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Tyler's Woman - The Outlaw Lovers #4 - cover

Tyler's Woman - The Outlaw Lovers #4

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population. With so few women on Earth, a new law is created. The Claiming Law allow groups of men to stake a claim on a female—as their sensual property. The Outlaw brothers are returning from the Terrorist Wars fully intent on declaring ownership of the women they love…and they’ll do it any way they can.  
Laurie Callahan has always experienced red-hot pleasure and passionate love in Tyler Outlaw's arms. But when he's pronounced MIA, presumed dead in the Terrorist Wars, her world is shattered and her heart broken. 
For years Tyler Outlaw and his best friend Hunter Brown endured brutal torture and worse in a terrorist prison. Finally free of their hell, they return home intent on seducing Laurie into their erotic-filled fantasies. 
Shocked to discover Tyler is alive and he's taken a male lover, Laurie is thrust into a sensual world of sizzling seductions, scorching ménages and the carnal desires that both men crave. But she fears Tyler won't want her when he discovers she's not the same woman he left behind. Caution: Some scenes may be too intense for sensitive readers. Reader discretion is advised. 
The Outlaw Lovers series 
1. Jude Outlaw 
2. The Claiming 
3. Colter's Revenge 
4. Tyler's Woman 
5. Resistance 
6. Pleasure Burn

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    Nothing can prepare you for your first time. And when Aubrey, the little brat, realizes that her first time is going to be with Eric, the man of the house, she can hardly contain herself!
    I'm getting hot just writing about it!
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    "Did you want to do anything special for your birthday today?" Eric asks Aubrey, his 18-year old daughter.
    "Mm, well," she says, considering. "I don't know if it would work today, but I'd love to check out that amusement park we always pass."
    "Oh yeah, that would be fun!" Eric says. "How about next week?"
    "Sounds great," Aubrey says with a big smile.
    Aubrey picks up her can of soda and takes a sip. It's her third can of the day, and she knows she shouldn't drink so much sugary stuff, but she figures that since it's her birthday she can do it just for this one day, right?
    Besides, it's not like her daddy's told her to stop or anything.
    Aubrey thinks about her daddy. Eric is hot. There's no other word for it. Ever since Aubrey turned 18 she's known that she wants to lose her virginity, she just didn't know who to. But now she knows. He's been there all along. She wants to lose it to him, to the man of the house. She wants to lose her virginity to Eric.
    One thing that's been missing in Eric's life lately has been intimacy. It's not like he isn't loved. It's that he hasn't really had a lot of…closeness lately. The only person he feels closest to is Aubrey, but she's his daughter, and he knows that that can't go anywhere…can it?
    "Are you going to have some cake?" Eric asks his daughter, indicating it.
    But instead of looking at the cake, she looks directly at him. She takes a step towards him, until she's standing right in front of her daddy.
    "I think there's something else I'd like to have," she says, and Eric's eyes widen for a moment before returning to normal.
    Aubrey realizes can smell her daddy's scent—a heady, manly smell—and she has to force herself not to stare at his incredible body. He's been looking better and better lately, and her virgin body has been craving something to fill it.
    Maybe she'll have to slip away later to take care of a little midday tension…
    "You know, Aubrey," Eric says to his daughter. "I feel like I have to tell you something."
    "Oh yeah?" Aubrey says. "What's that?"
    "Well," Eric says, tooling his head to one side. "I've been thinking about you." He watches as Aubrey looks at him. "I've been looking at you…and thinking things."
    Eric watches his little girl swallow, her eyes never leaving his.
    "Huh," she says, her voice coming out in a breath. "That's weird. I've been thinking about you too."
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    	A second chance to start all over, but of course there had to be danger with said chance. Could Maria stay alive long enough to fulfill her true destiny with this man, Alexander Winslow or was it wishful dreams wanting love for this Grandma?
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