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The Baby Decision: How to Make The Most Important Choice of Your Life - cover

The Baby Decision: How to Make The Most Important Choice of Your Life

MSW Bombardieri

Publisher: Orchard View Press

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The Baby Decision is a clear, compassionate guide to making a parenting or childfree decision with confidence.  Many women of childbearing age and their partners find it hard to make this life-changing decision. Without a crystal ball, what can you do? Some women say “I like the idea of motherhood, but how do I know I’d really enjoy it?  What will happen to my job, my relationship, my sanity?”  Or they say, “I’m leaning toward being childfree, but will I be sorry later?” 
                Merle Bombardieri, MSW, LICSW has been helping people make this decision for over thirty years in her therapy and coaching practice and in her Baby Decision Workshops.  With a depth that only a psychotherapist can provide, she shows you strategies for dealing with doubt and ambivalence and uncovering your deepest self-knowledge. Through anecdotes, exercises, guidelines, and checklists, she leads you to your best possible choice. 
                Imagine the relief of finally cutting through the tangled vines of pros and cons and seeing a clear decision emerge. Merle helps you not only to make a decision but to use it as an opportunity for you and your relationship to grow.  
                You will learn how to: 
•             Use dozens of “Secret Doors” exercises to uncover hidden feelings and wisdom. 
•             Separate your own needs and preferences from societal myths and expectations. 
•             Give full consideration to the rewards and opportunities of living childfree. 
•             Talk constructively with your partner even if you disagree. 
•             Manage work-life balance and keep your relationship strong. 
•             Make decisions about one-child families, single and gay parenting, fertility and adoption. 
•             Borrow some of the benefits of the other choice. 
You will also learn how to trust your decision and make the most of it. 
•             Includes resources and bibliography. 
•             Bonus section: Preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy. 
Upcoming Events 
"The Baby Decision" Parenthood Decision Making Workshops 
October 30, 2016 Cambridge Center for Adult Education (

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