only too happy to respond, and shortly she was experiencing another very satisfying orgasm.
    Then, for the very first time with Peter, she used her cuntal muscles to squeeze his cock. Above her, she saw his eyes grow large.
    “Jesus!” he blurted.
    “Did you like that?”
    “My god, how do you do that?”
    She giggled.
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    Housewife Sandra, has an appointment for her annual check-up, but there is a stand-in Doctor she will have to see, Dr. Mason. Surprisingly, Dr. Mason asks to do another kind of check, a check on Sandra's anal regions. Pensive at first, Sandra agrees, yet the 'easy on the eye' doctor's movements seem strangely arousing to her. Reluctantly, Sandra allows the doctor to continue, until he suggests he uses one of his own personal 'instruments' on Sandra.
    	Unlike most doctors these days, Doctor Mason has an excellent 'backside manner', and doctors orders, should, after all, be strictly followed...
    	Warning: This erotica story contains taboo anal sex, with a handsome medical doctor!
    	Word count: 4,217
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    Teach Me  
    	Marla and Professor Orton have a thing going on...
    	Every so often, Marla's takes to her knees and gives him the best performance of the century. Things get hot today in class, and she's called upon once again to earn that 'A'.
    	Will she go for the gold? Professor Orton wants her  in the worst kind of way today, so she might have to go the extra mile!
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