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Future Tech Corp - Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist #3 - cover

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Future Tech Corp - Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist #3

Matt Deckman

Publisher: Matt Deckman

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Damian Mackeths; a handsome business owner and certified genius. Oh, he’s a billionaire.  As founder and owner of Future Tech Corp, he has everything one could ask for; money, fame, luxury houses, cars and hot rods, and the best electronics money could buy.    
What doesn't he have? Someone to share it with. 
Enter Tristiana, or ‘Trish’ Romans. His assistant of several years, who also happens to be easy on the eyes and holds similar interests; computers and cars.  She runs a good portion of Future Tech daily operations. And unfortunately for Damian, he's developed a thing for her. The question that lingers in his mind; does he take the leap?   
As Damian works through his interests, a new generation of young adults is emerging. Among them is Trinity, of whom is the daughter of a highly prestigious woman who expects nothing less than the absolute best. Will Trinity be able to rise to the occasion? 
Damian and Trinity’s paths collide when an ancient evil is brought back from the grave. It’s s so horrendous that it makes the modern day terror war look like child’s play. 
If the powers that be cannot come together, civilized life would be destroyed. 
~ Age: 17+ ~
Available since: 08/06/2016.

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    The first volume of the hit LitRPG fantasy series—with more than three million views on Royal Road—now available on Audible and wherever ebooks are sold!
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