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Resistance - The Outlaw Lovers #5 - cover

Resistance - The Outlaw Lovers #5

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Fugitive female… Renegade Resistance leader Reena “Red” Wilde is in for the fight of her life when she experiences an erotic attraction to the two most dangerous men she’s ever met. 
Black ops assassin… Months ago, Will “Blade” Smith spent one sizzling evening in the arms of a red-haired seductress. Now she’s his next assignment. One look into her gorgeous eyes and he’s wrestling his heated cravings all over again. 
Bounty Hunter… When Cade Outlaw nabs his bounty, sexy-as-sin Reena Wilde, his profession dictates she’s hands-off. But he can’t ignore the magnetic sparks between them…or that she is the biggest temptation of his life. 
Resistance is futile… After Reena escapes Cade and Will and falls prey to a band of evil hunters, she’s grateful her sexy hunks come to her rescue, and in return, saves their lives. Trapped in a solitary cabin during a wicked snowstorm, she can’t resist her two well-hung studs, nor can she deny they’ve claimed her heart.

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    There are some surprises around the corner for her that will push Martina to her limits as she presses further out of her comfort zone to new beginnings. All under the guided hands of an alpha male billionaire...
    "Don't lie to me. Tell me what is on your heart," he demanded, yanking a fistful of my hair and rolling his hips side to side, teasing and pleasing my piping hot p-ssy with the head of his c-ck.
    My fingers dug into the wood on the side of the ship as I tried my best to keep my wits about me.
    But boy, oh boy…
    The dominance he exerted over me, met with the feeling of his erection teasing me so mercilessly had me feeling as though I was going to explode.
    I’m so hot for Mr. Rollins that I felt my womanly fluids running all the way down my leg, hot, wet, sticky. So erotic.
    This isn’t like any job I’ve ever had in my life.
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  • A Show for My Nemesis (Gay Superhero Gay Supervillain Erotic Short) - Nemesis #2 - cover

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    For weeks, superhero Chris has been thinking of his torrid last encounter with his arch-nemesis and childhood crush, Kevin. Given how it ended, Chris would like to forget what happened, but the hundreds of cameras Kevin has recently installed in his apartment make that a little difficult. It’s near impossible for Chris. There’s only one thing to do when you’re constantly being watched by your arch-nemesis- Put on a little show.
    	Warning! This 12,500+ word story contains m/m relationships, voyeurism, exhibitionism, human furniture play, footplay, and spanking!
    	Not once did I notice Kevin’s affection for me when I was younger. I thought any attraction between us was all on my side. When he disappeared about the same time I went to be a hero, when we had both turned 18, I thought he was finally escaping the town that belittled him. He was going to choose his own path in life.
    	Kevin did go down his own path. It just was not the path I expected.
    	He became my supervillain.
    	Kevin has a power, too: invisibility. When we were kids I would spend hours looking for him and calling for him with time stopped. My hands would search for what my eyes could not see and what my ears could not hear. Often I’d have to restart time and give up, Kevin was that good at hiding. Once he hid in my room for two weeks before he finally revealed himself to me.
    	Now there is no need to search for him. He watches me instead. It is something villains in our city do. They watch their heroes, look for weaknesses that will lead to the hero’s downfall, and make sure they will always be ready for a surprise no matter what the hero does. It’s a little obsessive, little in the same way that the ocean is small.
    	Part of me wants to save Kevin from what he is doing to himself: aligning himself with some of the unstablest minds on the planet. He does all of this, he told me, so we will always have each other.
    	My superhero friends all congratulated me when I told them about Kevin. Having a villain means I can get into the big leagues. From their point of view, I am on the fast track for stardom and success, even if that was not why I wanted to be a hero in the first place.
    	I hold too many secrets to keep from my friends, so I just nod and listen to what they say. If my friends or supervisors knew how I really felt knowing KevIn Visible was watching Time Stopper (my advisor still wants me to change the name), I would be expelled from the program. Completely, totally, no redoes or coming back from the dead do-overs, expelled.
    	Because knowing Kevin is watching me, monitoring me, concerning every detail of his life about me turns me on.
    	  I feel his eyes on me every morning when I wake up, I feel them when I leave for work and when I come home. It’s like a buzz on my skin that leaves me flushed and desperate to touch myself.
    	All the time.
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  • Blame It on the Dog - cover

    Blame It on the Dog

    Andrea Dale

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    Anna swore she’d never fall for a military man. 
    Then Cam walks into her vet practice cradling an injured Corgi. 
    The sex? Toe-curling. A man who loves dogs? Heart-melting. 
    When Cam gets orders for his next assignment, Anna faces the hardest choice of her life—and heart. 
    “Blame It on the Dog” originally appeared in For the Love of a Soldier: Military Erotic Romance (Circlet Press, 2017).
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  • Mature Ladies In Heat 4-Pack Vol 2 - cover

    Mature Ladies In Heat 4-Pack Vol 2

    MILFS In Heat

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    Horny MILFS taking hot studs hard and without protection anyway and anywhere they can. These horny, mature ladies have it bad. 
    * Internal clocks ticking down - CHECK 
    * Extremely horny and ready for a new lease on life - CHECK 
    * Large, supple breasts aching to be manhandled - CHECK 
    * These are the stories you NEED - CHECK 
    These HOT MILFS NEED to be bred by muscular, young men who don't yet know what it's like to be taken by a mature woman. Once you go MILF, you NEVER go back! 
    Stories included: 
    Vol 2 
    - Breeding The MILF 
    - Finished Inside The MILF 
    - A Baby For The MILF 
    - Massaging The Fertile MILF
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