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Monstrous Matchmaker: The Complete Series - cover

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Monstrous Matchmaker: The Complete Series

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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The nymph with a plan has a gift for hooking couples up…and she’s determined to use it. 
Ari Colton knows monsters. She’s made friends and found both her mate and herself among them. Wanting to give back to those who have accepted her so readily, she sets up a matchmaking service to bring her beloved supernaturals together. 
A bunch of oversexed monsters led by a nymph who can’t keep her panties on—the possibilities for the future are endless… 
Monstrous Matchmaker: The Complete Series contains: 
Operation Werewolf 
Operation Dragon 
Operation Merman 
Operation Naga 
Operation Minotaur 
Operation Gargoyle 
Operation Sasquatch 
Operation Date Night

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    In a cab ride later that night, Sadie decided to see just how far her boyfriend is willing to let her go to fulfil his fantasy - which results in the cabbie pulling over in a public space with bad intentions. 
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    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Things just weren't going her way, and the recently divorced librarian came home from her new job with a lot on her mind. During Jane's first week of work, her boss took every opportunity to "accidentally" rub against her, and he spent the remainder of the time blatantly staring at her generous breasts and curvy ass. Besides that, she felt completely wiped out because it’d been nearly a week since she’d gotten a good rest. Lately, her sleep was plagued with realistic nightmares, and she thought they were somehow linked to her gaming adventures.
    Her hobby of going into video games was her only relief, and that was suddenly a bit of an obsession for her. In the games, she found a sexual satisfaction that she couldn't get anywhere else, and when she came home her body even felt recharged. That being said, the last one was scary as hell, filled with possessed soldiers and terrifying monsters. Although the military man who rescued her was kind of unforgettable and he more than made up for the terror. Ryder was just as sweet as could be as he scrubbed her clean in the shower and then deep throated her.
    However, if she had her choice, she'd return to see Damien from the first game she'd entered. When she met him in his cyberpunk world, he was recovering from an accident and adjusting to his new mechanical body parts. The two of them had really hit it off, and she thought about him constantly since then. Everything about him had pushed her buttons, from his handsome face to his scarred, half cyborg body. Besides that, she thought that he needed her as much as she did him. Unfortunately, her son loaned Damien's game to a friend, and she was desperate to get it back.
    The front door opened behind her as she searched the game shelf and Zack watched from the entryway, worrying about his mom's recent strange behavior. He tilted his head curiously as she searched through his games almost frantically. He'd been concerned about her since his dad left, but thought things were now getting out of hand.
    "Dammit!" Jane complained, disappointed that the cyberpunk game hadn't somehow miraculously returned.
    "Something wrong, mom?" Zack asked, closing the front door.
    She jumped and spun around. "Goodness! I didn't hear you come in. No, everything is fine and dandy. I was just looking to see if you got Damien's game back yet."
    Zack shook his head. "No mom, Brad's only had it for one day. I don't see what the rush is, anyway. Now that we're on the subject, why'd you have my game insert framed in your room?" he asked, tossing his backpack to the couch.
    Jane blinked as she tried to think up a reasonable answer then quickly changed the subject. "So, how does spaghetti sound for dinner?"
    "Sure, great. I'll just play my new game until it's ready," he said, heading for the television.
    While she prepared dinner, the sounds of gunfire drifted in from Zack's new video game. It sounded like a violent one, and she wondered what it was and felt a little thrill at the idea of entering another game. So far, every game she entered ended up with her getting roughly taken, and one even involved a terrifying interrogation on a space ship. In the gaming world, she could feel pleasure and pain, but also quickly recovered from any injuries. It was exciting to her to see what would happen next, and she'd come to realize that she was sort of a sexual thrill seeker.
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    After some thoughtless sexist comments on his vlog, Youtube superstar MadMatt finds his fame (and royalties) dwindling! And the only one who can save his reputation is the feminist superstar Jemma Heart, but before she speaks out for him he has to walk a mile in her high heeled shoes!
    	Features Maddie beginning her slow transformation from slovenly nerd to cosplay babe - and the lessons she learns.
    	Excerpt: He stared up at the ceiling for a few minutes, mind still trying to catch up. It felt like every part of his body was being pinched, squeezed, or hugged tightly by his new outfit, even though it was simply the female equivalent of his own style (or lack thereof). But the worst was yet to come, and he made a conscious effort not to see tomorrow’s outfit laying by Jemma’s bed, focusing instead on the brown leather ankle boots at his feet. They were sleek and fashionable looking except for the narrow heel on the back, and he slipped them on easily. The inner lining was warm on his bare feet and unsteadily, he got to his feet.
    	The three inch heels forced more of his weight onto his toes, and swaying slightly he took a few experimental steps. It was awkward at first and he wouldn’t be winning any triathlons, but as long as he kept his steps small (and infuriatingly dainty) he could stay upright. 
    	The more time passed, the more he had to wonder - why in the world do women wear any of these things? Despite being clothed from head to toe, the tight fabric made him feel naked. The thought of going outside dressed like this and being seen was almost unthinkable. What if he was discovered? Or god forbid, what if he wasn’t? Could he really even call himself a man anymore, at the mercy of this stranger who dolled him up in a bra and panties? 
    	Just then, Jemma swung open the bathroom door and walked out - just as transformed as Matt had been. Her face was flawless, framed to the chin by shining black curls. Her gray cotton blouse displayed her natural curves, outlining her narrow waist and flat tummy while prominently (though not trashily) displaying the rounded tops of her breasts. A moment passed before Matt realized he was quite obviously leering at her, and she gave him a knowing look. 
    	“Go ahead, take a good long look. In a few minutes the shoe will be on the other foot.”
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    The emotional rollercoaster of the USA TODAY bestselling Give &Take series by Kelli Maine continues!  POSSESSION For Merrick and Rachael, Turtle Tear Island has become their own private paradise with days of unimaginable bliss and sizzling nights in the bedroom-and beyond. But Rachael and Merrick's happiness is shattered when his daughter, Nadia, suddenly becomes increasingly demanding of his time and devotion. It soon becomes clear that Merrick will have to make an agonizing choice: the woman whose love saved his tortured soul or the daughter he never knew existed . . .  REVELATION Rachael can't stand the thought of losing Merrick after everything she's sacrificed to be with him. She had thought she and Merrick were done with secrets, that the passion that burned so brightly between them had forged an unbreakable connection, but she begins to wonder if she ever really knew the man at all. Now the love they've fought so desperately to protect may not be enough to save them . . .   Praise for Kelli Maine!"TAKEN BY STORM is a passionate love story that grips you by the heart from the first page and doesn't let go. MJ and Maddie's love is soul-deep. Maine has written a masterpiece!" -- Kristen Proby, Bestselling Author of the With Me in Seattle series. "This book hooked me from the very beginning and glued me to every page. MJ stole my heart and quickly became one of my new favorite leading men. Loved it." -- Michelle Valentine, New York Times Bestselling Author of Rock the Heart
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    When Katherine Portienne (Kate), an innocent mid-western college graduate, lands her dream job in Los Angeles, she doesn't realize what kind of a ride she was in for... literally. Tonight wasn't the first time that she'd worked twelve hours straight since she took on the Junior Associate position at the law firm of Johnson, Smith, and Barnes, and she knew that it wouldn't be the last. Kate had big plans to remove the Junior in her title and do it fast. Matter of fact Kate had everything in her life planned and nothing, especially a man, was going to get in her way... or so she thought. However, she never expected that she would be kidnapped in her own car. Suddenly, she finds herself trapped with a desperate man on a mission... What follows is a seductive and passionate journey across country, as Kate faces the harsh reality that everything she thought she wanted in life, had now changed.
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