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Tyler's Woman - The Outlaw Lovers #4 - cover

Tyler's Woman - The Outlaw Lovers #4

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population. With so few women on Earth, a new law is created. The Claiming Law allow groups of men to stake a claim on a female—as their sensual property. The Outlaw brothers are returning from the Terrorist Wars fully intent on declaring ownership of the women they love…and they’ll do it any way they can.  
Laurie Callahan has always experienced red-hot pleasure and passionate love in Tyler Outlaw's arms. But when he's pronounced MIA, presumed dead in the Terrorist Wars, her world is shattered and her heart broken. 
For years Tyler Outlaw and his best friend Hunter Brown endured brutal torture and worse in a terrorist prison. Finally free of their hell, they return home intent on seducing Laurie into their erotic-filled fantasies. 
Shocked to discover Tyler is alive and he's taken a male lover, Laurie is thrust into a sensual world of sizzling seductions, scorching ménages and the carnal desires that both men crave. But she fears Tyler won't want her when he discovers she's not the same woman he left behind. Caution: Some scenes may be too intense for sensitive readers. Reader discretion is advised. 
The Outlaw Lovers series 
1. Jude Outlaw 
2. The Claiming 
3. Colter's Revenge 
4. Tyler's Woman 
5. Resistance 
6. Pleasure Burn

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    “Well, I want that pussy now, bitch! So, shut up and get over here!” Steven yelled out as he looked up at her.
    Stephanie stood up and took her clothes off quickly. She revealed her good-looking tan body and then moved her pussy up to Steven’s face. She felt Steven’s tongue dance around on her clit and then trailed down to her dripping slit. The tongue moved in and out fast and steady.
    “Fuck yes, Steven!” Stephanie yelled out loudly as the tongue thrusted in and out of her drenched pussy. She loved getting eaten out and right now, seemed hotter since her son went to town on her pulsing, pounding, pussy. She moved her hips a little bit, while Steven continued with the vagina and then she moved her finger to her clit. She moved her finger around steady and fast, causing her to feel her first big orgasm rush through-out her body. Goosebumps formed on her arms as she screamed loudly, squirting her juices into Steven’s waiting mouth.
    Steven drank the juices with pride and then looked at Stephanie. “Now we get to fuck!”
    Stephanie nodded and got up off Steven. She reached for her tickle pleasurable toy and then climbed back up onto Steven’s body. She inserted the cock into her drenched pussy. Stephanie slammed her body up and down. Fast, hard, and deep. In and out. While fucking her son, Stephanie put the toy onto Seth’s chest and moved it slowly all over his top half.
    “Oh god, yes!” Steven yelled out as he felt the tightness of the older gal. The sensation of the tickle toy, caused more goosebumps now as the sex just got hotter. He watched as the big tits bounced up and down as Stephanie continued to bounce up and down on his cock.
    “Jesus, Steph!” Steven yelled out as Stephanie continued to ride his cock up and down. Fast and steady. Her hips moved a little bit, side to side as she bounced.
    “I told you, you would like me!” Stephanie yelled out as she bounced up and down, faster and faster.
    “Oh, my fucking god, Stephanie!” Steven yelled out as he watched the big, round, perky tits bounce up and down. His mouth watered as he pictured sucking on those round perky fake tits. He stuck his tongue out and tried to lean his head up towards the titties, but didn’t quite reach it.
    Stephanie wanted that young fella to suck on her tits, but she wanted to make him want her first. So, she pushed his head back down onto the bed and then spanked Steven with the other end of the tickler. It looked like a short, thin, whip. Oddly enough, that whip felt kinky to Steven, especially since Stephanie rubbed her hands over the spot she just hit, right after that. She also used the tickler again and caused more goosebumps to form on Steven’s body.
     “Not yet, my bad boy. You need to work for it.” Stephanie said sternly as she continued to bounce up and down on the cock.
    “Well, fuck!” Steven yelled out as he sighed loudly and waited impatiently for the older woman to finish her way with him. He couldn’t do a whole lot with his hands tied up anyways.
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    But can one conference bring them closer than ever before? 
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    Remember that old saying “romance without finance is a nuisance?” Well, these ladies don’t just remember it, they live it. Although they always enjoy a little slap and tickle, sex is all the more enjoyable when they add cold, hard cash to the equation. 
    This collection contains the following erotic stories: 
    The Debriefing 
    Abby is thrilled to learn she's been chosen for the opportunity of a lifetime—being the lead researcher on a revolutionary sex study. It's perfect: She can advance in her career while getting serviced by several half-naked men. What could possibly go wrong? 
    Although Paula loves her job at the perfume counter of the department store, she just can’t make ends meet. When her best friend makes a business proposition that she can’t refuse, Paula learns there’s much more to the love of fragrance than she ever imagined. 
    Running Hot and Cold 
    Working at the frozen food company is a drudgery for Angela. She hates her job, her boss, and the fact that she has to do inventory in an industrial freezer once a month. 
    But this month, frozen food really heats up when the hottie from corporate comes to help her work on inventory—and after some steamy encounters, Angela will never look at frozen corn the same way again. 
    The Show 
    Mark has special talents—that’s part of what Maggie loves about him after all—and relishes the opportunity to put them on display in front of an audience. When Donna finally goes to see Mark’s performance, she finds out just what Maggie has been raving about. And by the end of this wild girls’ night out, she’s convinced that she’s just seen the greatest show on earth. 
    Strangers With Candy 
    As a long-time hotel worker, Jennifer is no stranger to sexual encounters on the job. But when she hooks up with an executive at a confectioners’ conference during Halloween weekend, she finds that hotel lust is not just hot—it’s sweet. 
    Although some massage therapists at the local spa give their clients a little something extra from time to time, Claire has always resisted the urge to dance the happy ending hula. That is, until her favorite client triggers a desire in her that she just can’t resist. 
    Supernatural Seductions 
    When Jeannie and her husband buy a house in the country, they can’t wait to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening a bed and breakfast. But as she prepares to launch her new business, she finds herself seduced by a paranormal entity dedicated to delivering sexual pleasures beyond her wildest fantasies. Confused and somewhat afraid, Jeannie is torn between wanting the entity out of her home and craving more orgasmic encounters with her ghost lover. 
    From the Author: 
    ADULTS ONLY PLEASE. Fifty Shades of Green: Doing It for the Money is a 51,400 word collection that contains sexually explicit material and adult language. This story is not appropriate for children and may be offensive to some readers.
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  • Sweet Surrender - Sweet Embrace #3 - cover

    Sweet Surrender - Sweet Embrace #3

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    John and Jackie is at an impasse. John continues to lie to Jackie, allowing her to think he’s a bum who has no money, and is willing to use someone else’s things to take her out on a date. Jackie doesn’t admit that she’s a woman because she wants to test John and have a little fun with him.
    She wants to see how far she can take the charade, and she wants to find out if he likes her enough to date her when he believes she’s a man.
     Will John submit to Jackie, and disclose his attraction to her, even when he thinks she could be a man? Will Jackie accept the notion that John thinks she’s a man and he’s excited about the possibilities? Once they discover the truth about each other, will they still appeal to each other sexually, or will they let something like an innocent playful lie stand in the way of terrific sex, and terrific romantic attraction. 
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  • Tis the Season Dreams Come True - cover

    Tis the Season Dreams Come True

    Brenda Stokes Lee

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    Tell- tale signs had been there for months that Trey, Malika’s live in boyfriend was cheating on her. For over five years she had worked hard to make him the successful author he was, only to lose him to a younger, beautiful, more successful woman. Imagine her shock when he moved out and was engaged in less than a year. Malika was devastated. Oddly, on the night before his wedding to his new bimbo, Trey shows up at Malika’s home with an apology and an incredible surprise.
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