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Resistance - The Outlaw Lovers #5 - cover

Resistance - The Outlaw Lovers #5

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Fugitive female… Renegade Resistance leader Reena “Red” Wilde is in for the fight of her life when she experiences an erotic attraction to the two most dangerous men she’s ever met. 
Black ops assassin… Months ago, Will “Blade” Smith spent one sizzling evening in the arms of a red-haired seductress. Now she’s his next assignment. One look into her gorgeous eyes and he’s wrestling his heated cravings all over again. 
Bounty Hunter… When Cade Outlaw nabs his bounty, sexy-as-sin Reena Wilde, his profession dictates she’s hands-off. But he can’t ignore the magnetic sparks between them…or that she is the biggest temptation of his life. 
Resistance is futile… After Reena escapes Cade and Will and falls prey to a band of evil hunters, she’s grateful her sexy hunks come to her rescue, and in return, saves their lives. Trapped in a solitary cabin during a wicked snowstorm, she can’t resist her two well-hung studs, nor can she deny they’ve claimed her heart.

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    Trained by Her Fairy Billionaire...

    Robyn Maytell

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    Things have been looking up lately for Charley Westman. She has a new job as the assistant to a handsome, young billionaire who she also happens to be sleeping with.
    	The job came with a new apartment, all expenses paid, a full benefits package... and magic powers. Did I mention that her boss is the knight of a fairy court?
    	How will Charley handle her first day on the job? What will she do when she finds that part of her new job description requires being a physical tribute to a savage troll? Find out in part two of Her Fairy Billionaire.
    	“I see you’ve taken to the fashion around the office,” he said.
    	“You probably know this, but Macey can be persistent when she feels like it,” Charley said, “Speaking of, it feels a little unfair with me naked and you in a priceless suit.”
    	“Would you like a priceless suit too?” Gregory said with a chuckle, “I’ve got plenty, though I don’t think it’s the proper attire for your training today.” He slipped off his jacket and laid it over the back of a chair next to him. He walked over to the stock and gestured to it with an open hand. Charley felt her heart begin to race. She had been through so much the past couple of days. She was loving the ride- she felt like such a slut, and she wanted more. She stepped over to the stocks. Gregory placed his hand on her hip and slowly slid it up her side. He traced his hand up the side of her breast. He ran his fingers up her neck and through the back of her blonde hair, grasping tightly.
    	Gregory pushed Charley down into the stocks gently. He held her down onto the wood and placed her hands into the armholes before lowing the upper half of the stocks down and securing the latch. Charley was fairly new to bondage. Besides her excursion last night, she had never been tied up before. She had always thought it would be fun, but now that she was being held immobile by her hands and neck, her mind was running through new levels of intensity.
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  • Submissively Addicted To You - cover

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    On one remarkable spring day, the fresh-faced, 20 year old virgin Polly Montgomery has her whole life turned on end, when an out-of-the-closet lesbian, Galen Davis, lures her to her room, and initiates the bewildered Polly into lesbian sex. That afternoon, while Polly is still reeling from the unexpected tryst, Dale Joyce, a pre-law big-man-on-campus invites her to his off campus house to work on a class project. Suddenly, the astute and very dominant Dale has taken her virginity in a profound scene of sexual submission. For the next three months, Polly becomes the acquiescent plaything to both Galen and Dale. While Galen's style is easy and seductive, Dale becomes a demanding and sometimes brutal master who takes this sexual novice into the dark realms of her sexual desires, into pain, humiliation and bondage. Once Galen and Dale graduate, however, Polly is on her own, and for the next ten years she submerges herself in a career producing Art videos for a local museum. Polly effectively ignores sex, until she finds herself enthralled by a Femme Dyke, Carly, who is soon demanding her submission. Then, as if history is repeating itself...while doing a pre-production interview with artist Howard Garth, Polly is stranded for two days at his hilltop home, when a mudslide takes out the road. Like Dale before him, Howard Garth keys in on Polly's profoundly submissive nature, and her brief but explosive affair reacquaints her with a raw sexual need she's tried to run from. Weeks later, at a museum opening, Polly finds herself enchanted by a famous, but reclusive black artist, Theo Gray. When Theo suddenly demands her presence at his Caribbean estate for an interview, she's more than ready to go. However, Gray's bodyguards unexpectedly whisk her away in a private jet, and Polly learns that Theo has more in mind for her than a simple interview. The luscious beauty is to be his next conquest, his next slave.
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  • Open Exhibition - cover

    Open Exhibition

    Misha Lace

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    Phoebe is a painter stuck at a demeaning second-rate outdoor art exhibit, using her parasol to keep the sun off her pale skin. But things take a surprise turn when a limo pulls up and a sexy redheaded girl offers to create a sensual kind of “art” with her, along with her mysterious billionaire boss. Phoebe is about to learn an entirely new meaning of the term “open exhibition.” Length: 30 Pages
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    All hands are on deck when things get hot.
    	The ladies in these stories end up getting it in more ways than one, and from more than one person, when they chance upon alpha males that find them desirable, sexy and beautiful.
    	Sexed into Shape:
    	Jessica is in need of something throbbing, pulsating and big. She gets that times three when she stops in to the hotel gym while out of town on business.
    	Three young studs give her all that she can handle, bending her over the gym equipment and filling all of her holes. They dominate her in every way, giving her a break from her serious business life and letting her be the whore she always wanted to be!
    	White Girl Spanked:
    	Tiffany is fed up with her husband and his lack of attention.
    	When he sends her over to the other side of the neighborhood to talk to the neighbors, it becomes an opportunity to unleash the erotic beast within. She's never been with a black guy before, but on this fateful night, she's greeted by three. Will her thirst for black steel and disdain for her husband prevail?
    	Find out by reading!
    	Mature audiences, for sexual content
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  • Daddy's Creampies Breeding Bundle : Books 9 - 12 (Taboo Erotica Incest Erotica Daddy Daughter Erotica Breeding Erotica Family Sex Erotica) - cover

    Daddy's Creampies Breeding...

    Tori Westwood

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    'Daddy's Creampies Bundle 3' includes books 9 to 12 of the Daddy's Creampies series, where hot, alpha daddies empty their cum deep inside their virginal daughter's pussies for the first time.  The forbidden sex featured in this bundle is strictly for adults only - and even then it comes with an added warning!  For only the naughtiest amongst us!
    Stories include : 'Daddy's Breeding Camp,' 'Daddy's Public Creampie,' 'Daddy's Sick But I Want His Dick' & 'A Late Night First Time Fuck.'
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  • Transcending Darkness - cover

    Transcending Darkness

    Airicka Phoenix

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    One: Sign the contract. 
    Juliette Romero had a debt to pay, a debt that wasn’t even hers. But it was the only way to keep her family safe and all she had to do was sell her body and soul to the devil. 
    Killian McClary wasn’t called the Scarlet Wolf for nothing. He’d been the head of the McClary Organization since he was fifteen and had built a reputation for being a ruthless son of a bitch when it came to running the city’s underbelly, not to mention merciless when it came to punishing those who betray him. He didn’t believe in weaknesses. Only results. Juliette, with her shy smiles and hot little body was a weakness unlike any other and yet he was powerless to resist one more taste of her sweet flesh. 
    Two: Become his for a year. 
    When given the choice between her life or her body, what could Juliette possibly do, but submit to a man whose very name invoked fear in the hearts of others? She just never anticipated falling for his dark, hungry eyes and clever hands, or the way the beast in him made her feel oddly safe and cherished. 
    But what will happen when Killian’s dark past finally catches up to him and threatens the woman he can no longer imagine himself without? What will happen when both sides find themselves caught in a web of passion, lies and broken promises? Can Juliette tame the wolf or will her love for him devour them both? 
    Three: Don’t fall in love. 
    Boundaries will be crossed, loyalties will be tested and lives will be changed forever. 
    This book is NA and intended for a mature audience. 
    This is part of an Interconnected Standalone. It's not necessary to read them in order. 
    Other books in this series: 
    Transcending Darkness - Book #1 
    The Devil's Beauty - Book #2
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